Wild Prep

Wild Prep

by Alex Gonzalez


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Talan Merrick is doing whom?
Johnson Sinclair is doing what?
Lily Carrington has a BF, when?
Sasha Chandler got blonder, where?
How do we all know this?
Miami Teen Social ...

Soft kisses from the sun, mesmerizing, white sandy beaches, a sparkling ocean, mansions, designer clothes-the lives of Miami's young socials are filled with all of these, and especially these-beautiful betrayals, hot addictions, ugly truths, and broken hearts. These kids have it all, and they want more.
Hóla, and bienvenidos to Miami Teen Social, a land where the repulsive truth is always lurking behind wholesome perfection.

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ISBN-13: 9781468524253
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/21/2011
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

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Wild Prep

Crazy Beautiful Life
By Alex Gonzalez


Copyright © 2011 Alex Gonzalez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-2425-3

Chapter One

First Day of Class

The bonfire weekend is over, and it's the first official day of high school for these spoiled brats. They trudge into school, hungover and already tired, while their teachers are overwhelmed by having students with such controversial relatives in their classrooms. Why don't we take a good look at the first day of school?

"Mr. Berndt, I really think that the freshman lockers need to be relocated. For me, it's a hassle going all the way to B wing, and then back to my journalism class," Lily stated, already campaigning and using her power as the new freshman class president. Poor Lily was already getting petitions ready.

"Miss Carrington, I really think it's not possible for that to happen," Mr. Berndt replied, scared of hurting the senator's daughter's feelings.

"But Mr. Berndt!" Lily complained, swinging her metallic Marc Jacobs bag. Even though Lily was a bookworm and had virtually no friends, she loved her fashion. In addition to disliking that her journalism class was so far, she detested the uniforms at Hamilton Prep. As an alternative to the standard bulky clogs she had to wear, Lily had swapped them for some fab white Stuart Weitzman heels.

"God, Lily is already complaining about something," Johnson told Sasha as they stood next to their lockers eyeing everyone walking by.

"I know, right? But do you think if we asked Lily to hang out with us, maybe she wouldn't be so annoying?" Sasha suggested. Sasha Chandler also had made some modifications to her uniform. She had hiked her skirt up, unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on her shirt to show off a little extra, and had long black tights with some Manolo Blahniks in place of the clogs.

"Ugh, I'm not going to spend my time with Lily Carrington. Her voice is annoying enough, and I don't want to be looking at her face all day."

"That's not very nice, Johnson."

"No, not nice is having my chinchilla's fur falling out 'cause she broke her leg, and having the stupid vet load her up with the wrong medicine, and then giving her more medicine to try to fix the problem," he said while checking his phone for messages. Sasha looked behind him to see Talan walking steadily over toward them. She almost lost her breath as she saw him looking so dashing in the standard Hamilton Prep uniform, which consisted of a white shirt, tie, slacks, and dark blue blazer.

"Hey, Talan," she said, smiling cutely.

"Hey, Sasha. What's up, Johnson?" Talan replied, just so suave.

"Nothing much-hungover and bitchy," Johnson said back.

"And when are you not?" Sasha chimed in.

"This was fun, but I'm totally out. The new bio teacher is hot, and I want to get a tardy so I can stay after school. 'Bye, freaks." Johnson grabbed his books and headed out.

"'Bye," Sasha and Talan both said.

"So, how do you like high school so far?" Talan asked Sasha, not knowing where to start the conversation. Talan almost never had a problem breaking the ice, but with Sasha it was different. He really wanted things to work out with her. She was the first girl who gave him chills—how cute. Talan could have any girl he wanted. Sasha—could she handle the pressure of being with such a noted Merrick family member?

"It's going fine. Johnson and I don't have many classes together, which I guess is a good thing," she said, smiling and trying to sound humorous. Talan smiled at seeing her adorable smile.

"Tonight there is this opening. It's this cool, chill place downtown in South Beach, and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?" Talan asked, anxious about what her answer would be.

"Yeah, I would love to," she answered.

"Cool." Talan came in to hug her, but Sasha suddenly flinched. "Oh, sorry."

"No, no, it's okay. I'm sorry. I should get to class." Sasha quickly got her books and walked to class, mortified.

As the day went on, the kids found themselves drained and already standing by to go home. Lunch break provided an escape. Lunch at Hamilton Prep is like any other lunch at any other school. The cafeteria is still full of cliques, even though everyone has trusts and butlers. Okay, so tables are broken into hobbies. Hobbies are broken into appearance. Appearance displays power and popularity. The popular jocks, such as Talan Merrick and his go-to guy, Faiday Hayward, all sit together. Pretty girls, such as Sasha Chandler, all sit together along with people like Johnson Sinclair. Tables are still filled with nerds and goths/atheists, and there are even overachievers, who are very different from the nerds. Lily Carrington finds herself at that table. She has an apple and a banana beside her, but she is too busy telling people to sign her petition for switching lockers.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to sit at that table?" Sasha asked Johnson, while she was looking over at Talan's table. Talan noticed her looking over and smiled. Sasha, still embarrassed by their encounter earlier, shyly smiled back.

