Wicked Bite (Realm Enforcers Series #5)

Wicked Bite (Realm Enforcers Series #5)

by Rebecca Zanetti


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"Non-stop action and a hero to die for!"
-Alexandra Ivy

If you love the Dark Protectors, these wicked hot Realm Enforcers are for you!

"Fast-paced romance . . . very compelling. Highly recommended."
-Library Journal

As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Tessa Lansa's instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Tessa's plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous . . .

Bear doesn't trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Tessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can't stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it . . .

"Hot and fast from beginning to end."
-Kate Douglas on Fated

"Sizzling sex scenes and a memorable cast."
-Publishers Weekly on Claimed

"A fast-paced, excitement-filled explosion of action... Zanetti keeps getting better."
- RT Book Reviews on Marked, 4.5 Stars Top Pick

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781601838698
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Series: Realm Enforcers Series , #5
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 273,806
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

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Somebody was in his cabin. Beauregard McDunphy lumbered around the side of the modest wood structure, his fur rippling in the wind, his big paws leaving tracks in the wet dirt. At one point, not too long ago, he'd been bigger than any bear in the area — shifter or animal. Now he was merely normal size. Yet he could still take a human trespasser without much effort. He lifted his snout, and the fur rose down his broad back.

He was a loner, and he liked his privacy, so anybody who even remotely knew him understood to stay the hell out of his space. What was that smell?

Irish roses and something ... female. The scent of woman.

He growled, the sound hollow.

Who the hell was in his cabin? He stalked toward the front door, which remained open. Oh, he was going to scare this interloper. He sucked in air to snarl, rolling his neck so he could fully flash his canines.

A woman came into view, turning around, skirt rustling. "There you are."

He paused and studied her. Thick black hair piled on her head, violet-blue eyes, smooth features. Delicate. Something stirred inside him, and he shook his head, trying to focus. Why wasn't she screaming? Most people freaked out when faced with a grizzly bear. Wait a minute. He knew her. Didn't he know her?

She pressed her hands to her hips. Her green houndstooth designer suit looked like something out of the fifties. Somehow, it worked on her. "Do you mind shifting back to human form? We need ta talk."

The brogue. Irish brogue. Pretty eyes. Small stature. Sparks of power all around her.

It hit him then. A witch. There was a witch in his home. He growled again and set his bones to transforming into his human shape. The process took longer than it should have, considering he'd mainly been in bear form for nearly three months. Three useless months that hadn't changed a damn thing about his failing health.

Pain lanced down his spine and through his arms. His bones broke and reformed, hurting much more than they should. The fur receded on his arms and then the rest of his body. Agony flared through his face, reshaping it, nearly making him black out. Finally, he straightened, his body elongating. He kept his expression stoic and tried to banish the ache.

"That looked painful," she whispered, her gaze soft on his face.

"It was," he responded before he could think. Then reality crashed back. "Why is there a Coven Nine witch in my fucking cabin?" His safe cabin in the Seattle wilderness where witches and the Coven Nine couldn't get to him. What was her name? He couldn't place it. Everything was cloudy. Yet he remembered seeing her in Ireland at witch headquarters — she was a council member. When was that? Months ago.

She hummed and looked around, her gaze high and a light pink dusting her cheekbones.

He settled his stance. His human brain kicked back in. "As a member of the Coven Nine, what are you doing here?" She was on the ruling council of witches, and she should have security all around her. His back stiffened, and he turned to scan for threats.

"I'm alone," she said.

That was impossible. Yet even with his senses returning, he couldn't find any other people near, much less any witches. "Why?" he barked. His voice was rough and hoarse from disuse.

She blew out air, her pretty lips pursing. Her gaze rose nearly to the rough wooden ceiling. If she craned her neck up any more, she might fall backward.

Bear frowned. "What the hell?"

She cleared her throat. "Do you, ah, do you mind?" Her hand swept out, even the small movement graceful.

"Mind what?" he snapped, glancing over his shoulder again. Trees and silence met his gaze. Thunder ripped above, and an angry autumn rain began to slap the ground. Summer had given up the fight, and the oncoming winter scented the breeze. He stepped inside the cabin.

She backed up so quickly her butt hit the ancient stove, and she gave a startled eep. "Please, Mr. McDunphy."

What in the world was wrong with the woman? "Please, what?" Was this some kind of trap?

"Put some clothes on," she said through pearly-white teeth.

