Timechart History of America

Timechart History of America

by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (Editor)




From prehistory to the present, the vast spectrum of American history and culture comes alive in this visually spectacular, one-stop reference. The huge fold-out timechart section goes year-by-year; in neat, easy-to follow rows, find the presidents; also the government, the politics and laws of any period; the settlements and cities; work and trade; social changes; art and culture; new knowledge; conflicts abroad; and other contextual events. More than 300 full-color images tell the story of the "New World," from the Native American First Nations, the Colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the expansion west to the Civil War; the enterprising ideas and innovations, World War II, and the space program. A "Hall of Fame" showcases great actors and actresses, sports people, TV personalities, artists, writers and thinkers, and movie makers.

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ISBN-13: 9781586639624
Publisher: Friedman, Michael Publishing Group, Incorporated
Pages: 32
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