What Women Really Want in Bed: The Surprising Secrets Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

What Women Really Want in Bed: The Surprising Secrets Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

by Cynthia W Gentry, Dana Fredsti

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Are you puzzled by women and their sexual desires? Do you wonder, for example, whether your girlfriend or wife really likes giving—and getting—oral sex? What are her secret fantasies? What is it that she really needs to have an orgasm?

Wonder no more. In What Women Really Want in Bed, over 200 women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life reveal frank, no-holds-barred truths about what turns them on, why they’ll choose a good book over torching the sheets with their lovers, and what they wish men knew about sex.

Discover exactly what your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stand wants you to know about foreplay, sexual positions, orgasm, and getting them into the mood—and into the bedroom.

An insider’s guide to women’s sexual psyche, this book debunks sex and seduction myths, explicitly tells you what she needs between the sheets, and gives you the hand, mouth, and position techniques she’s been craving.

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ISBN-13: 9781616738631
Publisher: Quiver Books
Publication date: 04/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Cynthia W. Gentry is an award-winning writer, screenwriter and journalist. She is the co-author of several books on sex, including What Men Really Want in Bed, Secret Seductions, and Red Hot Tantra: Erotic Secrets of Red Tantra for Intimate Soul-to-Soul Sex and Ecstatic, Enlightened Orgasms. She is the author of Mind-Blowing Orgasms Every Day. Her short fiction, essays, and film reviews have appeared in anthologies, literary journals and on the Web.

Dana Fredsti is a producer, writer, and director for theater, film, and television. She has written numerous published articles and essays. This book is her second writing partnership with Cynthia Gentry, after Secret Seductions, for which she used the pseudonym Roxanne Colville. She has also written several short stories and is working on her third erotic romance novel under the nom de plume Inara LaVey.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What Do Women Really Want in Bed? 8

How to Find Out What Your Woman Wants in Bed 13

Chapter 2 Fabulous Foreplay 14

What Women Wish Men Knew about Foreplay 16

What Kind of Foreplay Gets Women the Hottest? 22

Her Body Is a Wonderland: Her Erogenous Zones 27

Foreplay: What Not to Do 28

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait 31

Chapter 3 Hands On 32

What Women Wish Men Knew about Using Their Hands 34

Push My Buttons (The Right Ways) 40

Push My Buttons (The Wrong Ways) 44

Top Hand Techniques 47

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking 51

Chapter 4 Oral Sex: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 54

What Women Wish Men Knew About oral Sex 56

The Biggest Mistake Men Make During Oral Sex 64

The Sexiest Thing to Do with Your Mouth 69

Her Geography of Desire 73

What Women Wish Men Knew about Fellatio 75

Chapter 5 The Main Event 80

What Women wish Men Knew about the “The Act” 82

Does Size Matter? 87

Location, Location, Location 90

Can We (Dirty) Talk? 94

Favorite Positions 96

What's the Frequency? 102

Crashing & Burning: A How-To Guide 106

Parting Words 109

Chapter 6 All about Orgasms 110

In Search of the Big O 112

Surefire Orgasm Techniques 115

Faking It 118

The Truth about Multiple Orgasms 122

Chapter 7 The Afterglow 124

What Women Wish Men Knew about the Afterglow 126

Ending a Bang with a Whimper: The Biggest After-Sex Turnoffs 134

How to Be Rude in Four Easy Steps 139

The Bottom Line 141

Chapter 8 Flights of Fantasy 142

What Women Wish Men Knew about Their Sexual Fantasies 144

What is She Fantasizing About? 150

Let the Games Begin 154

Not Her Game 156

Toy Time 158

The Pornography Question 159

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: BDSM 163

Will You Share her Wilder Side? 166

Appendix: How to Get A Woman into Bed: Secrets of Seduction 168

What Women Wish Men Knew about Seduction 170

What's the First Thing Women Notice about a Guy? 179

What Part of Your Body Does She Find the Sexiest? 184

The Brass Tacks of Seduction 188

Came Killers 190

How Soon Is Too Soon (or Not Soon Enough)? 191

You Go First. No, YOU Go First! 193

How to Keep Things Going 197

Acknowledgments 200

About the Authors 202

Index 204

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