Yeshua's Inductive Path: What is the Bible Really Trying to Communicate to Us?

Yeshua's Inductive Path: What is the Bible Really Trying to Communicate to Us?

by Larry (EliYahu) Hefley


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Have you ever wondered how there can be so many religions and denominations out there who profess to be based on the Bible and yet have such widely differing teachings?

The Bible is a big book. If you look hard enough, you can find verses, pulled out of context, to support just about anything. People like to quote verses to support their religion because of this. They know that most people will not take the time to read the verse in context and see what the major gist of the passage really is. They are preying on the laziness of the average sheep in the pew. They are seeking to justify their own preconceived ideas, rather than seeking to find and conform to God's message.

The difference between a true seeker and the average religious follower is the drive to find God's message directly from His Word, and not take for granted that what you are hearing from some dude is right. Are you ready to go directly to the source, and sit down and seriously study that big book called the Bible?

This book provides an inductive study of the foundational teaching passages of the Scripture, allowing the disciple to pull God's basic message directly from the major gist of His Word.

For further detailed documentation see the series, "Yeshua's Path" by the same author .

"But we have rejected the hidden things of shame and we do not walk with cunning, nor are we deceitful with the word of God, but we show ourselves by the evidence of the truth to all the minds of men before God." (2 Corinthians 4:2)

"According to the sentence of the Law (Torah) which they shall instruct you, and according to the judgment which they shall tell you, you shall do: you shall not decline from the sentence which they shall show you, to the right hand, nor to the left." (Deuteronomy 17:11)

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About the Author

Over the last 40 years, the author has investigated many movements and other religions to glean a unique understanding of the Bible. Accepting both the TeNaKh (Old Testament) and the New Testament as the inspired Word of God, he has attempted to understand its message to us, without the confinements of any dogma.

He started with Ten years of Fundamental Christianity but found it limited in content and thus turned to Judaism for further insight. He also investigated other religions, which provided insight concerning passages about meditation and other passages which were understood in only a limited way by conventional bible students.

He studied Pentecostal and Revival movements to experience the power of the Spirit. Messianic Judaism provided an outlet for combining these studies. The Nazarene Israel movement provided information on the Two Houses of Israel Theory. It also provided support for Torah Observance from the New Testament.

But he took these preliminary ideas and studied them thoroughly on his own to verify that the Scripture really taught these things. Many of these movement, he studied for the purpose of disproving them, but came to realize the truth behind them, and thus has studied them from a critical view.

But having found Romans to be the one passage in the Scripture that details the Gospel, he found a way to let the Bible categorize the study of the Bible. This provided a starting place to be the foundation of all other understanding of the Scripture, rather than basing everything on a presumption or dubious background, which is the cause of the widely differing interpretations of Scripture.

He encourages the reader to question his preconceived ideas of what life is all about. When you go before the Judge, are you going to say that you did what some dude told you, or are you going to say that you studied the Bible for yourself, honestly and seriously and followed that. This book will help you to understand alternative interpretations of vital passages dealing with how to get eternal life and what is important in life, so that you can honestly investigate beyond your preconceived assumptions.

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