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Katriona Wilde has never wondered what it would feel like to have everything she's ever known and loved ripped away, but she is about to find out.

When she inadvertently leads her sister and best friend through a portal into a world she's dreamed of for six years, she finds herself faced with more than just the frightening creatures in front of her. Kate's forced to accept a new truth: her entire life has been a lie, and those closest to her have betrayed her.

Wilde's Fire is the thrilling first instalment of debut author Krystal Wade's urban fantasy Darkness Falls trilogy, already exciting critics with its intensity and immersive, unique world and concept.

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ISBN-13: 9781522667223
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Series: Darkness Falls Series

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Wilde's Fire: Darkness Falls, Book One 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
JK1515 More than 1 year ago
This book was awesome. I was skeptical as I started it. I mean, a boy sleeping in your room with your parents down the hall isn't realistic. Once the book got rolling though, I became more enchanted with it. The dreams she had of Arland felt so real yet, impossible. Then there was Brad, just waiting to swoop in at any point throughout their journey through the woods. I almost wanted to stamp idiot across Kate's face for not figuring his feelings for her out at this point in their relationship. Then she meets Arland and all the things thought impossible. He is everything she dreamed and more. I craved reading more just to see their romance crack and sizzle. It was steamy in a tame way. The monsters in this story were unique and creative. The author weaved a very different story that reminded me of no other story. I tore through the pages from beginning to end in haste. The story stopped abruptly but with a satisfying conclusion. I for one will be counting the days until I get to continue Kate and Arland's story.
ahandfulofconfetti on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Wilde's Fire is a pretty solid debut by author Krystal Wade. When I first saw the blurb up on NetGalley, I was immediately intrigued, as I have a thing for characters being thrust into new situations and worlds and having to adapt, all while trying to save the world. For the most part, this book delivered on all of my expectations, at least in terms of the story itself. The strongest part of the book was probably the world-building. The author has created a fictional land called Encardia, in which Darkness has overtaken the sun and confined the people to living underground, in constant fear of the daemons that attack in the dark and have nearly destroyed the entire world. Kate, our main character, is suddenly thrust into Encardia when her and her sister, Brit, follow a light into an underground cave, which actually turned out to be a portal. In Encardia, Kate meets Arland, whom she had actually been dreaming about for her entire life. Arland is the one to tell Kate that there's actually a prophecy about her, that she's Light, and will save Encardia from Darkness. (I know, all these capital letters are a bit much. If you're going to read the book, get used to them!) In Encardia we also meet probably my most favorite character, Arland's cousin, Flanna. Flanna is an impossibly upbeat, cheerful girl who instantly becomes Kate's friend. She's full of great insight and understanding, and I just really enjoyed every single second she was on the page.I do want to warn that we have a bit of insta-love here - I mean, this is a YA book, right? - but I was willing to let it go for the most part because of the set-up for Arland and Kate. Both of them have prophecies that pretty much dictate their lives, not to mention that Kate's been dreaming about him for forever. To Wade's credit, they actually go a pretty darn long time before they even kiss, so I give her major kudos for at least not having them dive straight into anything physical. I do admit to a minor problem, however, with the fact that Kate's powers don't really materialize unless Arland's near her, though, although I'm assuming that the second book will move away from that, considering the cliffhanger-like ending. And as a heads-up to any parents, there are some minor smexy times in this book, although I wouldn't really call any of it graphic in the slightest.My biggest problem with this book is that I had some trouble with the style at first. Wilde's Fire is told via Kate's first person, present tense voice, and I found the sentence structure to be a bit choppy and unpolished at the start. One thing I noticed straight off is that there is a lack of contractions throughout the book, which always makes things seem more stilted, at least for me. People speak in contractions! I could understand perhaps Arland not using them, since he's from a more formal, rather set world, but there really wasn't any excuse