Whiteucation: Privilege, Power, and Prejudice in School and Society

Whiteucation: Privilege, Power, and Prejudice in School and Society


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This important volume explores how racism operates in schools and society, while also unpacking larger patterns of racist ideology and white privilege as it manifests across various levels of schooling. A diverse set of contributors analyze particular contexts of white privilege, providing key research findings, connections to policy, and exemplars of schools and universities that are overcoming these challenges. Whiteucation provides a multi-level and holistic perspective on how inequitable power dynamics and prejudice exist in schools, ultimately encouraging reflection, dialogue, and inquiry in spaces where white privilege needs to be questioned, interrogated, and dismantled.

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ISBN-13: 9780815368953
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/22/2018
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jeffrey S. Brooks is Associate Dean for Research and Innovation and Professor of Education at RMIT University, Australia.

George Theoharis is Professor of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University, USA.

Table of Contents


Foreword - Sonya Douglass Horsford

Preface - What is Whiteucation? An Introduction and Overview


Chapter 1: "If Everyone Would Just Act White": Education as a Global Investment in Whiteness, Christopher B. Knaus

Chapter 2: "White Privilege and American Society: The State, White Opportunity Hoarding, and Inequality," Megan R. Underhill, David L. Brunsma & W. Carson Byrd

Chapter 3: The Unbearable Whiteness of Educational Leadership: An Historical Perspective on Racism in the American Principal’s Office, Jeffrey S. Brooks

Chapter 4: White Privilege and Educational Leadership, George Theoharis

Chapter 5: Black and White Women’s Leadership: Disadvantage and Privilege, Victoria Showunmi

Chapter 6: Transcending Barriers in the Superintendency: The Resiliency Leadership Discourse of African American Women, Francemise Kingsberry & Gaëtane Jean-Marie

Chapter 7: Whiteness as Policy: Reconstructing Racial Privilege through School Choice, Sarah Diem & Andrea M. Hawkman

Chapter 8: Black Girls, White Privilege, and Schooling, Terri N. Watson

Chapter 9: "A Photo-Testimonio: Educational Expectations for Resiliencies of First-Generation Latina STEM College Students", Lindsay Romasanta & Daniel D. Liou

Chapter 10: "Asians in the Library": Sophistry and the Conflation of Affirmative and Negative Action, Nicholas D. Hartlep & Nicholas C. Ozment

Chapter 11: Myths Around the Recruitment of Faculty of Color in the Academy, Marybeth Gasman

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