True Sight: See the World through God's Eyes and Live the Ultimate Life

True Sight: See the World through God's Eyes and Live the Ultimate Life

by Cameron Sinnamon


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“There is not a problem existing between people that has not been generated by the judgements of conditioned and fearful minds. There is not a difficulty between lovers, parent and child, employer and employee, neighbours and nations that cannot be healed by True Sight.

True Sight is the antidote to confusion and suffering. True Sight is a frequency of thought consciousness that dissolves the conditioned and fearful mind, allowing full access to the awareness and divine energy of the soul consciousness and infinite intelligence of heaven.

Up until now, your conditioned mind has been controlling much of what your life has become. Each new day is the sum of what you have previously allowed to occur in your mind. This mind and the concept it holds of you continues to create much of who you are, what you have, and what you will become, but only if you passively allow it.

Through the applications of the principles of True Sight, you will be able to see and direct your life through God’s eyes. True Sight will give you profound peace, leading you to the most enlightened and deliberate experience in your current dimension and the next.”

-Saint Francis

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ISBN-13: 9781504300353
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 01/20/2016
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.66(d)

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True Sight

See the World Through God's Eyes and Live the Ultimate Life

By Cameron Sinnamon

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Cameron Sinnamon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0035-3



True Sight is the state of perception reached by one who has come to know the unspoken truth of what is. True Sight is a frequency of thought consciousness that dissolves the conditioned and fearful mind, allowing full access to the awareness and divine energy of the soul consciousness and infinite intelligence of heaven. This enhances one's experience in and of one's physical dimension.

True Sight will reveal all that is real and unchanging from the illusions that once clouded and supported that fearful mind that has misdirected too much of your experience for too many moments. True Sight promises to release you from all the suffering and confusion of your physical world and replace it with peaceful focus and joyful intent. True Sight will give you profound peace, leading you to the most enlightened and deliberate experience in your current dimension and the next.

As is the case with your current circumstance or reality, the frequency of being that we point to as True Sight is the result of your day-by-day, moment-by-moment choices. You will begin to approach the frequency of True Sight when you finally decide you are ready and willing to experience true joy and everlasting peace. True Sight results by your decision to free yourself of the confusion and suffering of the alternate and conditioned mind and return to the certainty and bliss experienced through your soul consciousness and its connection to infinite intelligence.

The attainment of True Sight begins in the moment when you decide to forgive yourself of all guilt and return to the innocence that is eternally yours.

Holy child of God, your return to your original state of innocence is what you have been searching for. A close proximity to this frequency of innocence, achieved through an unhindered connection to your soul consciousness, generates a state of peace in you. Any thoughts not aligned with your original state of innocence allow your conditioned mind to generate a frequency of fear and guilt within you, which is automatically transmitted out into your vicinity and into what is known by many as the collective consciousness.

Dear brother, beloved sister, you seek peace, but you have been looking in all the wrong places. Peace is not in the holy books, though many of these will point you to it. Peace is not in the sacred places, though it does visit them. Peace is not in nature's world, but it can be experienced there. Know now and forever more that you are this peace you have been searching for.

Your return to your original state of innocence carries the promise of a peace, of a joy and of happiness in which no thing or manifestation in your physical experience can provide. Through this promise, all are drawn to return to our divine Creator, the source of all life. Through your connection to the loving energy of your Creator accessed via your soul consciousness, you will be delivered this promise.

Your search for innocence and the freedom from guilt you ultimately desire form the subconscious intention behind all that you do. You long for this completeness, this peace, and this feeling of fulfilment delivered by your complete return to the oneness of the Creator, our Father. However, without the benefit of acute awareness, you will forever be a slave to your fearful and conceptual mind and not a master of it.

If you fail to forgive yourself for believing you were this mind and guilty of everything it contrived, your return to the frequency of original innocence will be suspended. For without the release of guilt achieved through complete forgiveness of yourself by yourself and the resulting surrender to your truth, that being an eternal and innocent child of a loving and benevolent Creator, you in your physical form will continue to experience suffering.

If you continue to judge and condemn objects, people, and concepts, you will restrict your connection to your soul consciousness and therefore block all access to infinite intelligence. Only by blessing all that is the subject of your mind will you access what is truly divine and experience heaven on earth. And if you deny that you are part of the oneness, the one living consciousness from which all in your dimension is created, you are denying the common heritage you share with all, thereby separating yourself from that same source. Without the state of being we are calling True Sight, the way is hidden.




Once upon a time in the dimension of light, there was a holy moment. In this moment, eternal peace reigned. No thing was missing or needed, and no soul desired or wished for anything, for everything was at hand. In this moment, there was only oneness. In this moment, you knew with certainty that you were innocent, that you were safe, and that you were loved.