for Kate to not use them. It just generally makes spoken conversation flow more easily. I also felt like the book didn't pick up until about 65% into it, when things really start coming to a head. There are a lot of daily activities, like mucking out the barn, milking cows, chopping potatoes, etc., and it did become a tad tedious. The bits where Kate is working on her weapons skills were better, mostly because I just find sword fighting and learning to shoot a bow exciting. I also liked the little bits where Arland would fill Kate in on Encardian history, and the magic usage. I also had a bit of trouble with the whole Brad plot line, particularly Kate's feelings toward him once he wakes up. That whole bit seemed disjointed, and her feelings were so erratic and hard to follow, but maybe that was the point.I also thought the sort of ridiculous, over the top declarations of love in this book were a bit much. If someone were to say some of these lines to me, I would have a really hard time not laughing in their faces, even if my love for them was all-consuming. Still,
STACYatUFI on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Katriona, her sister and best friend set out on a camping trip and were sent into another world through a cave portal. Katriona learns not only was she born to this world but she is the one who will bring it back to life.I enjoyed the world that Wade created. The fact that it is dark and only Kate with Arland beside her can light it up was easy to imagine with the way it was presented to us. I loved that Kate had always dreamed of Arland so that when she saw him in real life all her feelings were already there and she was instantly drawn to him. Its clear from the beginning that they were born for each other and I had no trouble imagining them together and rooting for them. WILDE'S FIRE also had some great supporting characters. They all brought something new to the story.The story progressed at a nice speed, revealing just enough to get to the next step without giving to much away. I wasn't so crazy about the ending but that is just because I don't want to go through most of book 2 without some of my favorite characters. I hope book 2 isn't far off.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
The story was engaging, but a little too easy and predictable. Kate is a contradicting character, and I struggled to like her at times. The plot is okay, but pretty straightforward. I enjoyed reading the book, but it was nothing special. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good story,though sometimes a little strained. Some of the situations are hard to be able to accept, like bathing together. Over all I enjoyed reading it and have purchased the next one.
BailsChris More than 1 year ago
Here is my official view on fantasy novels, you ready? The books will either be amazing or disappointing. It's hard to find middle ground, especially when someone is creating a world all their own. I respect people that do that sort of thing because I know how much effort and thought it takes to make a world that makes sense. But that doesn't mean it always works out, so this made me wary at first when I began to read this novel. Somehow along the way, it captured my heart and five stars. The story was wonderful to read and I certainly found myself reading the rest of the series after I finished this one because I couldn't get enough. It became one of those books that once I set it down, I wanted to pick it back up and read it all over again. Kate, from the moment the story began, held a huge amount of pressure upon her shoulders even when she didn't realize it. Dreams of one man and death haunt her each night and she knows that the man of her dreams is real and that she is in love with him or at least will be. Of course, no one else seems to believe her but that's their issue not hers. She has a certain amount of obliviousness which is adorable and silent strength that proves to be a great resource to her throughout the story. After following a bright light through the forest while hiking with her sister, Brit, and her best friend, Brad, they find themselves in a world that is definitely not their own. Then she finds herself face-to-face with the man who has haunted her dreams and a prophecy that has been attached to her name since before she was born. Beautiful, calm, strong, and brave are some of the words I attach to her and I love her. I absolutely love and adore this story. Read it. No seriously, go check it out. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bookworm_Babblings More than 1 year ago
Three friends go camping in Virginia. During the exploration of a cave in their swimming hole, they end up going through a portal to another world. This was an awesome story, to see Kate grow into her powers and finally know the truth about everything. The end does leave you hanging…who are the traitors? Will Brad return from the dead to kill Kate and Arland? Will Brit stay or return to earth? I guess we’ll have to read book two to find out.