"No," Johnson replied blandly. "I do, however, wonder why they make us wear uniforms when it's so hot," he said as he took off his blazer. Soon Sasha's phone buzzed—with a text from Talan.

There's room over here, if u want to sit wit us

Sasha managed to crack a silly smile. She's known Talan for quite a while, but in Miami, it's hard to get one-on-one time with someone unless you make room for it.


"Emily, let's sit with Talan, and them." Sasha got up, bringing one of her friends.

"Okay," Emily replied, just too happy. As Sasha walked over and sat with Talan, Johnson quickly took over the conversation at the table. Looks like a certain someone is ready for the queen bee to be exiled and a king bee to emerge.

"Hey," Talan replied as Sasha and Emily sat down. "Excited for tonight?"

"Definitely," Sasha said. For the next twenty minutes Sasha and Talan talked about the sun and the moon—while Johnson told all the girls and Sasha's little followers about his expensive vacation to Fiji that he took over the summer.

The universe has to watch over a new romance that is certainly blossoming, and a new leader who might materialize, but in the land of Hamilton Prep things are up one day and down the next. Signing off for the first day of class, it's Miami Teen Social, until tonight, when drama will surely erupt.

Chapter Two

New Openings and Surprises

It's 9:30, the warm breeze is out, disco balls are in, and it's time to play. The first day was exhausting for the pitiable students of Hamilton Prep, but that's not stopping them from having a wild night out on the town.

"Where did you say you were going out tonight?" Johnson asked Sasha as she straightened her long blond hair. Sasha and Johnson were at Sasha's place, a calming Zen-inspired home in beautiful Coral Gables. Johnson liked to go over to Sasha's just to see if there was a family more messed up than his. What a great friend.

"It's this club place down at South Beach," Sasha replied. Oh, and it looks as if once again that Mommy and dead Daddy's money are letting these unruly children break the rules by entering a club when they are clearly underage. "Do you want to come?"

"No, thanks. I have better things to do than see you and Talan throwing yourselves at each other." Johnson laughed. "A couple of the girls and I are going to Peek-A-Boo, and seeing what we find," Johnson went on while rolling his eyes, already anticipating the night.

"Well, don't drink too much," Sasha warned, knowing about Johnson's wild party lifestyle.

"You know I will."

Talan decided to pick Sasha up in, of course, a limo. Sasha dressed in a gold sparkly Burberry mini that cost approximately $4,500. With Step-Daddy gone, Sasha and her mother received a bulky life insurance check, along with all his properties.

"You look incredible," Talan said, almost going in for a hug, but stopping once he remembered what had happened at school. Talan is a real romantic, but behind all that is a major douche, a future womanizer.

"Thanks, and so do you," Sasha replied, with butterflies in her stomach. Talan was dressed in a dark red Calvin Klein button-up and some black slacks. Talan looked up behind her at the glass doors leading into her stylish-looking house to see a woman standing scandalously in a bra and underwear with only a loose robe covering her from the warm Miami breeze—it seems that Lenny, Sasha's mom, had a little too much to drink.

"Mom!" Sasha said in a sharp, embarrassed tone.

"Well, who is this, but Talan Merrick?" Lenny walked down. "Son of Don Merrick. Why, Sasha, you didn't tell me you were dating him." Her words clung together.

"Mom, we're not dating." Sasha looked down self-consciously at how her mom was revealing everything, which she had worked hard to cover.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Chandler," Talan greeted her, trying to make the situation less awkward.

"Please, Lenny," Ms. Chandler replied. "I want you home no later than one; it's a school night."

"Yes, Mom," Sasha responded as she quickly got into the limo with Talan. Someone will have to explain why her mother is such a sloppy drunk.

"I'm sorry about her. Ever since my stepfather died, she has just fallen off the deep end," Sasha explained, trying to play it modest.

"It's okay. I understand," Talan soothed Sasha, trying to act as if his family were perfect.

Once Talan and Sasha arrived at the opening of the new nightclub in South Beach, they entered in the back way. Music welcomed the duo as they enter the neon-lighted club.

"Thanks for bringing me here," Sasha said, smiling. She quickly got closer to the warmth of Talan, and started to move with the flow of the music. Talan nuzzled his soft nose against Sasha's elongated neck. She giggled with pleasure The pair soon started to dance and enjoy themselves. After they were dancing awhile, Talan ordered a couple drinks (hoping he'd get lucky. Then again, Merricks never needed luck) and handed one to Sasha. Sasha daintily took a sip and, not liking the taste of alcohol, set it down. When she looked back up, Talan had his half gone. Talan smirked charmingly and grabbed her hand. They went back out onto the dance floor, where they danced—if you want to call it that—a little vulgarly. They were on the dance floor for the next couple of hours, dancing like it was their last night on earth. If only that were true.

"I'm really glad you came," Talan told Sasha while they were taking a break from dancing. They were sitting down in one of the booths, enjoying talking to each other.