He started and looked down at his naked body. "Oh." Clothes were such a damn annoyance. "Uh, okay." A small dresser sat by the bed, on the north wall. He moved past the raggedy sofa and modest fireplace to yank out a pair of faded jeans. He struggled into them, wincing as he engaged the zipper.

Life was so much easier as a bear.

He glanced down. The jeans hung low on his hips — nearly too low. How much weight had he lost, anyway? He stretched his arm, noting the reduction in muscle mass. He'd get his ass kicked in a good fight.

The rain increased in force and blew water inside the door. He strode over and shut it. Silence descended. The smell of Irish roses filled the space, and he breathed deep before turning around to face her. He leaned back against the door and crossed his arms. With the dim light sliding in through the windows, shadows cascaded around the woman. But she was all light. What would she look like with that dark hair tumbling free around her shoulders? His groin tightened.

"Mr. McDunphy?" she asked.

"Nobody calls me that. You know my name is Bear." The Coven Nine no doubt had extensive dossiers on him. They probably knew his shoe size, favorite color, and how many freckles he had on his back. He rubbed a hand through his shaggy hair. It reached his shoulders now. While his people weren't enemies of the witch nation any longer, he still didn't like witches. At all. Except for one, and that was because she was his sister.

His memories flooded all the way back in. Ah ha — the trespasser's name. "Why are you here, Nessa?"

"You do remember my name." Her focus landed on his chest and moved to his left arm. She gave a slight shake of her head as if to concentrate. "That's, ah, a very nice tattoo."

He glanced down at the talons over his left bicep and shoulder that led to a black dragon across his back. "Thank you." He pushed himself off the door, noting her eyes instantly widening.

So she was afraid of him. At least a little bit. Good.

She cleared her throat. "A dragon. How apropos," she murmured, her focus remaining on the tat.

He lifted his head, staring at her through heavy lids. His chest heated. "Don't even think of going there, little girl. Ever."

She shivered but met his gaze directly. "That's why I'm here."

He blinked. Once. "Then it's time you left." He moved to open the door.

"I can help you," she said.

He paused, looking over his shoulder. "I don't need help."

Her snort was unladylike and somehow adorable. "Sure you don't. Look at you. You've lost substantial weight since I saw you in Ireland."

He turned quickly, gratified when she took a step back, putting her flush against the stove again. There were yards between them, but they both knew he could get there, and fast. Yet as a witch, she had powers, too. So why was she afraid? "I've been on a diet," he lied. His neck started to pound, and his bare feet swelled. His lungs hurt. Hell. Everything hurt. Yet he refused to wince.

She rolled her stunning eyes. "You screwed up, Bear."

"Did I now?" he asked softly.

She swallowed. "Aye. You know as well as I that species, immortal species, can take one form and one form only." She wiped her small hands down her slim skirt.

"Time to leave, Nessa," he said, reaching for the doorknob behind his back. Not in a million years was he going to talk about his health or his lineage with a witch. Even one as pretty and intriguing as the one staring at him ... and not moving. When he told people to move, they usually moved. "Don't make me kick your pretty ass out."

"You're dying." Her head lifted. "Period."

Yeah, he was. If three months spent mostly in bear form hadn't healed him, then it wasn't gonna happen. "Leave me to it, then." Patience had never been in his arsenal, and he was done. The door opened easily, and then he turned to head straight at her, windy rain in his wake, his bare feet slapping the cold floor.

She held up both hands, her eyes widening as she pressed back against the porcelain stove. "Wait a minute. Just wait. Let me explain."

He stopped two feet from her. What was up with the damsel-in-distress act? In his current state, she could probably take him. "Why aren't you throwing fire?" Witches could alter physics and create plasma fire out of air, and the stuff really burned.

She rolled her eyes and reached behind her to clasp the edge of the cooktop. "We're not in a fight, for goodness' sake. I just want to engage in conversation like civilized people."

He leaned toward her, scenting both fear and awareness. "I'm neither civilized nor part of people." He was a bear shifter, for Christ's sake. One who had to get his affairs in order rather quickly. While he'd like to mess around with the witch, and he'd love to get her out of her head and that dignified suit, he didn't have time. "There's nothing to talk about."

She looked up at least a foot to meet his gaze. "You tore yourself apart on a metaphysical level when you shifted into dragon form so many times three months ago."

The hair rose at the base of his neck. His temper stretched awake. "Tell me something I don't know." His father had been a dragon shifter, and his mother a bear shifter. Shifters could only have one true form, and his was as a bear. Shifting into dragon form had been suicide. "But it was worth it."