StephWard More than 1 year ago
'Wilde's Fire' is a young adult fantasy that follows the main character, Kate, out of her reality and into a world that is relying on her to save it. I thought that the idea of the novel was unique and interesting. However, I found the writing style to be a little bit lacking and it actually made what I thought would be a refreshing concept turn into a relatively dry and predictable story. I think what I disliked about the writing was the lack of character and story building as well as not enough energy and description for my tastes. As I mentioned, the concept of this book is wonderful and has so much potential. The characters, setting, background - everything that is needed for a great novel is all there. Something about the writing didn't fit well with me, but that's completely my opinion and I'm sure others will love it. Since the concept of the series sounds great to me, I will read the second book in the series, 'Wilde's Army', to see if it can grab my interest and hopefully draw me back into the series. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
lauricewithlove More than 1 year ago
This book is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.! Honestly, I liked this book. Though I've read a lot of typos and negative reviews about it, it didn't stop me from reading and enjoying Wilde's Fire! :) When I read YA books, I read it like I'm reading Shakespeare! I delve into the words until I get its meaning, significance, and implications in the real world. And to tell you the truth, THIS BOOK HAS SUBSTANCE! :) This story reveals us the true identity of Kate and how her life can save her world. Kate goes camping with her younger sister Brit and bestfriend Brad in Goat Ridge, their "secret" camping site. Along the hike, Kate experiences five of the weirdest things on earth. First, she sees another dream. This is just one of the thousands of dreams (or should I say, nightmares) she has been experiencing for the last six years. Most of her nightmares show horrifying creatures killing Arland, the love of her life whom she hasn't met. Will Kate hold on to Arland even if she sees him only in her dreams? Second is Brad's actions. They've been the best of friends since childhood. He hasn't shown any interest in Kate, but during the hike, he's been acting differently. He starts to show signs that are new to their friendship. Will he finally confess his love for Kate? Will they be a couple? Third is the yellow light. While on camp, Kate sees a yellow light. She ignores it because others won't believe her. At midnight, the yellow light shows up again. This time it leads Kate to the swimming hole. Can she trust the yellow light? Fourth is the portal. When Kate, Brit, and Brad go to the swimming hole, the yellow light appears again. It directs them to what appears to be an underwater cave. Unfortunately, it's not. It's a portal connecting two worlds: Earth and Encardia. Fifth is Encardia. Darkness has subdued Encardia for almost 20 years. It kills everything that has life, destroys nature, and hides sunlight. What will you do if all your nightmares are true? The monsters, the people, the killings...they're all true. What will you do if 20 years of your life was only a lie? If you discover that you're the only one who can save your own world? If your family and bestfriend are in danger? And if the only key to rekindle your power is unknown? Wilde's Fire is a hair-raising-fast-paced-fantasy-action that will make your heart pound like there's no tomorrow! So visual was the writing that you will feel the terror of the war creep through your senses! I can't wait to read the sequel! Enjoy reading! God bless you!
ConciseReviewsByMichelleL More than 1 year ago
Originally posted at my blog named Concise Book Reviews. I give it 4 1/2 stars I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for my Honest review. Published March 13th 2012 by Curiosity Quills Press I really liked Wilde’s Fire. It was a pleasant mix of sci-fi and fantasy that I really enjoyed. Katriona (Kate) Wilde gets transported to another world through a portal, that Kate, and her best friend and sister were lead to during a camping trip. Its great how you start off in the middle of the usual teen drama, then the next minutes your in a whole new world with war, and darkness and unimaginable horrors! Kate is amazing, she is brave and open-minded, as well as caring and very loyal. Arland is quite dashing, as a other-worldly warrior/leader, that has a great heart underneath. It’s a very unique and a refreshing story. I am anxious now to read book 2 Wilde's Army (review of it coming soon too!) I highly recommend if you like the fantasy/sci-fi books. Paranormal book lovers will love this too. Summary from book: “There is no pain in this death, only peace, knowing I am going to die with the one I love the most.”—Katriona Wilde. Katriona Wilde has never wondered what it would feel like to have everything she’s ever known and loved ripped away, but she is about to find out. When she inadvertently leads her sister and best friend through a portal into a world she’s dreamed of for six years, she finds herself faced with more than just the frightening creatures in front of her. Kate’s forced to accept a new truth: her entire life has been a lie, and those closest to her have betrayed her. What’s worse, she has no control over her new future, and it’s full of magic and horrors from which nightmares are made. Will Kate discover and learn to control who she really is in time to save the ones she loves, or will all be lost?
