In the year 486 B.C., upon the death of his father, Darius I, Xerxes I became king of the Persian Empire. His kingdom extended from present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east to Egypt and Libya in the west and was the largest empire of the classical age. All was not well within the Persian Empire, however. The provinces of Egypt and Babylon were in a state of rebellion, and the tiny city-states of Greece were refusing Xerxes's rule. Nearly 2,500 years ago, the Persian army, one of the largest the world had ever seen, plunged into a war of conquest against a muchsmaller Greek city-state force. Xerxes tells the thrilling tale of one of the most storied battles in ancient history and reveals how the ramifications of the Greco-Persian Wars altered the course of Western civilization.

About the Author:
Dennis Abrams is the author of several books, including biographies of Barbara Park, Anthony Horowitz, Hamid Karzai, and Ty Cobb for Chelsea House. He attended Antioch College, where he majored in English and communications

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ISBN-13: 9780791096024
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/2008
Series: Ancient World Leaders Series
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword: On Leadership   Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.     6
Xerxes in Ancient History     13
The Persian Empire     21
The Athenians     32
Young Xerxes     41
Decisions     52
Xerxes Prepares for War     64
Thermopylae     80
Xerxes Goes in for the Kill     94
Xerxes Withdraws     106
Decline and Death     116
Chronology     127
Bibliography     128
Further Reading     129
Photo Credits     130
Index     131
About the Authors     136

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