Only recently has it been that you have come to think and therefore believe otherwise. Little by little, the innocence in your heart and the frequency this generated have been replaced by fear, guilt, and uncertainty. This shift away from innocence and truth caused your consciousness to split, and now part of it, your earthbound mind, chooses to believe it is separate from its origin in the Father.

This mind believes it is from and of your earth. This mind is lost. It leads you astray. Over time, this mind has come to overshadow the infinitely powerful spark of pure consciousness that gives you and all in your physical world life. We delight in our part of reawakening this divine spark within you and assisting you in mastering the mind to which you have been enslaved for so long.

It is this lost and wayward mind we now speak to. It is this part of you — and therefore of all of us — that has forgotten it can fly. You feel as though you have fallen, like a baby bird once safely nested high in the tree, down into the thorns of confusion and separation. We are here to remind you of from where you came, of who you truly are, and to where you are destined to return. We are here to remind you that you have wings. We are here to guide you, to give you a hand up, and to help you return to your home upon high.

There is work to be done by you, for you, and for the benefit of all. Your final return and the promise of peace it offers can only be achieved by you, for you have free will, granted to you by our Father, the source of all. It is He who waits patiently, eternally ready to lovingly receive you when you decide to return and decide you do in every moment, with every thought and with every deed.

Only when you have realized that the illusion of separation from our Father's loving embrace is eternal suffering will you take His hand and raise yourself up. Only when you have come aware that you have fallen will you cast your eyes heavenward. Only when you have realized you are lost will you look for the way home, and only when you understand that in the eyes of the Father you are eternally innocent will you again fly free.

Understand now that you and no other soul upon its return will be judged by our Father for deeds committed or not committed while away. He does not care what you believe you have done or not done. He knows it was your separated, unaware and conceptual mind created out of form that did these things and not you. Your Father cares only for the real and true you. All else matters not to Him.

It is your guilt that keeps you from experiencing the peace and the joy of the eternal holy moment. It is the frequency of fear generated by your earthbound mind that keeps you from returning home. It is your belief in your unworthiness, your preference for the world of form, and your submission to your fearful conditioned mind that blind you to your truth and to the peace and joy that await you there.

It is the frequency of your earthbound mind's belief that you are who you have made yourself to be — what you have become due to the actions of others and not the truth of who and what you are — that binds you to your confusion and mortal suffering.

Many in your world project their own unease through their need to save and to heal others. Know now that there is only one heart that you can heal and only one mind you can correct. Dearest brother, beloved sister, this heart and this mind are your own. However, know that in the healing of this heart and correction of this mind that you are inevitably going to experience lies the peace and power required to become a master healer.

Say with us,

With the light of awareness, I can now see what is real and true and what is not. Through the grace of self-forgiveness, I shed my earthly skin and claim my original innocence. In the joy of this remembrance, I eternally choose joy over sorrow, peace above doubt, and love rather than fear. From this homeward path, I look to the divine light I am and through my light embrace the peace and joy of heaven. In this eternal peace and joy, and by this divine light, is my soul's return complete.

Do not judge or condemn those who are not aware. Do not grieve for those who do not feel the hand of our Father reaching out for them. Our Father is eternally patient and His hand is always open, giving of His infinite love and ready to receive all His children home. In truth and in His eyes, all are safe and well.

There are many stories in your sacred books that offer pointers to and signposts of the way to the Father's hand and to your return. Each culture, each religion has, in its own way, designs to assist you to return to the peace and innocence of the eternal holy moment. However, so complete is the manifestation of the conceptual and fearful mind that many no longer recognize the way, even though it is clearly shown.

Such is the grip of this earthbound false self that many minds are trapped in the concepts and meanings and fail to covert the knowledge to the awareness required to free themselves from this mind born of and attached to the physical dimension. So addicted to the knowledge and the defence of such knowledge that such minds are blind to the path to heaven outlined in it, even after their own physical death.

So deep rooted is the energy of guilt generated by such minds that they believe they are unworthy of the forgiveness that only they can provide. So trapped are they in their belief that they are the outcome of all their worldly experiences, they fail to understand they are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary experience in the dimension of form.

This conditioned mind, programed to act from fear, now projects the energy of this fear generated within it out upon the world of form in a myriad of judgements. It is by these projections and the frequency they generate that you are temporarily blinded to the fact that only through and by the offering of blessings can you be in full and unhindered connection with your soul consciousness and access the peace and power of heaven.

Many such minds cling to beliefs that they are better than some, even believing they are less than others. Any such thoughts and beliefs cause a mind to generate a frequency that prevents them from experiencing oneness with all things. Such a mind fails to fully connect to its soul consciousness, its higher soul consciousness, and therefore with source consciousness or our Father from which all life and all things across all dimensions were birthed, including those forms a mind may believe do not contain consciousness.

