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by Muyassar Sattarova

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-I've devised this machine on a good purpose! Imagine that you can travel to the future and see everything what will occur in some thousands of years.

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BN ID: 2940155110521
Publisher: Muyassar Sattarova
Publication date: 01/24/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Muyassar Sattarova Tolliboyevna Date of birth: March 2, 1990 (28 years old) Place of birth: Uzbekistan Citizenship: Uzbek Genre: Fiction The language of books: English, Russian The first work: Inspirational Stories Muyassar Sattarova Tolliboyevna was born on March 2, 1990, in Uzbekistan. Though there exists too little information on her childhood, it was her destiny to become a writer as she noted it herself. She had millions of friends at home, and they were books! She could stay absorbed by the amazing world of her favorite heroes, inspiring scene in the books all days and sometimes nights long. Being too young and curious, Muyassar could guess and forefeel that she would have to learn much more and the world had so many surprises prepared for her! Childhood and study Like a number of writers, Muyassar started to write from childhood. Both at school, and at the lyceum, she read quite a lot. She learnt literature better at school and her love for writing rose. The writer herself called her university years the years of getting ready for freedom. Because she received fundamental knowledge at university. Theory and practice play a great role in understanding the meaning of life. The author's theory period coincides with school, lyceum and university times. Despite her deep interest in reading, the author's works came to the world only when she was 20 years old. However, it doesn't mean that she gave up writing or reading at all. On the contrary, Muyassar studied Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish languages so that she could read original works in original. She started her writing career from making notes in in the learnt languages in her diaries all of which were burnt later. It took her nearly twenty years to get acquainted with the masterpieces of foreign literature. At least, only in 2017 Muyassar took a courageous step towards her dream. She wrote her first small book consisting of very short, but meaningful stories. It was published on under the title “Inspirational Stories” which got full five stars. Nowadays, Muyassar has got her own sites and blogs. You can read her articles here: She was able to develop her own technique on speed reading called “Rocket Eye”. The abovementioned article explains everything about the technique. Besides, she has been working as a life coach inspiring and motivating everyone via her books and webinars and video lessons. You get more information on You have a chance to obtain one of her paperback books on You can contact her via or You may also find her on Author's books on Amazon: Book Marketing #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! A Best Book of the Year! It is the book, you have always been looking for to transform your life and become your true self! The most entertaining and inspiring book you won't want to put down! Full five stars! The most remarkable and positive reviews! Prime! These are the most powerful words since only they can attract readers and make them even purchase the book! Because, it is safe to choose something tested and recommended by others, especially, the experts! As to this new book, you will be among the first with whom I am going to share the secrets and life-experience the leaders of our history applied and are still applying! What will this book give you? Future Imagine you've the tool to get what you want, for instance, to become a President. Sounds interesting, right!? Can you foresee all of the adventures waiting for you? This book may get you surprise, laugh, or feel happy. You can buy this book right now and enjoy the experiences of the near future. What would you do if you had a chance to travel through time to the future: Tourists' Guide Do you know the most attractive places all over the world? Have you already planned, but are still thinking where to go first? Then this book is for you! Lose Weight I decided to share my own method of losing weight since there exist a great number of diets and methods. However, none of them could avail me. Find it here: The Most Positive Words Do, what you love, love what you do! The great and genius people are worth of respect first because they were able to determine and realize what they loved to do and followed their dreams. The world is full of people who are sure that if they quit their jobs, no matter how much they hate those professions, they will lose the meaning to live on. We are different. We have various aims, desires. Anyway, I am sure that we all have one special mission in life. The thing, the task, which will determine our personality in general. To realize your mission you will have to try, perhaps, some thousands of aims. However, the result is clear. You will have some results. If you can go until the end of the way, you will be able to achieve everything you wish: The Prison I'm a spiritualist. Not a spirit! Not a psychologist! My aspect of investigation is wider than both of NLP or ghosts! My job includes in working with spirits, but it's just a part of it. The name of the book intrigued you! I can read your minds. You'll buy this and each of the “Spiritualist” series following this. I'm a fortune-teller! Your eyes widen with surprise now. I'm a telepath. You're supposing to come across some adventures in this book. I can put a mind into your mind. You'll decide to change your life reading this book! I'm hypnotizing you. You missed a chance to get what you wanted once and your future has prepared surprises for you! I can travel through times: Free Tours Do you want to travel for free? Search for here: Attract Men Now If you choose this book to read I dare to say that you have some problems in relationship you are going to solve. My book isn't for someone who is in need of a magic spell to put on men and attract them. I'll guide you the right way, but you'll have to walk along it yourself. What I can guarantee is your destination: your happy life at the end of the road. Besides, it's up to you how to pass this way: on foot, slowly, running, by plane… So can you in the metaphorical way towards your goal: The Man and God Two men died. God met both of them at the same time, but He led them to different rooms. The first man started to the room on the right while the other one turned left. The left-side room was too large and sadly empty. There were only some pieces of broken dishes. They covered the whole floor that there was almost no place to step on. When God and the second man got to the middle of the room God commanded him: My Love Letters I have so much to tell you! We have enough time, so let's start from my favorite story. I've decided to name it “Winners never quit”. I chose this book not by chance. It was my friend, my guide and sometimes my parents. Due to this book, I understood the meaning of life, happiness and love. I don't want to waste your time. Therefore, let's start: The Geniuses According to the scientists, five people around you describe you much. You may think, “if I want to be a genius I should be a friend with A. Einstein?” Well, I can't imagine