Yangzi River Map from Source to Sea: Featuring the 3 Gorges, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, and the Source in Tibet

Yangzi River Map from Source to Sea: Featuring the 3 Gorges, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, and the Source in Tibet


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With the initial completion of the Three Gorges Dam in July 2003 imminent, it is apt that Odyssey has produced a beautifully illustrated and thorough map of its journey from source to the sea.Stretching to nearly 4,000 miles, the Yangzi is the third largest river in the world and without a doubt China's single most important river artery. These high quality hypsometric-shaded, relief maps feature numerous captions informing the traveler of geographical, cultural and historical facts about the river and surrounding areas along the upper and lower regions of the Yangzi. The map is illustrated with 28 stunning color photographs by explorer Wong How Man, depicting various scenes found along the river, along with separate detailed maps of the three major cities located along the Yangzi and a variety of close-ups of the Three Gorges area. With informative captions regarding the surrounding area and the completed dam project, our cartographer has depicted what effect the impending flooding will have on the surrounding territory. 27 inches x 39 inches unfolded.
• First comprehensive map of the entire Yangzi River.
• Separate sections detail the upper and lower reaches
• Three Gorges area greatly enlarged
• Covers three key river cities
• Numerous annotations detailing geographical, cultural and historical facts
• Artist's impression of the finished Three Gorges Dam
• 28 superb color photographs of the people and surrounding countryside

Author Biography: Captain Richard Hayman has sailed on the Yangzi River for twenty years including aboard ships chartered by Lindblad Travel and as Director of Operations for Victoria Cruises. He lives in New York. Cartographer Mark Stroud of Moon Street Cartography has been producing maps for over ten years. He is based in Durango, Colorado where, when not working, he is out climbing the mountains or flying small aircraft. Photographer Wong How Man is founder and President of The China Exploration and Research Society. The CERS has a history that has important ties to the Yangzi River. The Society was founded in 1986, following Wong How Man's Yangzi expedition for National Geographic between 1985 and 1986. During that expedition, Wong defined a new source of the Yangzi River.

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ISBN-13: 9789622177154
Publisher: Odyssey Publications, Ltd.
Publication date: 03/19/2003
Series: Passport Series
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 27.00(w) x 39.00(h) x (d)

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