What the World Needs Now Is Love

What the World Needs Now Is Love

by Wynonna Judd


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Love as a healer, as salvation, as a panacea for the world's ills, as a moral compass -- not surprisingly, these variations on a theme dominate an album titled What the World Needs Now Is Love. The disc and its buoyant opener, "What the World Needs Now," are not to be confused with the Bacharach-David song made famous by Jackie DeShannon, although they share the sentiment that is triumphantly carried off by Wynonna Judd. She makes her case with fire-and-brimstone country rock, R&B-flavored workouts, and a couple of exquisite ballads that showcase her nuanced delivery, such as the one-off Judds reunion "Flies on the Butter (You Can't Go Home Again)," a nostalgic look back at an elegiac childhood, with momma Naomi supplying the captivating family harmony. Jeff Beck shows up to lay some screaming guitar on a gut-wrenching cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," but no one steals the show from a rejuvenated Wy, who is clearly on a mission. "It All Comes Down to Love" percolates along on a funky groove as Judd coolly lacerates TV evangelists, mealy-mouthed politicos, oily talk-show hosts, and Wall Street "suits" who prey on the desperate and lonely. The highlight, however, is a powerful trifecta of tunes: "Sometimes I Feel like Elvis," which rails against stardom's soul-numbing isolation; a roaring cover of the Elvis chestnut "Burnin' Love" (from Lilo & Stitch); and the low-key "Who Am I Supposed to Love," a jazzy bit of moody introspection that mourns lost love. Pondering the multifarious meanings of an age-old topic, What the World Needs Now Is Love finds Wynonna digging deep -- and soaring higher than ever.

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Release Date: 08/05/2003
Label: Curb Records
UPC: 0715187881129
catalogNumber: 78811
Rank: 221959

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Wynonna Judd   Primary Artist
Matt Rollings   Piano,Keyboards
Eric Darken   Percussion
Don Potter   Acoustic Guitar
Bekka Bramlett   Background Vocals
Mike Brignardello   Bass
David Campbell   Conductor
Darius Campo   Violin
Larry Corbett   Cello
Joel Derouin   Violin
Stuart Duncan   Mandolin
Charles Everett   Violin
Kim Fleming   Background Vocals
Paul Franklin   Steel Guitar
Reggie Hamilton   Bass
Vicki Hampton   Background Vocals
Paula Hochhalter   Cello
Dann Huff   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Gordon Kennedy   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Peter Kent   Violin
Chris McHugh   Drums
Jerry McPherson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Narada Michael Walden   Drums
Carole Mukogawa   Viola
Steve Nathan   Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes   Keyboards
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Chris Rodriguez   Background Vocals
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Biff Watson   Acoustic Guitar
Willie Weeks   Bass
John Willis   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo
Evan Wilson   Viola
John Wittenberg   Violin
Glenn Worf   Bass
Jonathan Yudkin   Fiddle,Mandolin,Violin,Cello,Harp,Viola
Susan Chatman   Violin
Karen Elaine Bakunin   Viola
Tim Akers   Keyboards
Lisa Cochran   Background Vocals
Bob Peterson   Violin
Norm Hughes   Violin
Rudy Stein   Cello
Perry Coleman   Background Vocals
Robert Bailey   Background Vocals
Tom Bukovac   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Gerry Hilera   Violin
John Hayhurst   Viola
Dan Smith   Cello
Sara Perkins   Violin
Michele Richards   Violin
Steve Mackey   Bass
Karen Jones   Violin
Steve Potts   Drums

Technical Credits

Mick Jones   Composer
Dennis Linde   Composer
Ronn Huff   String Arrangements
Bryan White   Composer
Jeff Balding   Engineer
Derek Bason   Engineer
Chuck Cannon   Composer
Steve Churchyard   Engineer
Austin Cunningham   Composer
Derek George   Composer
John Hudson   Engineer
Dann Huff   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer,Remixing
David Lyndon Huff   Loop Programming
John Jaszcz   Engineer
Wynonna Judd   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Gordon Kennedy   Composer,Producer
Wayne Kirkpatrick   Composer,Producer
Narada Michael Walden   Arranger,Producer
Steve Robson   Composer
Chris Rodriguez   Composer
Allen Shamblin   Composer
Stephony Smith   Composer
Jonathan Yudkin   String Arrangements
Sarah Nagourney   Composer
Bobby Blazier   Composer
Neil Thrasher   Composer
Brett James   Composer
Suzie Katayama   String Contractor
Jed Hackett   Engineer
Bob Farrell   Composer
Kathryn Darnell   Composer
Mark Hagan   Engineer
Holly Lamar   Composer
Tanya Leah   Composer
Wayne Hector   Composer
Hillary Lindsey   Composer
James Dean Hicks   Composer
Jeremy Stover   Composer