ghost-pals. However, be sure that they had secrets hidden in their minds. You can reveal those secrets in their quotes, books, masterpieces. In this book, I collected all of the most outstanding geniuses in this book. Buy this book and make it your true friend. You'll see how much their words will change your life and fill your heart with self-esteem. “The Geniuses” will always inspire, motivate you to achieve your goals, become stronger and the best at what you've chosen. Hurry to buy this book and put it on your table to reread and revise it: Pray You may ignore this book and that will be a big mistake. You may think that there exist many guidebooks that can inspire encourage to get ahead, etc. You are right! However, you'll come back to this book when none of the abovementioned books (bestsellers) didn't avail. Alas! Are you ready to know the secret, which can alter everything within few seconds? It depends on how much you believe it. Here's the answer then. It's praying! This book is devoted to all who are struggling with some challenges of life now: God whispers into your heart Have you ever heard God whispered into your heart? We aren't acquainted with you yet, my dear reader! However, I'm sure God is whispering into your heart right now too. I know you are confused reading my words. Be patient and let me make everything certain. You can prepare a cup of coffee or something you r favorite to have for we'll have a long journey to God with you here right now: Inspire My dear reader! You are going to start my new book! Don't think that you've come across this book among billions is a mere coincidence! My life-experience tells that “such coincidences” occur the moment we really need. Sometimes the words can impress you more that the cover of the book. I know that choosing the right book is to search for the pieces of gold relying on your assumptions digging the ground day and night. However, remember that this book may be what you are looking for. So, rest assured and purchase this book right now! Read my new book and recommend it to your friends: You can't win… He knew that neither one's appearance nor his inabilities, but his mind matters. If you think that you deserve being a successful man it'll be what you get if you think on the contrary you'll have consequent results. In the darkness you can't see anything. For me the quotes in my book “The Masterminds” are the Sun that lights my heart and mind so that I can clearly see what I aim at where I should go. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep only positive thoughts in our mind. There is always a solution to a problem: Our Enemies #1! Bestseller! The most famous book ever! Only you can give that status to my new book! I'm aware that you have some billions of choices to buy books. Actually, we come across something when we are in need of it. Therefore, take your chance! If food is what our body requires then a book is what our mind and heart need. Accept my new book as a soup for your soul! Buy it now! After reading offer it to your friends, relatives, everyone you know: Live Visualization I think visualization is a process of drawing a map. This map will guide one to what he or she desires. It may seem so easy to think or imagine the subject of our will. However, no one can draw a perfect map from the first attempt. To make a map more precise needs hours of repainting and working. So does to visualize something in details: Inspiration for $1 000 0000! Awesome! It's so easy to purchase books now! You'll click the necessary numbers and my book will be delivered via your e-mail! Within seconds! Fast, simply and easily! Despite the mount of the books published here, you can get the book you need like the precious stone among fake ones! I assure you that you've attracted my book yourself if you are acquainted with the Law of Attraction! If not, you may call it a right coincidence of the circumstances in your life! So, it will take you some easy steps or clicks, and some time to get my book! I wish you to enjoy reading my new book. Recommend it to anyone you know so that they will be able to purchase and read it too: Facebook Quotes Even if you are tired, annoyed, bored, happy, or inspired, feeling enthusiastic, etc. it will take you nothing to look through this excerpt! It's very attentive of you to choose books thoroughly. The cover and the extract may tell you anything! If you really want to know what is inside the book, it doesn't cost you much to buy and read it: Between 2 Worlds Perhaps, you are here because of someone's recommendation! Maybe, you've come across my book by chance, or it's a mere coincidence! I can guess that you are just surfing the Web looking for something entertaining! Anyway, you don't need much to read this short excerpt! You can google and find some millions of books! However, you've found my book the moment you need or want! A coincidence is something that happens according to your prior plans and wishes! Trust them! Take your chance and get my new book! Buy this book right now! Read it and recommend everyone to purchase it: How to be strong? Are you looking for something amazing, astounding, and different to read? Congratulations! You are here now! I know that the extract isn't enough to deduce the whole meaning of the book. So, what you need is to click the button “Buy now!” and wait a while before getting my new book! I'm going to advise you to order the rest of my books too! By the way, after reading be kind to recommend it to your colleagues, friends, relatives and neighbors! Tastes differ! However, I'm sure they will be glad to buy and read my books! With my best regards, Muyassar Sattarova: You Tube Are you searching for some bestsellers? Maybe, #1 New York Times bestseller? You may be the first to turn this book into the most famous bestseller all over the world or contribute! Rest assured that I'm going to make everything easy! So, you'll have to click some buttons and buy my new book! If you would like you can purchase the rest of my books. You can find them on the Web easily! Offer your friends, colleagues, relatives, everyone you know to buy this book: The Last Day What kind of a book are you looking for? Non-fiction? Fiction? Maybe, you like adventures! Then, rest assured my new book “The Last Day” is one of them. Now you can buy this book here. 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DON'T BUY THIS BOOK If you don't want to feel confident enough to talk to someone you love at last; If you have never dreamt of making $1 000.000; If you wouldn't like to stop working for others; If you don't think of finding inspiration to transform your life; If you don't desire to meet your love and become happy… ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING A LOSER? Are you ready to transform your life and achieve what you really want and deserve? Then, this book will help you! You can buy it here right now! The “Rocket Eye” Speed Reading Technique Why do I name this technique “Rocket Eye”? The name can reveal the secret of speed-reading if you pay attention to it. When we read, we are accustomed to read word by word, stopping on each word for some seconds! In order to speed read you will have decrease those seconds you spend on reading words! It is mostly training of your eyes rather than your mind to read faster. So, you will acquire “rocket eyes” from today! It means your eyes look through the words like a flying rocket:

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