Nessa's breath panted out. "It was?"

"Yes." He took another step toward her. Shifting into dragon form had been necessary to save his half sister, and he'd known the risk. The cost. But Simone was safe now, so he didn't regret a moment. "Tell me you're not here to study me." As part dragon who'd been actually able to shift into the form, he was an anomaly.

"No," she burst out. "Not at all."

"Nessa," he warned, reaching for her shoulders. Man, he'd love to mess her up.

She was just so proper and put together. Damn witch.

She swallowed and went still beneath his touch. "I, ah —"

"Am trespassing," he finished for her. "Now you're leaving." Her bones felt fragile, but warmth came from her body. Witches were hotter than most, weren't they? A tug centered low in his belly. One he ignored. "Thanks for dropping by."

Faster than he would've expected, she slammed the toe of her shoe down on the flat of his foot.

Pain ricocheted up his shin, and he bit back a howl. "What the fuck?" He tightened his hold.

She leaned up into his face, her blue eyes glittering. "Next time, it's the heel."

Not good. That thing was at least four inches long and kind of spiky. He growled and lifted her up on her toes to prevent any further injury.

She gasped, her breath brushing his chin. "Bear."

For good measure, he lifted more, taking her completely off the ground. He didn't have the strength to hold her aloft for long, but a lesson needed to be taught. The second her temper arose, he saw it. "Kick me and you'll regret it. A lot." He leaned down into her face, his nose almost touching hers.

Thoughts crossed her expressive face so quickly he had trouble keeping up. She stared into his eyes. "This is not going as planned."

His arms protested, so he lowered her back to her feet as if he were in complete control. Yeah, right. Why hadn't she burned his hands completely off? "What plan?" he rumbled.

She drew air into her pert nose. "That's what I've been trying to explain to you. Do you know how witch powers work?"

He released her, and his palms instantly felt empty. And cold. "Something about quantum physics and altering matter," he said. Truth be told, he didn't give a shit. Witches created fire and threw it, so he got out of the way. It didn't seem to matter how they did it. "You're all firebugs."

She sighed. "We use applications of quantum physics, string theory, Brunt's theory, and —" Her gaze narrowed. "Don't look bored."

"I'm not," he said quickly. Then he frowned. "Forget that. I am bored. Get to it."

"Fine. We can alter physics. When you shifted into dragon form, you hurt yourself. I can heal you by the application of physics. I can heal you internally, on a subatomic level."

Hope burst in him, and that just pissed him off. "Bullshit." He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep from grabbing and shaking her. While he wanted her aware of his strength, he didn't want to put bruises on that delicate skin. "If a witch could heal me, my sister would've already done it. What are you playing at, lady?" Simone was half witch, and she could throw fire with the best of them.

Nessa shook her head, and a couple of dark tendrils fell down. "Simone can't heal you. I can."

He lifted his chin. "Explain."

Her mouth tightened. "The vast majority of witches can create fire out of air. A small minority, very small, canna' do that."

He frowned. "You can't create fire?" At her sad shake of the head, he added, "Why not?"

She lifted a shoulder. "It's most likely a genetic mutation, just like anything else. But those few of us who can't create fire can do something else."

"Alter physics on a subatomic level," he whispered.

She sighed. "In ancient times, we were called healers."

He'd thought healers were myths. "You can cure diseases?"

"No." She rubbed her hands together as if chilled. "We can't cure naturally occurring diseases. We can help to heal the types of injuries you created deep down by doing something in such violation of the physics of our world."

He'd violated physics by shifting into a dragon instead of a bear? The entire process had felt terrible. "So you're here to help me. My sister sent you?"

"Aye," Nessa said, looking pointedly at the talons on his bicep.

Warning ticked down his spine. "Nessa?"


"What aren't you saying?" His body went on full alert.

She didn't so much as twitch. "There's a cost."

"Money?" How disappointing.

"No," she whispered.

He reached out and lifted her chin with one knuckle. Her skin was the softest thing he'd ever felt. "All right. What are you saying?" He wasn't sure he could believe anything she said.

Her body straightened. She looked him in the eyes. "If I heal you, then I want something in return."

He dropped his hand. What would a witch leader want from a shifter who lived across the ocean from her? "You wanna make a deal?"

She nodded, her shoulders going back.


To live, he'd do almost anything. "What do you want?"

She met his gaze, her eyes deadly serious. "If I heal you, then we mate. For life."