"Thanks, and so am I." Talan could barely hear her over the thud of the music. They looked up to see that Faiday Hayward, one of Talan's best friends and an all-around jock, was with Emily Parker, one of Sasha's best friends, and an all-around bitch. Faiday and Emily were almost the Avril and Deryck of the group. Faiday had a hint of bad boy with his don't care approach to everything. He cussed like a sailor, and also had a splash of punk in him. He always wore his tie loosely around his neck (which would drive Headmaster Trimble up the wall), and he would never tuck in his shirt, yet all that was wrapped into a jock label. He liked football and was good at it. Emily Parker was into fashion labels and dressing up like she was some socialite, but despite wearing Gucci and Prada, she, too, was a bit of a rebel.

"You came!" Sasha cheered as she hugged her Emily. The four sat and chatted awhile, getting their pictures taken by photographers—the young socials of Miami out on the town.

"Sasha, I really want to see how things work out with us, and how far we can take this," Talan said seriously as he whispered into Sasha's ear, while holding her hands and dancing. Sasha had a hard time believing him, knowing he had drank quite a bit, but she convinced herself that they were meant to be together. How young teenage love works these days is so immature and brainless. Let's just hope cute little Sasha doesn't get hurt—that badly.

"I do too." Sasha played with Talan's tousled blond hair and looked deep inside his gorgeous blue eyes. She realized he was the hottest boy she'd ever seen. She thought that it was too much of a moment to pass up, so their lips touched for fifteen seconds—it would have lasted longer, but it was already close to one. "I have to go," Sasha said, frowning unhappily. Now Sasha isn't one for breaking rules. Even though she knew her mom was probably not home, she wanted to be home on time.

"See you tomorrow." Talan kissed her once again before she departed. Talan looked around for Faiday once Sasha had left, but as he walked back to the booth, he saw only Emily. Wonder what will happen?

Meanwhile, at Peek-A-Boo, a local nightclub, Johnson was partying away, having way too much fun for a fifteen-year-old. Once again, his mother had to go to Paris for some business, taking his little sister with her and leaving Johnson in the company of the maids and his worthless chaperone. Johnson had had too much to drink, and after dancing with some random person who bored him, he walked back up to his booth, only to discover some frienemies had taken refuge there.

"What the hell is this?" Johnson asked, with a huge headache from all of the Cosmos he had just consumed.

"Umm, we're sitting here," Lizzy Van Ryan pointed out. Lizzy Van Ryan attended the holy Miami Catholic Prep school. Yes, Miami Catholic Prep, which is a huge rival to Hamilton. There's nothing Jesus loves more than to see His children drinking at nightclubs and acting like fools.

"Why don't you say a little prayer to your priest, and get the hell out, 'cause I, like, own this place," Johnson informed her as he grabbed a drink from a passing waiter and took a mouthful.

"Johnson, you don't own anything in South Beach!" Lizzy shouted, clearly annoyed by his presence.

"My family runs Miami. Your family is just some wannabe Hamilton Prep rejects! My pet chinchilla can get into Miami Catholic Prep school! You're so pathetic," Johnson shouted at the top of his lungs. Lizzy then calmly exchanged some rumors that she had heard about him, and it basically ended with Johnson throwing his drink. Johnson heard a scream and quickly exited the club. One rule of being a social is to always have a quick way out when you need one. Johnson did just that, exiting into his Mercedes and having his driver peel off into the heavy Miami traffic.

It looks like we've got some juicy topics for the next issue. We captured dirty dancing between a former footballer's son and a former model's daughter. Then we got what Talan Merrick did or didn't do when Sasha left. Could this really be the girl for him? Well, who is to say that high school romances won't last? Then, of course, we got Johnson Sinclair acting out—once again. Can this famous heir ever get it together? Signing off once again, it's Miami Teen Social.

Chapter Three


One condition of being a teen social in Miami is to make an appearance in the tabloids. Don't think that we're desperate and pathetic by reporting on wild, privileged teens who need serious reality checks. It's a recession out here, and we do what we have to in order to survive. We don't all have deep pockets like the Sinclairs. Tabloids work fast and can get news out there in a matter of hours—but one thing is certain, many people always say to never believe everything you read, but with Miami Teen Social we make sure that our pictures are worth a thousand true words ...

"I'm so hungover," Johnson made known to Sasha as they sat in the lounge at Hamilton Prep together. Today Johnson decided to show up in sunglasses, to hide his bloodshot eyes, his messy hair, and his terrible attitude. Sasha, however, showed no signs that she was out past midnight. Some girls can roll out of bed and look like they just jumped off the runway, and Sasha was one of them.

"God, what did you do last night?" she asked as she took a drink of her low-fat cappuccino.

"Went to Peek-A-Boo, where Frizzy Lizzy took my booth, that whore," he whined as he leaned his shoulder against Sasha, ready to fall back asleep.

"I kissed Talan last night." Sasha smiled, informing her best friend.


"Don't act like you wouldn't," she said, laughing. As she and Johnson continued their conversation, Lily was heading to class. Unlike the rest of her classmates, Lily had been in bed by ten thirty. She stayed up late working on an English essay.


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