If you are one who has chosen to reconnect to your soul consciousness and to the divine light of heaven, and you are, know you are most welcome. We know you may have suffered greatly for you to decide this path. A slight glimmer of light may have lit the way just enough for you to awaken and take the first step in the direction towards home. It is not that the light was not there before this suffering occurred. It was that the depth of darkness you finally found yourself in created the contrast that finally allowed you to see the light and to feel its warmth as though for the first time.

This first step you took provided such relief that you knew you were on the right path. Little by little, step by step, you moved more and more towards this light. You enjoyed this feeling and the comparative freedom you experienced in your mind and in your surrounding physical world when in this light's glow. You taught yourself to walk more upright. You began to look up towards this light, no longer afraid of its warmth and love, and as your consciousness expanded, you began to remember who you are.

Your movement towards the light continued, sometimes intentionally, but mostly you were guided by hands unseen. Then one day, you suddenly felt for the briefest of moments a remembrance of something familiar to you. You couldn't describe it with words, but you somehow knew it to be real and true. For the briefest of moments, you felt safe, secure, and loved. For a brief moment, you became aware of and connected with the soul consciousness that is you and your source.

The memory of the feeling of this moment stayed with you, almost haunting you with its sensation of freedom and of pure joy. In this moment, you decided you had to have more of it and you reached for it. Then, almost immediately, you forgot about it as your physical world threatened to consume you. As fear engulfed you, the mind created out of form, took hold, and as the judgements arose once again, your connection to your soul consciousness and source, like a steel trap door, slammed closed.

Throughout your life, you moved forward, sometimes consciously but mostly unaware, in search of peace. Your mind constantly appointing images and meanings and gathering knowledge and idols in a futile attempt to provide you with relief of your pain and some measure of power over your reality. Your confusion and suffering soon became too much to bear, and once again you began searching for your origin in the light.

Your soul consciousness's light shines eternally, ready to warm away your unnecessary suffering when you allow it to. Your soul consciousness awaits your invitation and willingness to reconnect with it. Your Creator stands ready to deliver to you the eternal peace and divine power unattainable from any experience with and of the world of form.

The Holy Spirit and angels in our Father's service have, since time began, helped to regulate and direct His loving energy to all of His children. They direct it to you now as they light your way home. As a result of the angels' loving work, you are now on the brink of reconnecting fully with your soul consciousness. As a result of the infinite and divine love of your source, you are now on the verge of becoming a channel for it. Due to the nature of all that is real and true, you are now closer than ever to experiencing your truth while in physical form.

Our dearest brother, beloved sister, even when you close your connection to your soul consciousness by submitting momentarily to your fearful and judgemental thoughts, the divine light of heaven always remains lit. Now through this blessing of True Sight, you will learn to open and maintain your connection to your soul consciousness. With your imminent attainment of True Sight at hand, you will experience the peace and power of heaven in your current dimension and the next.




Though there are many alternative and some misguided perceptions of True Sight, there is but only one true obstacle. This obstacle is your mind. By this mind, we point to the conditioned and manifested mind that generates the stream of thought and matching energetic frequency that causes you to believe you are of and from your physical world and not of and from our Father who is heaven.

To point the way to your higher existence both on earth and beyond, we are using words. Words that at their worst can be misinterpreted and at best are often clumsy. To attempt to label the Creator of all that is known and unknown to your mind with such limiting tools will never result in an accurate description. To endeavour to circumscribe, That in which your known universe resides with such a constrictive method as mere words will certainly not be satisfactory to any mind. To imagine that any language, even from where we reside high within the heart of the Creator, can account for the interdimensional totality that is the Oneness is not only futile, it is laughable.


Excerpted from True Sight by Cameron Sinnamon. Copyright © 2016 Cameron Sinnamon. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Daily Meditation Practice, xix,
Part I: An Introduction to True Sight, 1,
What Is True Sight?, 3,
Why Practise True Sight?, 7,
Opening To True Sight, 15,
Part II: The Four Principles of True Sight, 23,
1. Awareness, 25,
2. Forgiveness, 69,
3. Blessing, 85,
4. Oneness, 105,
Part III: An Application of True Sight to Physical Concepts, 121,
Abuse, 123,
Addiction, 131,
Aggression, 143,
The Physical Body, 147,
Bullying, 149,
Charity, 155,
Collective Consciousness, 159,
Compassion, 163,
Crime And Punishment, 167,
Physical Death, 173,
Depression, 177,
Desire, 181,
Disease, 185,
Ego, 189,
Environmentalism, 193,
Faith, 201,
Fear, 203,
God, 209,
Government, 213,
Grief, 217,
Healing, 221,
Jesus, 223,
Karma, 225,
Manifesting, 229,
Money, 233,
Perfection, 235,
Pets, 237,
Relationships, 241,
Religion, 245,
Reincarnation, 255,
Resurrection, 259,
Salvation, 261,

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