CaptivatedRding More than 1 year ago
I'm sitting here, just not entirely sure if I want to be writing this review or going and buying/devouring Wilde's Army. I'm trying to get myself unstuck from Encardia and the rest of Kat's amazing world! So, instead of continuing on down that road, I'm going to tell you how absolutely enthralled I was with Wilde's Fire. From the first page, I knew...I JUST KNEW, that this was going to be one of those books that I couldn't put down. I was instantly invested in all of the characters. And there were so many different elements to the story that held my interest that I didn't get bored at any point in the story. Katriona enters this unknown world of Encardia and while completely ignorant of what is going on around her, and at the same time missing her family and (possibly) mourning a friend, she manages to keep it together, for the most part. And, I don't blame her one bit. Not with the very handsome distraction named "Arland". Arland just so happens to be the man that's been in Kat's dreams for the past six years. She's dreamed of them being in love, fighting monsters, and dying. So, when she meets him there's an instant connection. But, instead of the connection being contrived and forced, I feel like the build-up is absolutely perfect. First, there's friendship and trust, and then there's love. Of course, it's a forbidden love. *sigh* With magic, monsters, darkness, romance, and a fantastic cliff-hanger, this book has everything that I could want.
Erlessard More than 1 year ago
Kate, her sister, and her best friend Brad camp in the woods for the first time without parents. We find out that Kate is plagued by dreams and visions of a lover named Arland. When she enters the portal hidden in the woods, she discovers that this dream man is real. My love for Wilde’s Fire increased as the book progressed. I went from desperately wanted to kill this obnoxiously happy and oblivious trio of character wandering through the woods in the first chapter to eagerly awaiting the sequel by the final chapter. The book set up a little cliche and the characters seemed too fake, but then Kate ends up transporting through a portal and that fakeness we found out was actually FAKE, so all is forgiven for that bad start. Hell, yeah…on to this cool new realm. The cast of characters inside the portal world are colorful, despite the lack of sunlight and well-rounded for side characters. Flanna is Arland’s sister and takes care of the housekeeping, cooking, and everything non-fighting related for the residents. Considering that there are about twenty people and her only help is from some of the children, Flanna eagerly takes advantage of Kate’s offers to help with everything. Flanna is bubbly and nosy. She’s not above spying on her brother or Kate to find out gossip. She’s by far my favorite character in the book. When Kate and her love interest Arland decide to travel back to the world we know, I was like….no, please. That world is boring and the people remind me of those in Beverly Hills, California – one dimensional. Kate’s sister and mother weren’t nearly as developed as the rest of the cast. Her mother especially felt like a “role” in the story rather than a real person with feelings and history. I did like the creatures and the world created in Wilde’s Fire. Even Brad, who I hated initially, I grew to love as I learned more about his past and personality. I’m reluctant to say more because of spoilers. If you can survive the first couple of boring chapters in the real world, its definitely worth checking out.
Rumor_Has_It More than 1 year ago
As the synopsis states Kate, her sister Brit and her best friend Brad unknowingly enter a portal that sends them into another world. This new world, Encardia, is one that Kate knows well because she has been dreaming about it for years as well as the man who awaits her on the other side of the portal, Arland. Wilde’s Fire started off on fire. I was digging it from the very beginning! That was until I got to the middle. The middle consisted of Kate finding out more about Encardia, her ties to this world and learning to fight. It also consisted of Kate going back and forth about her feelings for Arland and her best friend Brad. I think this last part was overdone… by a lot. These were moments when I couldn’t see growth in Kate and she became a bit whiny for me. (I can’t do whiny, sorry.) Once we got passed this middle it went right back to a very action packed, fast paced story which I enjoyed until the end. The plot is a very interesting one and I really did enjoy this read. One of the best parts of this book was how the author was able to make Kate and Arland’s love believable even if they had physically been around one another for only 3 weeks or so. It felt totally plausible and allowed me to accept their instalove as one that was built on a very sturdy foundation. (If you read the book you’ll know exactly what I mean.) All of the characters were well developed and the world building was impressive. This one is definitely a keeper. So much so that I delved right into book 2, Wilde’s Army, right away. Congrats to Krystal Wade on a wonderful first book! ARC provided by Curiosity Quills Press via NetGalley
Jaimo47 More than 1 year ago
This is the first New Adult book I've read and LOVED it!!! The cover draws you in and the fantasy setting Wade depicts is very believable--I felt like I was in the story alongside the characters. Kate, the main protagonist, was someone you could really root for as she learns of her prophecy and how to fight, but all the sub characters were done really well, too. The romantic conflicts were, of course, my fav part. So much sexual tension between Kate and . . . well, you'll have to read it and find out for yourself! *Applause for Krystal Wade, can't wait for book #2*
JLynnMc More than 1 year ago
Wow! This was such a good book! One minute you're in the middle of basic teen drama, the next minute you're in a whole new world with darkness, war, and other unimaginable horrors! Kate is amazing! She is brave and open-minded, not to mention loyal & caring. Arland is absolutely dashing as an other-worldly leader & warrior with a great heart underneath. This was such a unique & refreshing story & I cannot wait to find out what happens next!!
