Urban Revolutions: Two American Black Insurrections

Urban Revolutions: Two American Black Insurrections

by Jamal Williams

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This book is collection of two plays with themes dramatically based on real events in the annals of Black Urban Revolutionary history. One took place in 1974 and the other in 1984. The first play is entitled: "The Last Dance of the Panther Women" It's about a disillusioned female Panther women has had come to settle an old score and also to assassinate Kathleen Cleaver because of something her husband had done to her. Though she knows her mission is suicidal she so believes in the movement's original mission of revolution, she feels that she can set an example as a martyr to help jump start the next movement for the present Black Panther movement is on life-support.

The second play is entitled: "6221 Osage Avenue" (The MOVE Inferno) and it theatrically recreates the aftermath of the destruction of the neighborhood as well as the events that lead up to the government deciding to drop a bomb in the city of Philadelphia that eventually ended up not only destroying the radical Back-to-Africa folks, but all their disapproving neighbors homes as well. The stories of he actual folks involved in this tragedy are played out on stage. Even the first black Mayor of Philadelphia, Wilson Goode, is represented in the play. Mayor Goode became infamously known as the leader of a city that bombed itself.

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