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What the World Needs Now Is Love 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I got to hear several full versions of these songs at Wynonna's Fan Club Party in June! This music is very unique. She has really taking the time to pick out music that truly suits her voice. There are many different styles of music on this album. She covers an 80's great with "I Want To Know What Love Is". "It All Comes Down To Love" is a very upbeat & humorous look at life today. My favorite would be a tie between "What The World Needs" & "I Will Be". Both songs are personal anthems that you will feel down to your core. They are each tantamount in their ability to move me each time I hear them!! This music on this album is the kind of music I have been waiting to hear from Wynonna. She is a style all her own. She takes her roots from many genres of music & makes music that is for everyone...no matter what your typical style. If you choose to make this Wynonna Judd cd a part of your collection...you will be satisfied with your decision!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is going to be a great album, Wynonna has one of those amazing voices that actually has the power to move you!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Im not a fan of country music. Wynona's voice is more than just country. Bravo! I have decided to take back what I said about country. If this is new country, applause, applause!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow, is all that can be said about "What The World Needs is Love" It simply Blows me away. The song "Sometimes I feel Like Elvis" Is my favorite Wynonna song ever. The songs are catchy and definatly back to country as radio wished. However the music and lyrics are still deep and touching, with such brilliant songs as "I Will" and "Heaven Help Me". A good anthem song, which very well could be Wy's new anthem is "No Ones Gonna Break Me Down". This cd is a must have! Very powerful, and FUN! Alot of Wy albums are very deep and full of raw emotion. This album has a wonderful mix, of fun and tears. Wonderful work Wy! BUY THIS CD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After 3 and a half years the red headed diva is back in full force.. whether you liked the Judds or not, even if your not a country music fan this cd's the real deal! Straight to the heart with enough boogie and attitude to keep your foot tapping!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Oh man, first of all the title song of this album is great. This song speaks to so many people. Bottom line this song is awesome. Now the album is going to be incredible. I have listened to all the song clips, and Wynonna has never sung so beautifully or has she sung with such soul. I can not hardly wait until August 5th, this album will definitely be in my cd player 24/7. Like I said Wynonna ROCKS.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is so much heart in this album you just can't go wrong, Wynonna's voice coupled with amazing songs, makes this album one in a million.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Seems this culminations of wonderful works has taken her three years and is more than worth the wait. She is back in her glorious form. It is sure to get rave reviews from critics and radio alike. Outstanding!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok, so she hasnt really gone anywhere..and Wynonna has been releasing wonderful music with her all her breathtaking ability for years. But, unfortunately not to commercial success! This new album is going to do it though! Her HOT, new single "What the World Needs Now" is climbing up the charts. This album is full of great songs that will showcase her God-given talent like never before and will hit the world on August 5th! If you buy one new album this year - make it Wynonna's "What the World Needs Now is Love". I can't wait! What a preview - thanks Barnes and Noble!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am in awe of this album. It makes my heart and soul fill with God's Love. Amazing and beautiful gift she has.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thank that WY is the best and I love her song "What the world needs now is love", because that is DEFINITLY what the world needs and she can capture that imige 4 us.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i thank that wanona jud is the best and i love her song "what the world needs no is love" because that is gust what the world needs and she can capture that imige 4 us.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Awesome...What more can anyone say except her music keeps getting better. Wynonna's voice is like an Angel from Heaven.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had read somewhere that Wynonna wasn't as optimistic about this CD as some of her past work. Totally unfounded; girl, here's your dose of confidence!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Incredible vocals, fun songs, emotional ballads and that voice that no one else on earth can match.. AWSOME
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wynonna is the best singer out there. I am so glad she is back to claim her rightful spot at the top
Guest More than 1 year ago
Her range, her passion - it's all here. "I Will Be Me" is a testimony to her philosophy of life as is "Your Day Will Come." It took three years but this was worth waiting for.