KESM More than 1 year ago
I am not a fantasy reader, but was drawn in by the author's ability to keep you wondering and guessing about what was going to happen next. Krystal draws you into her story and you can't help but really like the characters she has created and makes you want to become a part of the story yourself. The book is exciting, filled with action, and even romantic and I love the twists and turns it takes with it's characters as well. It's a fast paced book and once I finished it I was aching for the next one....it's the type of book I want to have the entire series of so I can reread them again back to back!
SusieVL More than 1 year ago
A fun book from new author, Krystal Wade. 3 friends from Virginia go camping and end up seeing a mysterious light that leads them to a portal that takes them another world. This other world is cast in darkness, and evil creatures attack them as soon as they enter. They are rescued by people who live there, those that remain anyway, and are brought to their underground lair. There the main character, Katriona, learns of her destiny, her true love and what unrequited love will do to people. Such a great book - the ending, in particular, was awesome! Looking forward to reading the next installment
mrsinserra More than 1 year ago
This is definitely a fantasy novel. The summary of the book explains quite well what the main idea of the story was. I greatly enjoyed this book; it had magic, monsters, a bad guy or bad guys, a prince (sort of), fairy type beings that are good, and a strong female lead. Wilde’s Fire is a fast paced, action packed novel. I was sucked in and didn’t want to put it down. There is the perfect amount of romance and fighting battles in this book to make me very happy. Though the romance happens much too quickly and I can’t really believe that in 3 weeks two people would be so madly in love with each other, but in the novel Katriona and Arland do. I thought that this book was going to be another one of those books with the love triangle going on and the flighty girl who can’t make up her mind, but it is not. Now, Katriona does say that she loves her best friend, Brad, but that she does not and never did, love him the way that he loved her. Katriona is and always has been, in love with Arland, even before she met him, because she had had dreams about him for years. I want to say that there is no actual sex in this book, but there are very close calls and talk of sex. Katriona mentions several times that she and Arland made love in the dreams that she had been having of him for years. Both Katriona and Arland are adults, but not married. It is actually Arland who stops Katriona from seducing him multiple times, even when she strips naked for him, since they are not married yet. I think the most annoying thing about this book is that there is absolutely no ending, just a major cliff hanger. As you know, if you read my reviews on a regular basis, this is my pet peeve. Anyhow, I would definitely read the next book in this series. I want to see where the author was going and what happens next for everyone. I would not recommend this book for kids under the age of 18, mostly because of the sex and the fact that Katriona doesn’t care that they are not married, doesn’t even think about marriage really, as a determining factor in her behavior. Obviously, this decision is up to you. The sex is not romance novel descriptive, but the wanton attitude bothers me. I would not put it in a school library or classroom library. I received this book as an ARC. I do not get paid to review books; I do so in order to assist you in recognizing books that you might enjoy and also to assist parents and teachers in recommending appropriate books for your kids to read. Please read more of my reviews on my blog: sarahereads(dot)wordpress(dot)com