Uniforms From 1775-1783 Amer Revol

Uniforms From 1775-1783 Amer Revol

by Kevin F. Kiley, Digby Smith


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An expert guide to the uniforms of the American militiasand Continental Army, the armies and navies of GreatBritain and France, German and Spanish units, andAmerican Indian allies, with over 450 color illustrations.The uniforms of the fighting men of the American Warof Independence are a vivid illustration of the difficultiesand complexities of the conflict, and this book bringstogether for the first time a sweeping survey of whatthey should have worn, what they really wore, how theywere armed, and what they carried with them. As wellas illustrations of the soldiers, equipment and kit –with over 450 in total and an unrivalled level of detailin the depiction of the uniforms – the campaigns andbattles are explained with specially commissionedmaps and plans, and plates and fine-art paintingsof the period. Contains an unprecedented wealth of illustrative detail, with over 450 illustrations of uniforms, battle plans, technical drawings and campaign maps. Gives a concise, authoritative record of America s fight to become independent of its colonial founders, with detailed analysis of the decisive encounters and landmark engagements of the conflict.

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ISBN-13: 9780754817611
Publisher: Anness Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 10/15/2008
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About the Author

Kevin Kiley is a retired MarineCorps artillery officer, a graduate of the United StatesMilitaryAcademy at West Point, and a veteran of theFirst Gulf War. Digby Smith joined the army in 1951.Following a spell in the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall,he resigned from the army in 1979 and until 1995worked in the IT field.

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