Travels in Sicily, Greece and Albania 2 Volume Set

Travels in Sicily, Greece and Albania 2 Volume Set

by Thomas Smart Hughes

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Between 1812 and 1814, Cambridge fellow and cleric Thomas Smart Hughes (1786-1847) and Robert Townley Parker, later an MP for Preston, embarked on a tour of Mediterranean countries, 'those theatres of the most interesting events recorded in the annals of history'. This two-volume account of their travels, illustrated with plates from the drawings of the architect Charles Robert Cockerell, was first published in 1820. Volume 1 traces the journey from Gibraltar, through Sicily, to many important classical sites in Greece. Volume 2 begins in Epirus, moves through Albania, and covers the return to England via Italy and France. Hughes notes important historical events that took place at each location and describes the local legends, habits and customs. He quotes freely from other travel writers of the time, as well as from ancient authors and inscriptions encountered on the tour. Included also are anecdotes which render this account vivid and readable, allowing the author's personality and opinions to reveal themselves.

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ISBN-13: 9781108077569
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/11/2014
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - European History
Pages: 988
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Table of Contents

Volume 1: 1. Arrival in Sicily; 2. Journey to Syracuse; 3. Site of Acradina; 4. Catania and Messina; 5. View of the city of Zante; 6. Patras to Argos; 7. Argos and Tiryns; 8. Journey to Athens; 9. Walk in Athens; 10. Excursions from Athens; 11. Thebes and Livadia; 12. Delphi; 13. From Delphi to Prevesa; 14. Prevesa and Nicopolis; 15. Arta and Ioannina; 16. Visit to the Vizir in the fortress; 17. Departure for an excursion into Thesprotia; A dissertation on the Oracle of Dodona Samuel Butler. Volume 2: 1. A history of Ioannina and its present condition; 2. Marriage ceremonies; 3. Invitation to a grand entertainment by the Vizir; 4. Turkish society; 5. Ali Pasha's early history; 6. Ali's policy with regard to foreign powers and his own government; 7. The siege of Suli; 8. Ali endeavours to gain Parga; 9. Excursion to the north of Albania; 10. From Argyro-Castro to Berat; 11. From Berat to Ioannina; 12. Glyky and the Suliot mountains; 13. From Suli to Prevesa and Santa Maura; 14. Parga, Paxo and the coast of Epirus; 15. Departure for Naples, arrival in England; Appendix.

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