Together We Stand: America, Britain, and the Forging of an Alliance

Together We Stand: America, Britain, and the Forging of an Alliance

by James Holland


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By the middle of 1942, Allied fortunes had reached their lowest ebb, Britain's military command was in tatters and the U.S., Britain's new ally, had only fledgling, severly under-trained forces. It seemed all might be lost in the Middle East, while collapse seemed inevitable in Russia. Yet at this crucial time, America and Britain began to work together, and it was this alliance of the weary combatant and naive newcomer, fighting shoulder to shoulder under shared command for the first time in North Africa, that would eventually lead to the defeat of the Axis powers in the west.

Whilst drawing on a wide range of archival material from around the world and offering new perspectives and analysis to a critical period of World War II, Together We Stand is also about the men and women who found themselves caught up in this struggle, people drawn from all parts of the globe, from all ranks and services, to make up these polyglot Allied forces.

From the heat and dust of the Western Desert to the mud and mountains of Northern Tunisia, Holland retells the remarkable stories of these brave soldiers and charts the extraordinary first days of an alliance that has worked together ever since.

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Publication date: 02/15/2006
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