Vedic Math Tips: Easy Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Math Tips: Easy Vedic Mathematics

by John Carlin


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Would you like to improve your SAT scores, or ACT scores? Vedic Math and Vedic Mathematics can help you do it!

This book can help the math scores dramatically.

This book is graduate school for Vedic math, Vedic Mathematics, and Mental Math...

The book contains five in depth sections with step by step instructions for mastering vedic mathematics. Avoid the mistakes that trip others up, get math agility you never knew you could get.

Learn about squaring two digits numbers in two steps.

Mental math is so simple and easy to learn.

Square three digit numbers in two steps...

Use the power of fractions to destroy mental math calculations that at first appear daunting.

About the Author...

John Carlin, (Mr. Vedic Math) has tutored students in mental math for years. He graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and has an MBA from the University of Minnesota. He has his own mental math website that you can view at

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About the Author

John graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and has an MBA from the University of Minnesota. Currently he lives in Apple Valley Minnesota. As a Merchant Mariner he traveled all over the world. His web site about vedic math which you may find interesting is at

John ran into a Russian merchant mariner in Istanbul many years ago. They talked shop and discovered that they used some of the same books to learn their trade. When they looked at the Calculus books each had used in college the comparison fell apart. The Russian had a trim little 150 page Calculus book. John had a 600 page monster book but knew far less Calc than his new friend from Odessa. Ever since then John has had a phobia about 600 page math books, that is why his are so short.

One good thing that happened from this encounter was the Russian gave him a mental math book by Trachtenburg who ironically was originally in charge of the czar's shipyards in Odessa. From there John got the mental math bug, and along the way came to believe that math phobias are the product of the way we teach the subject. From there he stumbled upon Vedic Mathematics and was so fascinated by it that he started to teach vedic math for kids in his spare time. He eventually wrote a series of four books on the subject.

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