Weightlifting For Kids

Weightlifting For Kids

by Mohamed F. El-hewie

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This book is aimed at educating and preparing children of the ages 6 to 12 in the basics of Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Training. The book
familiarizes teachers, parents, and kids with the fundamentals of lifting and resistance training. The book starts by explaining how muscles work by burning energy and moving the nutrients around the body organs. Young children need to be educated on the process of transport of energy from food to cells allover the body. They then will understand how strength training helps the body grow and stay healthy and fit.
Resistance exercise is defined as the effort to stimulate muscles to grow and adapt to lifting. The strong muscles stimulate the bones to deposit minerals and remain strong. Strong muscles and bones help the individual to maintain high level of health and fitness. The growth process involves the development of the mental and neural functions, which help the person solve complex problems and maintain high coordination and balance.
Weightlifting is introduced by warming up without weights. Lifting light plates follows the warm up as an intermediary transition to serious lifting. The reader is introduced to the equipments and terminology of weightlifting that should assist him/her to decipher the arcane language of strength training.
The book's main theme evolves on how to offer children the option of becoming Olympic Weightlifters when they are young enough to accomplish such an extraordinary goal. The book's main tools are the simplicity and rigorousness of exercising for BIG IDEAS. Unless the workout out plan simple and logical, it would not lead to the life-long commitment to exercise, health, and fitness. The authors advocate the role of managing and executing exercise planning as a life-long endeavor of positive accomplishments and enriching the child's life.

Mohamed F. El-Hewie
Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA, August 2010.

Sjaak Smorenburg
Houten, The Netherlands, August 2010.

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Publication date: 11/21/2010
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Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Hello Fellow Weightlifting Students!
My name is Sjaak Smorenburg, and I live in my native Holland with my family; my wife and son and daughter. Since 2006, the weightlifting bug has bitten hard. It has been a wonderful journey up to the present day, and I’m convinced I can be of assistance and provide inspiration if you are so inclined to dive into Olympic Weightlifting yourself. My job, as a train engineer, makes it difficult for me to join a Weightlifting club with regular training hours. I’ve been in this job for 30 years, and I’m used to pursue solitary hobbies, and be individualistic as far as my leisure time is concerned. As you will find out soon, paradoxically, the Health and Fitness and Olympic Weightlifting life-style, (the former will be the result of the latter), started out as a solitary activity, but led me to a new friend, and a whole new world.

I’ve always been physically active, up to this day, when I’m 49 years on the earth. I’ve gravitated to the individual sports, like running, and personal strength training, like bodyweight exercises that do not require much equipment. I’ve played Judo for six years when I was in High School, and I did that with a regular training partner. Then, the Body Building Mind Set came, and I wanted to get bigger and heavier. To be able to even state a large bodyweight was a sign that you were on the right track. Or, so I thought. I did my “death march” high-rep deadlifting, and I’ll never forget the back going in a spasm several times over the years, doing very normal day-to-day things.

When watching Olympic weightlifters recorded on film, I noticed the supple and effortless way they moved around the training hall, in comparison to body builders, power lifters, and, most importantly, myself. I started to read up on Olympic Weightlifting, buying every book and video I could get my hands on. Weightlifting exercises were creeping into my training routines, like Power Cleans and High Pulls. Then, on a faithful day, I stumbled upon “Essentials of weightlifting and Strength Training” by Dr. El-Hewie. I first read the first edition, in paperback, and I can still recall the feeling as if a light bulb was given a turn and lit up a shadowy room.

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