Writers of the American West: Multicultural Learning Encounters

Writers of the American West: Multicultural Learning Encounters

by John Stansfield


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The diverse peoples, landscapes, and histories of Western North America come alive with these autobiographical excerpts, author profiles, and activities. Focusing on the childhood and young adult experience of 10 of the West's most intriguing writers, each chapter presents engrossing personal narrative, biographical sketches, a resource bibliography, and numerous learning activities. A bonus section features 20 other Western writers for further exploration.

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ISBN-13: 9781563088018
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/21/2002
Pages: 261
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

JOHN STANSFIELD is a storyteller and writer based in Monument, Colorado

Table of Contents

A User's Guide to Writers of the American Westxvii
Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)3
An Appreciation of the Writer3
In His Own Words4
The Writer's Life9
Hakadah, the Pitiful Last9
Ohiyesa, the Winner10
Charles Alexander Eastman10
Man of Medicine11
The Name Giver11
Man of Letters12
Teaching Advice for Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)12
Autobiographical Writings12
Age Appropriateness12
Elaine Goodale Eastman, Literary Collaborator13
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota?13
Native American, American Indian, First People?13
Ohiyesa and Zitkala-Sa13
Learning Horizons14
Literature Aloud Experiences14
Language Arts Experiences16
Social Studies Experiences17
Charles A. Eastman Resources23
Selected Eastman Books23
Eastman Biographies23
Electronic Sources23
Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin)24
An Appreciation of the Writer24
In Her Own Words25
The Writer's Life33
A Time of Upheaval33
Caught Between Two Worlds33
Creative Self-Expression34
A Life of Purpose35
Teaching Advice for Zitkala-Sa35
Autobiographical Writings35
Age Appropriateness35
Meeting the Devil36
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota?36
Native American, American Indian, First People?36
Zitkala-Sa and Ohiyesa36
Learning Horizons37
Literature Aloud Experiences37
Language Arts Experiences39
Social Studies Experiences42
Zitkala-Sa Resources45
Zitkala-Sa Books45
Selected Zitkala-Sa Educational Materials45
Electronic Resources45
Pioneering Young People
Hal Borland49
An Appreciation of the Writer49
In His Own Words52
The Writer's Life54
The Homestead55
The Prairie Town57
Teaching Advice for Hal Borland58
Autobiographical Writings58
Age Appropriateness58
Borland and Moody58
Touchy Terminology58
Out of Print59
Learning Horizons59
Literature Aloud Experiences59
Language Arts Experiences61
Social Studies Experiences62
Multidisciplinary Language Arts and Social Studies Experiences64
Hal Borland Resources69
Selected Borland Books69
Audio Resources69
Julia Archibald Holmes70
An Appreciation of the Writer70
In Her Own Words71
The Writer's Life84
Kansas Emigrants84
Headed West85
Headed East87
Teaching Advice for Julia Archibald Holmes88
Autobiographical Writings88
Age Appropriateness88
Women's Rights Then and Now89
Notable Names89
Touchy Terminology89
Learning Horizons90
Literature Aloud Experiences90
Language Arts Experiences92
Social Studies Experiences95
Julia Archibald Holmes Resources101
Selected Holmes Biographies101
Audio Resources101
Electronic Resources102
Ralph Moody103
An Appreciation of the Writer103
In His Own Words104
The Writer's Life108
Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers108
Man of the Family109
The Home Ranch110
Mary Emma and Company111
The Fields of Home111
Teaching Advice for Ralph Moody113
Autobiographical Writings113
Age Appropriateness113
Literary License113
Borland and Moody113
Touchy Terminology113
Learning Horizons114
Literature Aloud Experiences114
Language Arts Experiences116
Social Studies Experiences120
Ralph Moody Resources122
Selected Books by Moody122
Electronic Resources122
Rodeo Resources--Text122
Rodeo Resources--Electronic123
Young Naturalists
John Muir127
An Appreciation of the Writer127
In His Own Words129
The Writer's Life133
The World136
Teaching Advice for John Muir137
Autobiographical Writings137
Age Appropriateness137
Muir's Spirituality137
Scotland and Wisconsin, Western?137
Learning Horizons138
Literature Aloud Experiences138
Language Arts Experiences140
Social Studies Experiences144
John Muir Resources147
Selected Books by Muir147
Selected Muir Resources147
Electronic Resources148
Video Resources149
Audio Resources149
Margaret Murie151
An Appreciation of the Writer151
In Her Own Words152
The Writer's Life157
Up to Alaska157
Travels Together158
Wyoming and the Nation159
Teaching Advice for Margaret Murie160
Autobiographical Writings160
Age Appropriateness160
Touchy Terminology161
Learning Horizons161
Literature Aloud Experiences161
Language Arts Experiences162
Social Studies Experiences168
Margaret Murie Resources171
Selected Books by Murie171
Selected Murie Biographies and Resources171
Electronic Resources171
Video Resources172
Writers of the New West
Beverly Cleary175
An Appreciation of the Writer175
In Her Own Words178
The Writer's Life181
High School182
College and Career183
Teaching Advice for Beverly Cleary184
Age Appropriateness184
Touchy Terminology184
Learning Horizons184
Literature Aloud Experiences184
Language Arts Experiences186
Social Studies Experiences190
Beverly Cleary Resources195
Selected Books by Cleary195
Selected Cleary Biographies and Resources195
Electronic Resources195
Gary Soto197
An Appreciation of the Writer197
In His Own Words198
The Writer's Life201
Growing Things201
Growing Up202
Growing in New Directions203
Teaching Advice for Gary Soto204
Autobiographical Writings204
Age Appropriateness205
Touchy Terminology205
Mexican, Chicano, Latino?205
Learning Horizons206
Literature Aloud Experiences206
Language Arts Experiences208
Social Studies Experiences212
Gary Soto Resources215
Selected Books by Soto215
Electronic Resources215
Video Resources216
Laurence Yep217
An Appreciation of the Writer217
In His Own Words218
The Writer's Life220
Living over the Store220
Puzzle Solver221
Teaching Advice for Laurence Yep223
Autobiographical Writings223
Touchy Terminology223
Yep on His Writing and the Writing Process223
Learning Horizons224
Literature Aloud Experiences224
Language Arts Experiences225
Social Studies Experiences228
Laurence Yep Resources231
Selected Books by Yep231
Selected Yep Resources232
Electronic Resources232
Video Resources232
Additional Readings and Learning Experiences in the Autobiographies of Western Writers233
Topographic Map Symbols249
Meters-Feet Conversion Table250
Author/Title Index251
Subject Index255
About the Author261

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