Nessa stared up at the tall male, her voice barely shaking as she made her demand.

He didn't move.

She blinked.

Then he threw back his head and laughed, long and hard. His entire body, his bare chest, even the sharp dragon talons on his arm danced. His laugh was deep and somehow sexy — yet oh so very insulting.

How dare he. She lifted her foot.

He stopped abruptly, and his chin lowered. "I don't give a warning twice."

Her mouth went dry. Even ill, Bear McDunphy was all predator. He looked like a bear, and she had to wonder how humans failed to notice that he wasn't one of them. Not even close. Shaggy brown hair fell to his shoulders with a defiant curl. He stood many inches over six feet tall, and his chest was wide. A promise of danger poured from him. For the briefest of moments, right after he'd laughed, his honey-warm chocolate eyes had softened. A little.

Now they'd returned to the solid hardness of flint.

She slowly lowered her foot back to the floor. "You're correct. Violence doesn't solve anything."

"I disagree." His voice was a low rumble that somehow wound all over her sensitive skin.

She frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Violence can solve a whole lot of situations." He took a step back from her, staring down from his unfair height advantage.

"Figures," she returned, relaxing as he gave her space. "Shifters employ violence when thought and reason would do."

His eyes darkened, and he moved right back into her personal bubble. His knuckles brushed beneath her jaw and caressed down to tug her jacket away from her pounding jugular. "And you want to fuck one until his fangs connect in your flesh."

The image shot into her mind, and tension uncoiled in her abdomen. His touch was warm and oddly determined. Mating a bear shifter, a leader of his nation, would be animalistic. Probably outside the scope of her imagination, such as it was. She was way beyond her comfort zone, so she withdrew into etiquette. "There's no need for such language," she said, her voice going hoarse.


