Why Puppies Do That: A Collection of Curious Puppy Behaviors

Why Puppies Do That: A Collection of Curious Puppy Behaviors

by Tom Davis

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Why do puppies sometimes lie on their backs when approached? Why do they sleep in a pile? Why do puppies have that special puppy smell? Why are some puppies runts?

Few things can cause as much head scratching as the peculiar behavior and characteristics of a new puppy, and this book aims to answer all of the questions new dog owners wonder about their new little charge.

Illustrated with pencil drawings, Why Puppies Do That is lighthearted, informative, and as fun as a new puppy.

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ISBN-13: 9781623430450
Publisher: Willow Creek Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/12/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 96
File size: 6 MB

Table of Contents

Introduction     9
Why do puppies have dewclaws?     13
How can puppies from the same litter have different sires?     15
Why are puppies born with their eyes closed?     17
Why are puppies' eyes always blue when they first open them?     19
Why do puppies have such sharp teeth?     21
Why are some puppies "runts"?     25
Why are some litters very uniform in size and appearance while others are all over the place?     27
Why do puppies chew virtually everything?     29
Why do puppies love to bite one another on the ears and the back of the neck?     31
Why do some puppies bully their littermates?     33
Why do puppies make "play" growls but not "mean" growls? When do the "mean" growls start?     35
Why are puppies born "deaf"?     37
Why do puppies' mothers clean up after them for the first few weeks-and why do they stop?     39
Why do puppies "spin" like wind-up toys?     41
Why does puppy breath smell so sweet?     43
Why do puppies have that special "puppy smell"?     45
Why do retrieving breed puppies retrieve at a very early age?     47
Why do pointing breed puppies "sight-point" at a very early age?     49
Why do puppies get the hiccups?     51
Why do puppies sleep on their backs?     53
Why do puppies sleep in a pile?     55
Why do puppies sometimes cry out even when nothing's wrong?     57
Why do puppies dislike being held under water so much?     59
Why are puppies rarely afraid of new people but usually suspicious of new dogs?     61
Why do puppies always want to get to your face?     63
Why will puppies run right to you if you sit down?     65
Why will puppies leave their mother in an instant for any kid that happens by?     67
Why do puppies "go limp" when picked up off the ground?     69
Why will puppies make grown men fall to their knees and talk baby talk?     71
Why does it take some puppies so long to outgrow their desire to nurse?     73
Why do puppies need vaccinations?     75
Why do puppies love to eat poop?     79
Why do some puppies never seem to grow up?     81
Why do puppies urinate when they get excited?     83
Why do puppies roll over on their backs when you approach them?     85
Why will puppies pounce on anything that moves?     87
Why do light-colored puppies "tick out" and get darker with age?     89
Why do puppies sometimes run "sideways"?     91
Why do male puppies (and even some females) "mount" your leg?     93
Why are puppies so irresistible-and why do they make us so happy?     95

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