Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

by Laura Alden Kamm

Audio CD(Unabridged)

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We all have intuition—that gift of quick and ready insight given to us by our higher self. But how do you use that gift? How do you develop the ability to access it at anytime? And how do you apply your inner wisdom to bring joy and health to your life?

On Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, renowned cartographer of consciousness Laura Alden Kamm shares techniques and insights from her 25 years of experience as a medical intuitive to help you cultivate the garden of your intuitive mind.

Developing Your Inner Vision

What exactly is intuition? It is your connection with your soul, with your spirit, says Laura Alden Kamm, who realized her own intuitive abilities after a near-death experience at the age of 26. When you're aligned with your intuition, she teaches, you access the ability to make sense out of anything and everything you encounter. The telescoping inner vision she experienced during her illness was the first step on her intuitive journey, and in the three decades since she has inspired thousands with her compassionate, empowering art.

Unlocking Your Intuitive Power presents her practical, down-to-earth instruction, including guided exercises and meditations to help you discover, harness, and refine your own inner vision. Join her to learn how to apply the three core aspects of reading into any subject or object; how to discern the physical, emotional, and spiritual state of the internal structures of your body; how to intuitively view subjects and objects from a 360-degree perspective; and much more.

With gentle, impassioned clarity, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power helps you tap the transformative power of your inner wisdom that will allow you to express your true nature—and to live your most joyful, healthy life in harmony with the voice of your soul.

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ISBN-13: 9781591796398
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/15/2007
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 6
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm has been described as "a walking MRI" for the remarkable accuracy of her medical intuition. She has worked as a medium and remote viewer and trains corporate leaders in innovative problem solving through her Inner Edge Program. She is the author of Intuitive Wellness and the founder and director of The Center for Applied Energy Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information about Laura Alden Kamm and energy medicine, visit energymedicine.org.

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