Weapon of Choice: United States Army Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan

Weapon of Choice: United States Army Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan




CMH Pub 70-100-1.   By Charles H. Briscoe, et al. Meant to tell the story of Afghanistan, and help better prepare the Army for tomorrow with lessons derived from today's battlefield.  This resource shows what Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) accomplished to drive the Taliban from power and to destroy al-Quaeda and Taliban strongholds as part of the global war on terrorism during Operation Enduring Freedom. LC card 2003021246. CMH Pub 70-100-1

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ISBN-13: 9780160729584
Publisher: United States Dept. of Defense
Publication date: 06/13/2006
Series: Center of Military History Publication
Pages: 433
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.75(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range: 17 Years

Table of Contents

Table of contents for Weapon of choice : U.S. Army Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan / Charles H. Briscoe ... [et al.].

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Chapter Page
Figures v
Introduction xi
1. Prelude to Terror 1
2. Awakening the Giant 33
"Subdue Without Fighting": JPOTF, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida 47
Developing the SOF Campaign at SOCCENT, Tampa, Florida 50
Top Draft Choices: 10th SFG, Fort Carson, CO, and 7th SFG, Fort Bragg, NC 51
5th SFG = CJSOTF-North, Fort Campbell, Kentucky 52
Standing Up JSOTFs in Tampa and Fort Campbell 54
Committed to Middle East Exercises 57
3rd SFG Prepares for the Horn of Africa at Fort Bragg 58
Thinking Ahead: Senior Liaison Officers for Resistance Leaders 59
CA to Islamabad, Pakistan 60
Of Vital Importance: PSYOP 62
Site Coordination With the Uzbeks at Karshi Khanabad 64
Uncorking the Bottled Airlift 66
All Credit Cards Accepted at K2 Gas Stations 68
Air Campaigns and CSAR Go Hand in Hand 68
Making Camp Freedom a Fully Operational Base: K2, Uzbekistan 70
Northern Air Campaign CSAR = MH-47Es 71
Building Camp Freedom at Double Time 72
The Universal Morale Booster at K2-Hot Food 73
Special Forces: CSAR Personnel Recovery and UW Preparations 74
Real Estate and Security at K2 74
Task Force Dagger = JSOTF-North at K2 74
Hot-Wiring the Snake: Rearranging JSOTF-North Communications 75
Building the JOC Inside the Snake: TF Dagger's JOC 77
Staff "Battle Captain": The Combat Operations "Pulse Monitor" 78
Different Intelligence Concerns for Air Planners 78
JSOTF-North Growing Pains at K2 79
We Don't Fail 80
DAPs Set the Stage for UW in Afghanistan 82
3. Toppling the Taliban in Afghanistan, 19 October-17 December 2001 93
Jumping Into the Dark: Seizing Rhino, 19 October 2001 109
Tactical PSYOP for Rhino 112
Showing American Power 114
"Look, We Have to Get the Special Forces Teams Into Afghanistan!" 116
On Horseback With Dostum 121
ODA 595 Begins Bombing Taliban Defenses 124
Aerial Resupply From the Receiver 128
Aerial Resupply by SOCEUR 128
A "Bump" and Missile in the Abyss 131
500 Afghans Can Die, But Not One American Can Be Injured 132
AAA = A Bad Night in the Hindu Kush 133
Getting a Handle on the Air Threat 137
Fostering Faith and Providing Solace 137
AAA Payback Time 138
Bastogne in Afghanistan 139
Little Birds of Prey 140
Chapter &

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