Wine, Women, Warren, & Skis

Wine, Women, Warren, & Skis

by Warren Miller

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In 1956 when the free program I published for the personal appearance showings of my latest ski film needed some written copy, I wrote a story about living in the parking lot at Sun Valley, Idaho for eighteen cents a day during the winter of 1946/47.

When the printer got finished setting the type, he had some extra room for another paragraph, so I wrote the following: "To reserve your copy of Wine, Women, Warren & Skis at the pre-publication discount price of $2.00, mail me a penny postcard with your name and address and, when the book is published, I will mail your copy C.O.D." Six hundred and thirty two people mailed me two dollars! I thought I was rich!

The following year, the title of the story in that year's ski film program was "GOOD GRIEF MORE EXCERPTS." That winter 1119 people mailed me their two dollars. During that time I was personally narrating the film in over a hundred different cites, traveling to all of the ski resorts to get the footage for the following winter, editing the film, putting together the musical score, soliciting ski club bookings, writing the script, and sleeping on Greyhound busses more nights than I care to remember.In the spring, when the book had not been written and mailed out, irate customers started to ask for their two dollars back. I had already spent all of their money for film and travel, so late in the summer I sat down at a manual typewriter and without spell check or anyone to correct the punctuation, dangling participles, or politically incorrect statements, I typed, cut, and pasted the book together and then timed the self-publication release date so it would be delivered one week before the first showing of the 1958 film.

I knew I could sell the book personally from the theater stage for $2.00 and make a dollar a book profit. I paid the printer on time, and it is now forty-six years and five more books later. So join me back in the Sun Valley parking lot one year before I bought a riverfront lot in nearby Ketchum, ID for $350.00 - and pardon any politically incorrect foibles, grammar or punctuation mistakes that are causing my 9th grade English teacher to rollover in her grave.

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Publisher: Warren Miller Company
Publication date: 06/10/2011
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About the Author

Warren Miller is an American ski and snowboarding filmmaker. He is the founder of Warren Miller Films and produced, directed and narrated his films until 1988. His credits include over 750 sports films, several books and hundreds of published non-fiction stories. Warren Miller is an American ski and snowboarding filmmaker. He is the founder of Warren Miller Films and produced, directed and narrated his films until 1988. His credits include over 750 sports films, several books and hundreds of published non-fiction stories. His annual films on skiing and other outdoor sports are renowned for their stunning photography, witty narrative humor, and the impressive talents of athletes. He has received wide acclaim for his promotion of the sport of modern skiing through his films spanning over 60 years and is an iconic figure in action sports filmmaking. Warren was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and as a young man he took up the hobbies of skiing, surfing, and photography. Upon his discharge from the Navy in 1946 he bought his first 8mm movie camera. He and a friend moved to Sun Valley, Idaho where they camped in the parking lot of the Sun Valley ski resort, living out of a teardrop trailer and earning money as ski instructors. In their free time, they would film each other skiing to critique and improve their ski techniques. Warren would often show his skiing and surfing films to friends, making jokes about their exploits throughout the showing of the film. When he began to receive invitations to show and narrate his films at parties, it occurred to him that he could turn this hobby into a business. In 1949, Miller founded Warren Miller Films and began a long-standing tradition of producing one feature-length ski film per year. He booked show halls near ski resorts so that he could film the next year's footage during the day, and show the current film in the evening. Before long he was showing his films in 130 cities a year. Miller continued to head the company both creatively and executively until the late 1980s when he sold the company. The company still produces a new film every year, however Miller himself has not been actively involved since 2004. Warren Miller currently resides with his wife, Laurie, on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Washington. Through Warren Miller Company and the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation, he remains an active writer, artist, philanthropist, and luminary to the action sports industry.

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Wine, Women, Warren, & Skis 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CDKloch More than 1 year ago
Wine, Women, Warren, and Skis is a hilarious remembrance of the winter of 1946-1947 in which Warren Miller and his close friend Ward Baker travel across the west from ski resort to ski resort in search of perfect skiing. Surviving out of a 6 foot by 4 foot trailer attached to the back of their 1937 Buick, Warren tells tales of he and Ward’s days of being ski bums. And by ski bums, I mean literally homeless men doing whatever crazy, illegal, stupid things that they can to get in a day’s worth of skiing. They survive off of rabbits and ducks that they can shoot with their .22 caliber rifle and shotgun, making money at whatever odd jobs they can find in the ski town in which they park their trailer. Going an entire winter off of only 248 dollars is quite an accomplishment, even in the 40’s especially considering how much they drove to get from resort to resort. This book is a great true story about 2 die hard skiers who will do anything to hit the slopes, and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a good laugh.Warren’s writing style is somewhat difficult to follow at first, as he transitions from story to story very abruptly and without knowing it, you may be reading a story about he and Ward being in an entirely different state than before. However, once you are able to understand his writing flow, it’s easy to get sucked into the story of he and Ward’s “adventures” through the west. All of the tales told in the book are true, which adds even more humor to the book. Reading about Warren’s cabin’s chimney spitting out 40 foot flames because of the gasoline soaked rags they threw in the fireplace made me chuckle to myself. His story is somewhat inspiring as well, It shows how, if you set your mind to it and don’t care about what you eat, or where you sleep at night, you can literally do whatever you want. Warren’s descriptions of the situations he and Ward got themselves into makes even the reader feel uncomfortable. When he tells about how difficult it was to get dressed in a tiny trailer, in negative 20 degree weather, with another full grown man, he describes it as, “trying to play the trombone in a deep freeze.” He then goes on to say, “once you get your clothes on and snap, crackle, pop out of the trailer, you go around the back to start up the stove.”  The way he describes how uncomfortable and cold he is gives the reader goose bumps because it makes you imagine how cold it must have been to be I his position. Warren does an excellent job at showing, not telling, making the book much more graphic and detailed. Wine Women Warren and Skis is a classic, and will continue to be a classic for ski bums everywhere.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good read for fans of skiing and old-fashioned humor. Amazing how young mindsets haven't changed much in 65 years