You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother

You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother

by Danu Morrigan

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Understanding and healing for daughters of narcissistic mothers. (It's for sons too*)

"You're not broken and in need of fixing. You're wounded and in need of healing".

Do you find yourself emotionally bruised, upset and confused after being in contact with your mother? Do you end up doubting yourself - even feeling crazy - as she remembers incidents totally differently to how  you remember them and denies other events even happened at all, until you begin to doubt  your own perceptions?

Do you somehow feel you're not a real person in her company? Does it seem that she gets angry or upset when good things happen to you, and gets happy and energised when bad things happen to you? But maybe that's your imagination, you tell yourself, because of course your own mother isn't going to be sad when you succeed and glad when you suffer, right? And so maybe you feel like a bad daughter for even doubting her.

Around and around go your feelings and emotions and half-formed thoughts, till you think you must truly be crazy. 

If all this is true for you,  you are far from alone. Millions of women all over the world have experienced the same crazy-making hall-of-mirrors. And this is why: their mother - like yours, possibly - has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Realising about NPD explains the whole crazy-making dynamic, and this realisation is so freeing and life-changing. It can be a tough realisation too, however, and this book aims to support you on the tough bits of that journey.

For the price of 10 minutes of therapy, this book explores how narcissists behave, how they treat their daughters, and that behaviour's impact on those daughters' lives. it also gives tools and resources to help you heal from the toxic and abusive relationship and to start living the life you always deserved to live.

*Sons of narcissistic mothers - you'll still get huge value out of this book. I wrote it from the vantage point of being a daughter but many sons have written to me to tell them it told their story too.

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Publisher: Danu Morrigan
Publication date: 06/22/2017
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About the Author

Danu Morrigan is the owner of the well-respected website She believes she herself is the daughter of a narcissistic mother and writes about this confusing dynamic with warmth and clarity.

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You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing book. I knew all of my life that my mother had major personality issues and I always was taught that everything harmful was somehow funny. I was abused by my family and her husbands all while she sad idly by and let the abusers win. Then, when I was about 8, I became her new target. As an only child, I was also the only target and going from being the golden child one minute to being the scapegoat the next was purely exhausting. Only when I was helping her to learn about narcissistic people and the damage they cause because of her highly narcissistic husband and it all clicked for me one day. I recommend this book to any daughter suffering abuse behind closed doors and experiencing an entirely different person when she's is being watched by the world.