Excerpted from "Wicked Bite"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Zanetti.
Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
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Wicked Bite 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Of the books in this series, I enjoyed this one the most. Nessa and Bear are perfect for each other. There were some laugh out loud moments and moments that melted the heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Eloise_In_Paris More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book from the get go. A strong heroine who is more than what she seems and a reluctant hero who has a few accidental secrets of his own. Also there were plenty of appearances by beloved characters. Two things I love about Rebecca Zanetti is that she is not afraid to have time pass and age characters. Which doesn’t effect the immortals, but allows the children to grow up. And she has no problem wrapping up conflict. A major crisis is brought to conclusion, and the culprit is revealed. I can’t wait to find out what the immortal world is up against next.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I think I need to collect this series when I can!! The cover is very nice, but it would be even better with a grizzly on the cover! This is the 5th book in the series, but it is my first book to read in this series and by this author. This is definitely for adults only due to the steamy content. It can also be read in any order, but my suspicions are that it would be even better reading them all in order. I loved this book because it had all my favorite things: shifters, action, magic, treachery, mixed paranormal world, and so much more! I love action packed books like this one, and I had a hard time putting it down. Bear and Nessa are both stubborn and awesome and reading their story was awesome. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say that you should read it! I highly recommend to any paranormal fans because they book has everyone in it (shifters, witches, demons, vampires, and more)! I can’t wait to read more of this world and check out more of Rebecca’s work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you haven't read this series I strongly recommend that you do. I started with the Dark Protectors and couldn't wait to start and finish. Damn good series! I especially liked the fact that we were visited from DP.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book, along with rest of the Realm Enforcers books are just good fun. Action packed with some romance thrown in.
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
A Good Read. I was fortunate enough to have gotten a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for a review which I am happy to provide. Even though I am a fan of Rebecca Zanetti, I have not been faithfully following the series, but I was familiar enough with most of the characters that it was not a problem at all to follow along in the storyline. I liked Bear and Nessa, the only thing I didn't care for was when they were physically fighting, that did not do anything for me, otherwise the chemistry was good between them and the overall story was interesting, though at times a bit slow. Plenty of action and some steamy lovemaking. Not dull for sure.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Bear! I feel like I have been waiting for Bear's book forever. Ever since Bear, the alpha of the Grizzly MC club (nothing like hiding bear shifters in plain sight) embraced his half-dragon heritage and shifted into a dragon he hasn't been able to heal properly. Even spending weeks on end in bear form hasn't helped. Then Tessa Lansa, former member of the Coven Nine, appears on his doorstep with an offer: mate with her and she will use her healing powers to fix him. However, once mated Tessa promises to have nothing more to do with Bear, her desire to mate is twofold (i) to get rid of a fellow witch who won't take no for an answer, and (ii) to increase her chance of getting the power of fire. Tessa is one of the few witches that doesn't have the power of fire, instead she can heal. But her motives are not quite as straightforward as she tells Bear, she is also trying to track down the source of the drug Apollo which is killing witches and humans. After the events of the last book sources dried up but over the past month supplies have increased exponentially. Tessa suspects the Grizzlies are involved and she wants to use her skills as a forensic accountant to track down the supplier. I love grumpy Bear, he's strong and loyal and cares for his people. Okay, he hates witches, vampires and demons, yeah and humans too, but he loves the bears. Oh, and he's not too keen on the wolves either! Before Tessa and Bear have even finished negotiating about a potential mating they are attacked, and that pretty much sums up the book. Every time they get a chance to sit down, god forbid sleep, they get attacked by a whole slew of groups. Witches with Apollo darts, shifters, bounty hunters. The question is, who are they attacking? Why? And do they want them alive or dead? We know that Tessa has a secret that she isn't telling Bear but we (by which I mean, I) never guessed how big that secret is. For a shifter who prizes honesty above all else, finding out that the witch he is starting to have feelings for is keeping secrets from him will be devastating! All our old favourite characters make appearances in this book, just love the King, although I haven't yet read his book - must try harder! This is the fifth book in a series so it can be quite difficult to understand who is who if you haven't read the others, but I still think this could be read as a stand-alone. This series is like catnip, I just can't resist the fast-paced, action-packed drama. Bring on the next one! I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would definitely recommend this book.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
