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Your Fit Pregnancy: Nutrition & Exercise Handbook

Your Fit Pregnancy: Nutrition & Exercise Handbook

by Erica Willick


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For today's woman, pregnancy is no longer a "delicate condition." She's working, managing commitments inside and outside the home, and eager to stay fit—maybe even running a marathon! For the first time, there's a guide for all the moms-to-be that breaks down exercise and nutrition trimester-by-trimester, written by a mother who's also a two-time North American fitness champion, model, and spokeswoman for the UFE (Ultimate Fitness Event) organization. It offers complete workouts tailored to different fitness levels and stages of pregnancy, along with healthy meal plans and 50 recipes. Real moms chime in with inspirational stories of how they successfully kept happy, healthy, and fit even in stressful situations, and there's advice on everything from setting workout goals and dealing with lagging motivation to choosing sports bras, staying hydrated, and coping with unwanted advice.

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ISBN-13: 9781454916932
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 01/05/2016
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 748,302
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Erica Willick is a two-time North American fitness competition champion. She earned these titles competing in 2012 and 2013, after the birth of her first child in 2010 and while working full-time in a corporate finance job. Erica has appeared in print magazines such as Oxygen as both a model and an author. She is also the founder of SISTERS IN SHAPE, an online community where over 15,000 women regularly read and watch Erica's writings and videos on nutrition, fitness, and how to balance it all in real life. Erica is a regular guest on Canada's largest talk radio station, AM 590, as a health and fitness expert, and also appears as a featured speaker at health and fitness workshops. She is a spokesperson for UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events). Erica is also the CEO of GORGO Women's Fitness magazine, which debuted in 2013 and now has over 25,000 subscribers. Her blog—about pre- and post-natal fitness and health—receives about 11,000 hits per weekly post. You can find out more about Erica at She lives in Ontario, Canada.

Table of Contents

Foreword Valerie Solomon viii

Chapter 01 Your Fit and Healthy Pregnancy 1

Empowering Information + Love + Practical Solutions 2

Your Fit Pregnancy Exercise 5

You Are a Natural Bodybuilder 8

Fitness Basics: Baby on Board 9

Your Fit Pregnancy Nutrition 12

Food Fundamentals and Preggo Power Foods 13

Preggo Pal Profile: "I Committed to Just 20 Minutes a Day" by Meaghan Terzis 15

Chapter 02 Your Fit First Trimester 21

Your First Fit Trimester Exercise 22

A Framework for Safe and Effective Exercise 23

How to Review Your Plan with Your Doctor 27

Your Fit First Trimester Nutrition 28

Preggo Power Foods Meal Planner and Sample Menu: First Trimester 42

Your Fit First Trimester Workouts 43

Preggo Pal Profile: "Being a Different Kind of Fit" by Katy Livingstone 47

Chapter 03 Core Confidence and Pelvic Floor Power 59

Can I Even Do Abs? Prehabilitation of Your Core 60

Strong from the Inside Out 64

Upgrade Your Kegel 64

Core Confidence Exercises 65

Preparing for the Ab Aftermath: Ab Wrapping 69

Chapter 04 Your Fit Second Trimester 75

Your Fit Second Trimester Exercise 76

How Heavy? 77

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition 79

Water! 81

Calories: Can I Eat More Now? 82

Micronutrients: Little Powerhouses 82

Preggo Power Foods Meal Planner and Sample Menu: Second Trimester 84

Your Fit Second Trimester Workouts 85

Preggo Pal Profile: "Rock Your Tiger Stripes" by Dani Tolbert 88

Chapter 05 Your Fit Third Trimester 101

Your Fit Third Trimester Exercise 102

Dirty Looks at the Gym 102

"I'll Get in Shape after Baby" 104

Your Fit Third Trimester Nutrition 105

Preggo Power Foods Meal Planner and Sample Menu: Third Trimester 108

Your Fit Third Trimester Workouts 109

Preggo Pal Profile: "What Nobody Told Me" by Lindsay Pink 113

Chapter 06 Your Fit Post-Baby Building to Last 125

Your Fit Post-Baby Exercise 126

Your Fit Post-Baby Nutrition 130

Let's Go Forward, Not "Back"! 133

Preggo Pal Profile: "I Love The Woman I've Become" by Christie Nix 134

Chapter 07 Preggo Power Recipes 141

Your Fit Breakfast Recipes 142

Your Fit Snack Recipes 154

Your Fit Lunch and Dinner Recipes 164

Your Fit Dessert Recipes 186

Chapter 08 Your Fit Pregnancy Exercise Descriptions and Demonstrations 199

Strength Training Exercises 200

Yoga and Stretching Exercises 262

Notes 272

Acknowledgments 274

About the Author 275

Index 276

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