War Of The Wolf

War Of The Wolf

by Stephen L. Moore


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War of the Wolf chronicles the war patrols of the famous submarine Seawolf of World War II. Texas' Seawolf Park was named in honor of SS-197, lost in October 1944. Before her loss, Seawolf racked up some of the most impressive patrols of the war and finished in the Top 10 in sinkings. Had the Silent Service not been plagued with faulty torpedoes during the first two years of World War II, she would have added many more ships to her battle flag.

Under such famous skippers as "Fearless Freddie" Warder and Roy Gross, the Wolf's crew also boldly entered shallow enemy harbors, rescued downed aviators, landed commandos in the Philippines, and pioneered periscope photography. Her war started the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and ended under tragic circumstances. Relive Seawolf's exciting war patrols through the words of many of those who served aboard her, including the diary of a crewman lost with the Wolf.

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ISBN-13: 9781933177113
Publisher: Atriad Press LLC
Publication date: 04/01/2008
Pages: 474
Product dimensions: 5.54(w) x 8.48(h) x 0.96(d)

About the Author

Stephen L. Moore, a sixth generation Texan, was born twenty miles from the San Jacinto battlegrounds, where two of his ancestors fought for Texas independence. Author of three previous books on Texas and military history, Steve; his wife, Cindy; and their two daughters live near Dallas in Lantana, Texas.

Table of Contents

Prologue     vii
USS Seawolf World War II Roster     1
USS Seawolf Final Roster     8
First War Patrol
"We're at War"     11
Faulty Fish     43
Second-Third War Patrols
Special Missions     67
Fourth War Patrol
"Into a Hornet's Nest"     93
"Fearless Freddie"     113
Fifth War Patrol
The Jinx     137
Sixth War Patrol
"A Marvelous Spectacle"     163
Seventh War Patrol
Sagami Maru     181
"Circular Run!"     197
Eighth War Patrol
"Hope This Old Man Knows His Stuff"     213
Ninth War Patrol
"The Next One's Gonna Get Us"     251
Tenth War Patrol
"Looks Like a Long Chase"     281
Eleventh War Patrol
All Torpedoes Expended     307
Twelfth War Patrol
"A Masterful Performance"     323
Thirteenth War Patrol
Lifeguard League     349
Fourteenth War Patrol
Guerrilla Warfare     371
Fifteenth War Patrol
On Eternal Patrol     389
Epilogue     401
Top U.S. Submarines   Tonnage Sunk     417
Top U.S. Submarines   Ships Sunk     418
Seawolf Sinkings and Special Missions Summary     419
Comparison of Seawolf Sinkings by Source     421
Awards Given to Seawolf and Crew     422
Chapter Notes     427
Bibliography     439

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