I've read every book in this series and thoroughly enjoyed them all! This is a great conclusion to the story arc relating to the drug Apollo, created to target and destroy witches while also killing humans in the bargain. We get a grizzly shifter in this one, Bear, who has been a secondary character in previous books as the leader of the Grizzly MC and his romance with witch Nessa. Nessa is unique among witches for her super secret role in the witch realm as well as her capacity to heal and both these factors play a part in this story. Initially she's investigating Bear as the Grizzly MC is suspected to be involved with the manufacture and distribution of Apollo, but she soon discovers she's gotten more than she bargained for when the searing sexual attraction between them means that a 'mating of convenience' isn't going to last long. As in previous books there are some steamy sex scenes, as well as plenty of secondary characters (most of them familiar to readers of the series) and lots of action to make the book an exciting read. While this may be the end of the Realm Enforcers, I definitely hope to read more of the world this author created first in the Dark Protectors series and now this one. Dragons next perhaps? I'll be tuning in to find out!
belllla More than 1 year ago
wickied bite is one of the best book that I read this summer. Leike I said beffor this author cann do no wrong. The styl it is written the plot, characteres, everything is perfectyl combiend together so pages just flew by. I m not in the shap siffteres but this story ist just awsom. Both Bear and Nessa are easy to love and strong. Their story is unique and I loved how unpredictable the story was. I loved Bear and his instinkt of possesion tovard Nessa. The end is also completly unpredictable and I loved it. Highly recomended. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
annie2015 More than 1 year ago
Nessa, a witch and former member of the witch council, is determined to find the manufacturer of the drug Apollo. She gets the idea to mate Bear to see if she can heal him and to maybe gain some of his fire-throwing abilities (since mates can sometimes share abilities)...but does she have hidden agenda? Bear, a shifter, is trying to recover from changing into a dragon to help the Enforcers in their fight against the distributers of the drug Apollo. Even though he is part dragon, shifters can usually only change into one shape safely and now Bear's paying the price. Will he give in to Nessa when he's not really wanting a mate? And what happens when Nessa's secrets come to light? Read for yourself and find out....you'll be glad you did! From the very first book, the Realm Enforcers series has been a wild and wicked ride (see what I did there?)...and it culminates in Bear and Nessa's book. I think Bear and Nessa are my new favorite couple. The chemistry between them is hawt! *fans self* And Nessa sometimes forgetting that if you tug the fur you're gonna get the teeth and claws just adds to the smexy-times. I recommend this book and the whole series. I'm sad that it ended but I'm so glad I read it. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley. My opinions are honest and my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She blends fantasy, reality, and sexy drama together to make real magic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Superb conclusion to a brilliant paranormal series! Bears are cuddly, friendly creatures, aren’t they? Well in this story Bear is a shifter, leader of Grizzly motorcycle club and has a reputation for being a grumpy loner. At the start of the story he’s been out of touch with his pack whilst trying to heal himself following something he did in an earlier book (sorry, I think saying what would be a spoiler and I don’t want to write any of them!). Nessa Lansa is a healer witch and she’s turned up supposedly to help heal Bear after being asked to do so by his half sister. However, she has secrets of her own and the sexual tension between the Bear and Nessa is off the scale! What a brilliant concluding story this proved to be! Nessa is trying to discover - and stop - whoever is distributing the Apollo drug which is killing witches and all her intel points to the Grizzlies. However, after meeting Bear, she’s pretty certain he isn’t involved, but if he isn’t, who is? He doesn't quite trust Nessa but he knows she's his mate and is determined to protect her . . .  This is an action packed conclusion to a brilliant paranormal suspense series. It involves shifters, demons and witches (along with others, even a vampire!). As peace treaties are threatened, there’s also double crossing and a surprise betrayal before the story reaches its fabulous finale! This story draws together all the threads from the earlier stories and weaves them into an enthralling, fast paced and highly entertaining conclusion. Quite simply, I loved it and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys this mix of genres! I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great series and I'm sorry it's come to an end. Loved Bear's story. I haven't read anything from this author that I wouldn't highly recommend.
tsinclr More than 1 year ago
Bear is the leader of the Grizzly MC and the Alpha of the Grizzly nation. And despite his laid back attitude, he is all alpa. Nessa is a smart, independent, tough witch. Witches are not Bear's favorite people, except for his sister. So how can Nessa convince Bear that they should work together to solve their problems. There is lots of action, suspense, and secrets. Bear and Nessa's relationship starts off as a convenience but quickly turns into something more complex. Then Bear's laid back Grizzly only territory will never be the same. I received an advanced reader's copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Tessa Lansa’s instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Tessa’s plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous . . . Bear doesn’t trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Tessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can’t stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it . . Review: I have not read the other books in this series, so I cannot say how it relates to the others. I will say that I did not feel lost at all reading out of order. I really liked how the story started out with Tessa coming to Bear with an offer to heal him in exchange for a mating. Things get crazy from there on out. I won't give it away because really you just don't know who to trust on who is out kill Tessa or the Apollo. I loved Tessa and Bear together. They were fun and sexy to read. Both are super intelligent, capable and just plain likable together and separately. I have read this Author many times and this like the others was expertly written. Entertaining reading with action, drama, intrigue and romance. Now, to find the time to go back and read others in the series. