Think Better. Live Better.: 5 Steps to Create the Life You Deserve

Think Better. Live Better.: 5 Steps to Create the Life You Deserve

by Francine Huss


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Francine Huss has a straightforward message: the key to creating something better is thinking something better. Sound principles and compelling stories show readers new ways to let life start working for them.
The Five Step Treatment is a technique that will help readers create a mindset that produces whatever they desire and everything they deserve. Treatment works, to improve any personal or professional area (health, wealth, love, happiness, success, creativity, purpose, positive change, world betterment), and this author inspires readers to use it for greater and greater good.

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ISBN-13: 9781938314667
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 04/22/2014
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Francine Huss is an expert in creativity, success and better living. She draws from a rich background in advertising, video games, international marketing, importing, real estate, and design. She offers individuals and corporate clients a unique and powerful combination as a business professional, entrepreneur, transformational teacher and licensed spiritual counselor. She believes human creativity is the ultimate resource that can create prosperity for everyone and build a thriving world.

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Think Better. Live Better.

Five Steps to Creating the Life You Deserve

By Francine Huss

Ingram Publisher Services

Copyright © 2014 Francine Huss
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-938314-66-7

Chapter 1
Better Than This
On a bitter cold January evening, I arrived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a four-day visit with my mother. She had been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a couple of years before, but in hindsight, we suspected she had it, and hid it, even longer. The line between ditsy and dementia can be blurry.
As my uncle drove me from the airport to her facility, he found it hard to believe I was actually going to stay with her for several days. He told me he couldn’t bear to visit her for even an hour, because she seemed so unlike the sister he remembered and loved. It was unimaginable to him that I would be able to spend that much time with her. “Your mother just isn’t who she used to be.”
He probably took my hesitation to mean that I was reconsidering my plans, but in fact I was trying to figure out how to say what I needed to say without contradicting his experience with her. After all, we should get to have our own experience without anyone telling us the experience is wrong or that we’re wrong in some way for having it.
I believe we create our experiences—yes, the good ones and the unbearable ones. And I believe it’s less important to argue about whether we choose our suffering and more important to realize the silver lining in it. [AU: It? Do you mean it’s important to realize the silver lining contained within the experience of anger, or within suffering? Can you clarify what “it” refers to here? I think that will help the sentence.]The truth is, in every experience there is infinite potential for something to be created from it, and even because of it. Every experience offers the possibility of something better.
What does better mean? It means something different to every person. Better is relative to what is. It’s often the next step up, according to what you value. When it’s beyond what we can reasonably expect or what we can logically explain, it’s not just better—it’s a miracle.
My work is about helping people use a creative process to create something better. My work exposes me to miracles. So I gave careful thought to my response to my uncle. After all, I hadn’t seen my mother in months, and there was no predictable pattern to the progression of her disease. Since Alzheimer’s affects each person differently, there was no way to know what I would face on this trip. There was no mark on my calendar for the day that she wouldn’t recognize me at all.
“I understand how difficult it is to see your sister with this disease. Clearly, it’s a painful experience. But with all due respect, I believe there is a light within her that is untouched by this disease—a light that shines as brightly as ever. It’s that light I came to see, the part of her that can never be changed.” And that’s exactly what I experienced.
Did I create that experience? You bet I did—using everything I learned and everything in this book. Oprah often tells people to take responsibility for the energy they bring into a room. What I brought into my mother’s room was a different way of thinking (about her diagnosis) and a different way of seeing (beyond her physical condition). I took responsibility for creating within myself a belief that something better was possible. I took steps to allow a new possibility to happen. And I take credit for my belief in the creative power of my thoughts.
During my visit at her facility, there was a snowstorm that kept everyone indoors. I couldn’t even take my mother for a walk outside. Some of the staff couldn’t make it to work, so the usual activities that punctuated the day were cancelled. My uncle was probably waiting for my pleas for rescue.
After lunch one day, I guided my mom to sit with me near the windows to watch the snow blanket the garden and the birds gather in the bare trees. I held her hand and tried to get her to recognize these things she so loved, snow and birds. No luck.
However, somewhere in those moments, I became aware of a very powerful loving connection between us that I hadn’t felt in many years. It was the kind of love many feel as a child when it seems nothing in the world exists but your mommy and you. In all these years, there have been other people and other distractions but never as strong a bond as I was feeling at that moment.  So many people never get this feeling from a parent, or never again after growing up, or especially once a disease takes claim.  I just sat quietly with her and let myself feel this love. In that moment, there was no disease and nothing that separated us in any way­. Instead, there was love—only love. This was how I experienced the light I came to find. This was the first of many miracles.
A miracle isn’t the suspension of physical laws.
A miracle is evidence of higher law.
For me, miracles are a gift of something greater, deeper, and wiser than I had known before. Miracles are evidence of Life working on my behalf. Like a door that opens to let the light flood in, a miracle beckons us to experience life in a completely new way.
