World Scientific Reference On Asia And The World Economy (In 3 Volumes): (In 3 Volumes)Volume 1: Sustainability of Growth: The Role of Economic, Technological and Environmental FactorsVolume 2: India and China: Comparative Experience and ProspectsVolume 3

World Scientific Reference On Asia And The World Economy (In 3 Volumes): (In 3 Volumes)Volume 1: Sustainability of Growth: The Role of Economic, Technological and Environmental FactorsVolume 2: India and China: Comparative Experience and ProspectsVolume 3

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The dynamism in modern Asia, especially with the current revival in Japan, stands in sharp contrast to the situation in Europe. An in-depth understanding of what is happening in contemporary Asia is key to grasping opportunities that this dynamism creates for all. This multi-volume reference work consists of three up-to-date and comprehensive volumes on Asia and the world economy. It covers the most important aspects of the world economy as they pertain to Asia in the increasingly accelerating globalization process and is a must-have for anyone keen to understand Asia and the contemporary world. The three-volume set covers the climate change challenges and solutions from the Asian perspectives, focusing on both domestic arrangements and trade-based options, and discusses scenario analyses for future climate regimes; the sustainability of growth in the Indian economy determined by analyzing the role of economic, technological and environmental factors and lastly, the growth experiences and prospects of India and China.Contents:
  • Volume 1: Sustainability of Growth: The Role of Economic, Technological and Environmental Factors:
    • Introduction (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
    • The International Economic System:
      • International Economic Governance : Where We Are and How We Got There (Manmohan Agarwal)
      • G-20: In Search of a Role (Muchkund Dubey)
    • India and the World Economy:
      • India's Economic Growth Its Ups and Downs (Manmohan Agarwal, Susmia Mitra and John Whalley)
      • South-South Economic Cooperation: Its Progress (Manmohan Agarwal)
      • Principles of South-South Cooperation and Emerging Evidence from the Indian Experience (Sachin Chaturvedi)
      • Emerging Economies as Sources of Investment and Appropriate Technology: Evidence from India (Sachin Chaturvedi)
    • Technology Environment and Development:
      • S&T in the Industrial development of China: Comparison With and Implications for India (Ashok Parthasarathi)
      • Growth of Land. Labour and Total Factor Productivity in Agriculture in Brazil, India, Indonesia and China (Uma Lele, Manmohan Agarwal and Sambuddha Goswami)
      • Genetically Modified Crops in India An Economic Analysis (Sangeeta Bansal and Anchal Arora)
      • Growth of Clean Energy Capacity in India and Associated Technology Import (Aparna Sawhney and Susmita Mitra)
      • Forest Policies and Tribal Traditional Medicinal Practices: A Persepective from India (Deepa V K and Saradindu Bhaduri)
  • Volume 2: India and China: Comparative Experience and Prospects:
    • Introduction (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
    • The Growth Experiences of China and India:
      • The 1991 Reforms, Indian economic Growth, and Social Progress (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
      • China's Post 1978 Growth Process and Earlier Growth Processes in Europe, US, Japan and Korea (Heijing Chen and John Whalley)
      • China and India : Reforms and the Response: How Differently have the Economies Behaved (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
    • India and China in the Global Economy:
      • The Contingent Reserve Arrangement and the International Monetary System (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
      • Financial Crisis of 2008 and Shifting Economic Power: Is there Convergence (Manmohan Agarwal and Sayan Samanta)
      • South–South Economic Cooperation, STECO and the Financial Crisis (Manmohan Agarwal and John Whalley)
      • The Contribution of China, India and Brazil to Narrowing North-South Differences in GDP/Capita, World Trade Flows and Market Capitalization (Jing Wang, Dana Medianu and John Whalley)
      • China's Rapidly Deepening Economic Relations with India (John Whalley)
    • Other Dimensions of Growth in China and India:
      • Innovation and Technology Transfer Policies in China, India and Brazil (Manmohan Agarwal, Yao Li and John Whalley)
      • The Effect of US Monetary Policy on G20 Emerging Countries (Manmohan Agarwal and Badye Essid)
  • Volume 3: Actions on Climate Change by Asian Countries:
    • International Negotiation on Climate Change:
      • Climate Regime Building in a Changing World and China's Role in Global Climate Governance (Jiahua Pan & Mou Wang)
      • Sino-Indian Cooperation at the Climate Change Negotiations: The Past, the Present and the Future (Dhanasree Jayaram)
    • Environmental Policies in Asia:
      • The Environmental Regime in Developing Countries (Raghbendra Jha and John Whalley)
      • Geoengineering: Ethical Considerations and Global Governance (Ying Chen and Zhe Liu)
    • Climate Change and China:
      • Aligning Climate Change Mitigation and Agricultural Policies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Donald F Larson, Ariel Dinar and Brian Blankespoor)
      • Evaluation Methodology of Low Carbon Economy and Its Application in China (Guiyang Zhuang, Jiahua Pan and Shouxian Zhu)
      • A Comparative Study on China's and Japan's Energy Utilization and Efficiency Using Energy Flow Analysis (Hong Li and Liang Dong)
      • China's Social Science Research on Climate Change and Global Environmental Change (Ying Chen and Laihui Xie)
      • Green Transformation in China (Yong Luo)
    • Climate Change and Urban Development:
      • River Salinity and Climate Change: Evidence from Coastal Bangladesh (Susmita Dasgupta, Farhana Akhter kamal, Zahirul Huque Khan et. al.)
      • Adaptation Approaches to Climate Change in China: An Analytical Framework (Jiahua Pan, Yan Zheng and Anli Markandya)
      • Promotion of Low-Carbon City Through Industrial and Urban System Innovation: Japanese Experience and China's Practice (Liang Dong and Tsuyoshi Fujita)
Graduates, academics and researchers in Asia and the World Economy.

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