Tripping the World Fantastic: A Journey Through the Music of Our Planet

Tripping the World Fantastic: A Journey Through the Music of Our Planet

by Glenn Dixon


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A fascinating journey through the world’s musical cultures.

Every culture on Earth has music. Every culture that’s ever existed has had it, but we don’t exactly know why. Music is not like food, shelter, or having opposable thumbs. We don’t need it to live, and yet we can’t seem to live without it. Glenn Dixon travels the globe exploring how and why people make music.From a tour of Bob Marley’s house to sitar lessons in India, he experiences music around the world and infuses the stories with the latest in brain research, genetics, and evolutionary psychology. Why does music give us chills down the backs of our necks? What exactly are the whales singing about and why does some music stick in our minds like chewing gum?

Through his adventures, Dixon uncovers the real reasons why music has such a powerful hold on us – and the answers just might surprise you.

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ISBN-13: 9781459706545
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication date: 04/23/2013
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 880,070
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Glenn Dixon has published travel articles in publications such as National Geographic , the New York Post , The Walrus , the Globe and Mail , and Psychology Today. He is the author of Pilgrim in the Palace of Words and lives in Calgary.

Table of Contents

Chapter One:  Darwin's Big Idea

1.1  Whirling Dervishes

1.2  The Lost City of Petra

1.3  The Star of Bethlehem

1.4  Pilgrims on Mount Sanai

Chapter Two:  How to Remove a Human Brain

2.1   The minarets of Cairo

2.2.  The Scales of Pythagroas

2.3   Rome and the invention of Harmony

2.4   Flamenco in Old Seville

Chapter Three:  Rhythms of the Heart

3.1  Rocking the Kasbah

3.2  Timbuktu: at the end of the world

3.3  Ghana and the talking drums

3.4  Sierre Leone and the Slave Ships

Chapter Four:  Music is a drug

4.1  Cuba and the last Salsa

4.2. Bob Marley and the Magical Mystery Tour

4.3. Steel Drums and the Rum Kings

4.4  Tikal: till death do us part

Chapter Five:  Spirits of the Earth

5.1  The Pan Pipes of Machu Picchu

5.2  War Cry of the Navajo

5.3 Canoes and whale song

5.4  The Throat Singing of the Inuit

Chapter Six:  Dance on the Volcano

6.1  Tahiti and the dance of flowers

6.2  The War Dance of the Maori

6.3  Bali and the Gamelan orchestra

6.4  Cambodia and the landmines

Chapter Seven:  The Memory of Elephants

7.1   Tibet and the 3000 Buddhist texts

7.2   India: with the Beatles in Rishikesh

7.3   India and Bollywood

7.4  China and the Wall

Chapter Eight:  The Genius of Music

8.1  St. Petersburg and the Czar's fabulous egg

8.2  Germany and the Art of Fugue

8.3  The Pipes of the Highlands

8.4  Vienna and Genius

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On Pilgrim in the Palace of Words:
"Pilgrim in the Palace of Words is immensely appealing to anyone with a yearning to travel, an interest in the world’s diverse cultures and a love of words. And there is enough adventure to satisfy even the most critical of armchair travelers."—The Chronicle-Herald

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