Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

by Jane Shaw Whitfield

Paperback(New and rev. ed.])

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Compiled by crossword puzzle expert Jane Shaw Whitfield and the editors of Webster's New World™, this splendid new volume is specially designed to help you find the word you want — FAST! Unlike some other puzzle dictionaries, this one is more than just a simple listing of words of six letters or fewer, with no clues to meaning. This is a dictionary of terms actually found in a survey of thousands of puzzles. Here are words of two to fifteen or more letters, as well as phrases and compounds of two or more words — just what you need to solve even the most challenging puzzles!

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ISBN-13: 9780671468705
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/01/1983
Edition description: New and rev. ed.]
Pages: 660
Product dimensions: 5.79(w) x 8.97(h) x 1.29(d)

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This new edition of Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary represents a thorough revision and updating of the highly successful work originally compiled by Jane Shaw Whitfiels. Thousands of new clue words and answer terms have been aded from crossword puzzles published since last revision. Biographical and geographical entries are now completely up to date. Tables have been introduced to provide a particularly effective and convenient way to locate large bocks of related terms in one place. In addition, a user's guide created especially for this edition will assist readers in finding precisely the words they want quickly and easily.

Crossword puzzle dictionaries and crossword puzzle solvers share, predictably, some special characteristics. Both are distinguished by their breadth of vocabulary and by their unique intellectual focus on the relationship between clues and answers. The editors of Webster's New World dictionaries wish to acknowledge the contributions to this edition of one very gifted crossword puzzle enthusiast, Mr. Joe Forest of Sharonville, Ohio, whose insightful suggestions have been invaluable.

This all-new second edition remains in one respect unchanged, namely, it is, as Jane Shaw Whitfield wrote in her foreword to the first edition, dedicated "to all enthusiasts of crossword puzzles and to their creators."

Copyright © 1997 by Hungry Minds, Inc.

Table of Contents



Guide to the Use of This Book.

Abbreviations Used in This Work.

Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.


Books of the Bible.

Chemical Elements.

Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Famous Names in Crossword Puzzles.

Nations of the World.

Selected Nobel Prize Winners.

Pulitzer Prize Winners for Fiction.

Shakespeare's Plays and Characters.

Presidents and First Ladies of the United States.

States of the United States.

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Webster's New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AZJune More than 1 year ago
Small print but A-o.k. with Magnifier. I do like the added Tables - very helpful. Great replacement for my much used and badly worn earlier edition.