Why I Love Black Women

Why I Love Black Women

by Michael Eric Dyson


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In this open love letter to black women everywhere, Michael Eric Dyson celebrates the strength and beauty of African-American women. From Miss James, his grammar school teacher, to Linda Johnson Rice, who heads the communications empire that publishes Ebony and Jet; from Toni Morrison, whose novels inspired him, as a young welfare dad, to Debbie Bethea, the housecleaner whose labors remind him of his mother in Detroit; from civil rights widow Myrlie Evers-Williams to activist and scholar Angela Davis-and many more-the women in Dyson's pantheon inspire us to remember, "When we love black women, we love ourselves, and the God who made us."

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ISBN-13: 9780465017645
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 01/06/2004
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 347,503
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About the Author

Michael Eric Dyson, named by Ebony as one of the hundred most influential black Americans, is the author of sixteen books, including Holler if You Hear Me, Is Bill Cosby Right? and I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King Jr. He is currently University Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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Why I love Black Women 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dr. Dyson I have to say my relationship with Black Women has been improved. I can now always pick up on the distinguishing traits and talents of black women. It has played a role in me knowing black women from strong black women. I have to say being around strong black women has impowered me. Thanks to you. This book has allowed me to praise all women and to encourage them in their weak moments and not exploit them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was a privilege to read this novel. The author paid a tribute and honor to Black women of which I am truly appreciative. Truly it would be helpful if Black men would read this book. Black women were mother's to civilization and Dyson backs it up.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say that this book was an informative as it was exhilarating. The overriding theme that I got from the book is that self-love is the prerequisite to love of others. By the end of the book, I felt so empowered and loved that all I could whisper is thank you! A positive must read! This is as much a tribute to black men as it is to black women!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book taught me more about loving my black women than anything. It also taught me to appreciate all the positive ones that have been in my life. He won me over with this book, and I'll make sure to read anything else he brings to the table.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael Dyson did an excellent job with this book. He came at you from every angle possible. His title 'Why I Love Black Women' was the perfect title. Black women have done more in this country than most will ever know yet they don't get credit for their accomplishments. This point was clearly stated over and over again as I read this book.
noodlejet22 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The first work i read by Dyson. He recounts influential women in his life and tells the stories of how they have influenced his personal life as well as his career.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
He is the epitome of an exceptional powerful black man! I love him! Keep doing what you are doing!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Proving to be the un-official spokesperson for black popular culture by representing a demographic who's views are commonly overlooked, Dyson uses his appeal to youth to help counteract the effects of black women bashing in music and other media. This heartfelt testimony gives praise to the women in his life who have proved to mold and inspire his writing and life. Dyson has captured the Grace, inteligence and strength of one of Gods most precious cretures, The Black Woman.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I simply found the book filled with lots of anger, almost like whites better love black women or else.