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Bear, oh my! I couldn't wait for his book and it was so worth it!! I am sad that this is the last of the Realm books because this series has been so fantastic!!! Rebecca Zanetti is just amazing!! Her stories are so well written; they are fantastical, imaginative, sexy and creative while still being so down to earth with real emotions and feelings. Oh how I love Bear! This sexy, alpha, dominant, grumpy but somehow sweet bear shifter is probably one of my favorites yet! Nessa is an incredible female lead! She is strong, sassy and smart while still being vulnerable. One of my favorite things Bear says in the book that shows his respect for Nessa is that she looks like Jackie O but fights like Jackie Chan!!!!! I just love that!!!! This book is jam packed with action, humor and raw smokin' hot sexy times. Bear & Nessa are explosive together!! Hot, raw and dirty one night and sweet and sensual the next! Definitely never boring!! Both of them have so many layers to them that make them such charismatic characters and a dynamic duo in every way. It is a treat to be a part of their unusual love story and watch them learn to trust each other and of course fall in love. 5 stars for this wonderful book and series!!!!!
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5 - "It's time to end this..." Stars! The fifth and final book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Realm Enforcers series, finally gives us Beauregard ‘Bear’ McDunphy’s story. I was really eager to start this book after the events of the previous two, but it was also tinged with a little sadness as it is the last book in this series, as a spin-off from the original (and the best) Dark Protectors series, the author has more than delivered in the romance, suspense, action and sexy-times departments. And although I haven’t gotten along with every Heroine that has been introduced in this series, it has still in general been another absolutely stellar reading experience. "There’s no need for such language…" "Baby, you definitely picked the wrong shifter." Wicked Bite is probably my favorite of the five, and that is mainly because we finally get to know who is behind the Planekite and Apollo, production and distribution, and because of the absolutely adorable Bear himself. "I didn’t become alpha of the Grizzly Nation because of my roar." Not a huge amount I can say about the story-line of this one, you need to have read this series from the beginning to get the full impact of everything that is going on, and a massive plus for me is the inclusion of a whole host of previous characters from the Realm and the Coven Nine. Her scent. Her mind. Her spirit. She called to him, and he was tired of denying it… The love story between Bear and Nessa is played out in Rebecca’s typical way. With a sassy, independent female, eventually submitting to the big, bad, growly (literally in this instance) alpha male. But I have to say Bear was something just a little bit special, and he took me back to the feelings I have with my never-ending Kayrs love affair. "I need to tell you… I’m fine with a couple of secrets or a little intrigue, but you lie to me and you’ll be sorry. Tell me you get me." Loved this series, absolutely adored this book. I hope the author has other ideas to keep returning to the Dark Protectors & Realm Enforcers universe in the future, because I am really, really not ready to say goodbye to these characters.
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WICKED BITE is the fifth installment in Rebecca Zanetti’s contemporary, adult REALM ENFORCERS paranormal, romance series-a spin off from her Dark Protectors series. This is bear shifter Beauregard ‘Bear’ McDunphy, leader of the shifter nation, and witch healer Nessa Lansa’s story line. WICKED BITE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order as there is an ongoing investigation and premise throughout. Bear’s story line has been developing for several installments. Several characters cross over from the author’s Dark Protector series for cohesion and familiarity. SOME BACKGROUND: Known as Apollo, the deadly injectable designer drug of ‘Planekite’ renders its’ users in a state of god-like euphoria with super human strength, eventually leaving the abusers a seething mess of pyrotechnic ash. Apollo is also one of the few drugs able to destroy and kill the witches, and the Grizzly motorcycle club is under investigation by the Coven Nine Witch’s Council as well as the supernatural world’s elite police force. Told from dual third person perspectives (Bear and Tessa) WICKED BITE follows the ongoing search to ferret out the person(s) responsible for making and supplying the world with the designer drug known as Apollo-a drug known to kill witches and humans alike. At the end of WICKED KISS Bear McDunphy was struggling with his supernatural abilities, and thusly our hero had gone into seclusion, remaining in his bear form, in the hopes of healing what was tearing him apart. Enter former Coven Nine council member Nessa Lansa, with an offer to heal Bear for a ‘price’. What ensues is the building relationship between Nessa and Bear, the continuing hunt for the person(s) trafficking Apollo, and the struggle to stay one step ahead of more than one enemy trying to take down Nessa Lansa. Nessa has gone into hiding claiming someone has targeted her for her abilities but more than one enemy is hoping to destroy the woman with whom Bear is falling in love. Bear McDunphy is a bit of a loner, an over protective, grumpy alpha shifter but as the leader of the shifter nation Bear is all about the take down and protection of the people he loves. Currently Bear struggles with his supernatural abilities-a dual persona that threatens to tear him apart. His relationship with Nessa struggles with our heroine’s need to keep secret the real reason for her questionable visit but it is Bear’s need to protect and claim Nessa as his mate that places our couple in the direct line of fire. The relationship between Bear and Nessa begins as an arrangement: Bear is in desperate need of a supernatural healer, and Nessa claims to need Bear’s ‘protection’ against an unknown enemy. Nessa’s continuous lies and betrayal set into motion a relationship battle when the truth is revealed but a truth that pushes Bear a step too far. The $ex scenes are dramatic and intense-Bear has issues of trust and his mate’s ongoing betrayal brings out the animal in our story line hero. WICKED BITE brings together shifters, demons, witches and vampires in a war to protect the supernatural realm. The premise is engaging, intriguing and energetic; the characters are sassy, passionate and dynamic; the romance is tenacious, challenging and aggressive. WICKED BITE is a revealing, fast paced and spirited story line by Rebecca Zanetti.
