Walker's Vision's And Dream's: A Man's Search For Truth Justice And Gold

Walker's Vision's And Dream's: A Man's Search For Truth Justice And Gold

by Jimmy Lee Manning


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Walker Vision and Dreams

My books are about not only why I wrote them, but to get people to understand. There are hundreds of millions in gold, silver bars, and gemstones out there to be found. That you eyes will not believe. Honestly just waiting for you to find, and believe me you will find them.

All you need to do is learn how, what to look for, and how to stay safe as you search for you dream, as I once did.

One day you will thank me for writing the books I've been working on. There is more left out of them then I've put in. Right now for the reason you will not learn if all is right there for you to pick up on. So take your time, read and listen, understanding will come in to the picture as you read.

Be sure to keep up. For the books I write will take you right in to the heart of where all the Apache People had lived and died, and continue to live.

The Mexican Family that owned what is now Arizona was Don Megail Pearita. As well as the Mexican Families that were silver smith and leather workers, but one thing for sure they all had money. Gold coins, silver coins as well as raw gold and gemstones. And another thing they knew how to find the raw gems, raw gold and all the different ones. That's what I will teach you if you listen, so it's up to you.

My Hidden Treasure books are the only ones ever written that really take you to where treasure is hidden

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ISBN-13: 9781412063869
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2005
Pages: 284

About the Author

I am one of twelve children, number ten to be exact. Growing up, my younger years were spent in church. My dad was a Church of God Minister. Back in the early fifties, a man of god didn't have a television in their house because it brought too much evil into the home. As you can see today, they were right. Growing up in church wasn't bad, I learned to believe in God at an early age, however, that didn't keep me out of trouble because trouble always found me.

My father was a carpenter during the week and two of my older brothers were contractors so I learned the building trade at an early age. All six of my brothers were carpenters. When we were building a house, my break times would be spent breaking rocks, I have always loved rocks. I'd go to church with rocks in my pockets. Our home was on nine acres of apricots. We had rabbits, chickens and goats so there was always plenty of work to be done. Feeding and watering the chickens and rabbits every morning was not too bad. We had three thousand rabbits and each cage had to be cleaned. Every cage had old crock bowls that had to be washed by hand and filled with clean water and food before breakfast each morning. This routine was followed every day before school. After school there was homework to be done, but I still found time to go into the hills and creeks for miles around our farm. I found arrowheads and Indian bowls. I never told anyone about my finds, I always kept that to myself.

As the years went by, it became clear to me that the older you get, the more money you need to live on. You readers can possibly understand this. So I felt like I had to work harder to bring in more money but I still had this need foradventure in my life. After moving to Arizona in 1953, I lived there until February 1963 then moved to Monterey, California then back to Arizona in 1978 and back to the mountains I went. I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in the Lost Duchman's gold. What interesting stories I have heard from people who had spent some time every month back in the Superstition Mountains, looking for the Duchman's lost gold mine.

I built a few homes around Apache Junction, Arizona. A couple of guys I had do my stuccowork, took turns hunting for the Duchman's mine. They invited me out to their camp a few times, but at the time I couldn't get away. I used to take one-day trips out to Florence Junction and would pack in and look around in very rough country.

I have been fascinated with the Superstition Mountains for years and eventually this fascination became the reason for writing these books.

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