Yellowstone: Rising

Yellowstone: Rising

by R. T. Anders


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Yellowstone: Rising
In 1959, Yellowstone National Park experienced a magnitude 7.9 earthquake. Ancient geysers, long dormant, became active again, and several new ones erupted for the first time. Deep underground fissures opened, completely undetected by recording equipment of the era. The cavernous magma chamber located beneath Yellowstone's Caldera, emptied by a catastrophic eruption six-hundred-forty-thousand-years earlier, began to slowly, but steadily fill.

Since June of 2003, many trails within the park have been closed due to ground temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In some locations, the ground was hot enough to melt the soles of a hiker's footwear. Subsequently, a one-hundred-foot mound was discovered at the bottom of Lake Yellowstone. Continuing measurements have confirmed the anomaly is not only getting larger, its rate of expansion is accelerating.

Early travelers had marveled at the area long before the park's inception and, now, every year, millions of people from around the world fall in love with Yellowstone, marrying their senses to its pristine scenic beauty. Unfortunately ... the honeymoon is over. This will become a true story; it's literally waiting to happen.

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Publication date: 12/18/2016
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R.T. Anders retired early after a 25-year career working with mainframe computers. His primary field of expertise was operating systems software and machine language programming. He has taught coding and diagnostic classes at the business and college level. Mr. Anders is thrilled by all the sciences along with the 'miracles' they can perform for humankind and the world at large, but frightened by the consequences of their misuse or premature application. He has an honorable discharge from military service, a degree from Lawrence Technological University, and currently resides in Prescott Valley, AZ.

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