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
Rebecca Zanetti never lets me down. Her books have a perfect thrilling pace, action packed moments, and a love story with booming power and feelings. Wicked Bite is wonderful addition to her series. Even though a vast amount of Apollo—a drug designed to kill witches—was destroyed, the hunt for its manufacturer is still active. It’s Tessa Lansa’s job to fin the culprit and she’s starting with the Grizzly MC and its strong, reserved leader because there are other factors motivating her besides duty. After realizing there’s much more behind the reticent man, will she forge ahead with her plan to mate him to get her fire yielding power and then betray him? Bear never met a witch he could trust other than his sister Simone. They too many secrets. But the fact that the deliciously sexy and seductive woman can heal the seemingly irreversible damage he caused by shifting into a dragon makes her plan to mate him extremely inviting. The only problem is that mating an alpha bear comes with a bond she’s not willing to give. Will he accept her offer? Can he convince to give herself completely to him? While Bear and Tessa try to figure out how they can help each other, it seems that someone is hell-bent on killing Tessa and the more this mysterious threat tries, the more Bear is determined to protect her and help her find out who’s behind the attacks and Apollo’s distribution. And somewhere between exploding jets and kidnapped uncles, Bear and Tessa’s bond grows, strengthens and solidifies. Always welcome is the humor provided by Garrett and Logan, as well as Dage, the blab la who knows it all. Still it is conflict, combat and Bear and Tessa’s relationship that propel the story forward. The action sequences are resoundingly exciting and the sexy ones are blindingly hot. We had met Bear in the previous books from the series, but I couldn’t get his story fast enough ever since his appearance in Wicked Burn. He is reticent and almost antisocial, but not when it comes to his shifter brothers nor his sister or anyone he cares about. Towards them, he’s fiercely protective and deeply caring. In this regard Nessa was his perfect match, she’s also just smart as him but where he was blunt and straight forward, subterfuge and mystery were her partners. But no matter how much the disagreed on the method, together their chemistry was wildly explosive. Wicked Bite is book #5 in the Realms Enforcers series by Rebecca Zanetti. It is a standalone full length paranormal romance. Another action packed, sizzling romance by Rebecca Zanetti filled with witches, shifters, demons and vampires. An incredible addition to her Realm Enforcers series! Told from both points of view and has a happy ending.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
As someone who loves books written by Rebecca Zanetti, this one does NOT disappoint in the least! I would recommend that you read the previous books in this series so you understand exactly what happened to the main character in this book. This installment covers Bear (who we met in the previous books and who is Simone's brother) and Tessa (who we also saw in previous books). Tessa is in town to try to figure out where the drug that is killing her fellow witches is truly coming from. Everything seems to point to it coming from the Grizzlies club, which seems absurd since Bear is in charge of the club and his sister is a witch. Bear is extremely sick after shifting to a dragon to help Simone. His body just can't seem to heal. Simone has asked Tessa to try to heal him, so she figures it works to her advantage since she wants to investigate anyway. She is looking for someone to mate to keep another witch away from her and she thinks that may be the only way to fully heal Bear so offers to mate him. Bear has always said he will never mate a witch as they hold too many secrets from everyone else. He doesn't like lies and secrets. Little does he know just how much Tessa is truly holding back from him. Or how much the people he holds close to him are holding back from him. I absolutely loved this book!! Bear has been a character that I loved just because of how snarky he is. You could always tell there was more to him than anyone really thought. I was always a little iffy on where Tessa stood with everything and can I just say I adored her! Put them together and they are perfectly matched!! Tessa can be just as snarky as Bear, but she also kicks some serious butt! The way they truly come to love each other and not just have a relationship of convenience was beautiful! And just wait until you find out exactly how big of a secret she holds from him! I never saw that coming!! I loved every minute of this book! Another great book in this series!!
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
4.5* Rebecca Zanetti is one of my automatic buy authors, you can never go wrong reading her books. In Wicked Bite Beauregard "Bear" McDunphy and Nessa Lansa are two very strong characters and they are matched both intellectually and physically. Bear is a grizzly with dragon DNA and the Grizzly nations Alpha. Nessa is a witch with connections to the Coven Nine. Bear hates witches, they are liars and full of secrets. The only witch he likes is his half sister, Simone. Nessa and the witch community think shifters are just animals and are low on the food chain. Nessa is a healer and asked by Simone to heal Bear, but she also has an agenda of her own. Mate Bear, heal him and hopefully gain part of his dragon DNA. Fire. A mating of convenience. Bear is dying. He made a major mistake when he shifted into a dragon and want against his shifter genetics. He has no intention to mate the sex little witch even if he can't get her out of his thoughts. She's hiding something from him. Nessa is secretly investigating the trafficking of the deadly Apollo drug and thinks the Grizzly motorcycle club is the key. She also has enemies and assassins on her tail and a major secret that can not be revealed. He needs Nessa off his property before he acts on the pull between them. Nessa calls to Bear more then any other person has. She makes him want more even when he knows he can not have it. When the attacks start and Nessa is the target Bear may not mate Nessa but he vows to protect her. Things start to heat up and the idea of mating Nessa doesn't seem so bizarre anymore. When all hell breaks loose and secrets are revealed Bear may never be able to forgive or survive.