No matter how you experience Life right now, you can probably imagine something better—everyone can. If you are suffering, “better” is relief from suffering. If you are happy, “better” will make you happier, or include more meaning and fulfillment. If you are having trouble making ends meet, “better” is seeing a way to get all your bills paid. If you are lonely, “better” is feeling loved. If you already have the best of everything, “better” might be the answer to why your stuff doesn’t make you feel more alive.
No matter what better means to you, imagining it is one of the keys to realizing it. It is your nature to want a good life. It is your nature to want everything in balance and in abundance—health, wealth, love, and happiness. It is Life’s nature to help you experience it.
Because you are inseparable from Life’s power and possibilities, you can use its creative process for whatever you desire. In truth, Life needs you to bring new forms, creative expression, and experience into the world. Therefore, your desire is Life’s desire, too. When you partner with Life, Life works for you.
Life with a capital L is used to refer to that greater something, of which you are a part.
Life with a lower-case l refers to your personal experience of Life.
This may be a new way of thinking about Life and about you. This book will introduce you to many new ways of thinking, because thinking in new ways leads to experiencing Life in new ways. After all, certain ways of thinking (or more likely, not thinking) created your current situation. [AU: As a reader, I want to get your distinction here, but after rereading this paragraph multiple times, I realize I don’t see the distinction in this paragraph between the first mention of Life and the second mention of life. One is in reference to thoughts and the other experiences, but they are both personal. I’m not sure this distinction is working. Perhaps it’s too subtle a difference to use cap vs. lowercase to call it out? I’d recommend against that. If capitalizing is important to you, I’d say just capitalize every instance, and cut the above sidebar.]
Better thinking creates better living.
It doesn’t matter if you’re down and out or if you want more of the good life you already have. It doesn’t matter if you’re down to your last dollar or your last million. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a job interview in months or a date in years. Dissatisfaction of any kind feels the same. Hopelessness of any kind feels the same. Being stuck at any level feels the same. The desire for improvement is the same. Fortunately, the way to create something new is also the same. It’s possible for everyone. It’s possible for you.
It’s not only possible to create something better; it’s also easier than you think. In fact, it’s about what you think. If you can choose a better thought, you can choose a better experience of life. It may sound too good to be true, but it is truly that easy. It’s easy because it follows Life’s natural and abundant flow. It’s easy, even though you live among millions of people who believe otherwise. It’s easy, but it requires understanding, effort, and commitment.
Though you dream of a better life, you may hesitate in making a commitment toward creating it.  You may be skeptical. Or, you may be in so much pain and suffering that you simply can’t imagine the life you want. Still, maybe you can be willing . . . to be willing. Willingness alone can activate a new experience—like prying open a stuck door. An open heart and an open mind become the portals to new possibilities. Be willing to be willing.
If you are already imagining better experiences and better things, you are already in the process of creating them. Your receptivity to a new way of thinking and living is already creating it. Everything begins within you. Indeed, making improvements, living in whatever way is “better” to you—or achieving your dream life—completely depends on you.
You are an endless resource of possibilities waiting to be created.  Your dream of better possibilities activates a powerful process that creates them.
When you believe it is possible to create something better, something better will be created.
It’s About Being Instead of Getting
No doubt you do believe something better is possible, eventually. No doubt you’re working very hard to achieve it. Most of us have been taught that we have to get everything we need in order to do what we want so we can ultimately be living the way we really want.
“When I can pay off all my own debt, I’ll travel with my grandchildren, and I’ll finally feel prosperous.” “If I can just earn one more promotion, I’ll be able to spend more time at home and finally become a novelist.” Doesn’t it seem no matter how you try to get everything in place for what you really want, what you really want moves farther and farther away from you? You’re not alone. Many Americans expect to work beyond the typical retirement age of our parents’ generation in order to get what they think they need to finally be happy. If you’re one of them, how about thinking differently?
Try this new thought: Your state-of-being activates getting. This is true for every form of good, no matter what you desire. Everything in your life gets created according to your state of being. When you focus on the state of being that you ultimately want, everything else will be created to match it. This book will teach you how to achieve the state you want, and how to work with Life to create what you want.
By focusing on being, you start experiencing life as you want it, starting now, and direct Life to produce everything else accordingly, starting now. You might wonder, “How exactly can I start being rich when I can’t even pay all my bills right now?” The purpose of this book is to show you how to change your thoughts, as well as your words, and your actions to match what you do want, in order to set a natural creative process into motion to produce it. Can you start imagining what it would be like to pay all your bills in full and have money left over? Can you start using words in your everyday conversation that speak of plenty and abundance, instead of lack and limitation? If being rich to you would make you feel free and lighthearted, can you think of ways to generate those feelings now, like lying on the grass and watching the clouds drift by?
You create what you think about and focus on. If you think about lack and limitation, you’ll create more of it. Instead, focus your whole being on the opposite, and start taking on the life you really want.
No matter what is “better” to you, no matter what you dream, start with the state of being in it now, and all else that follows will correspond to it. Whatever you require to have and to do becomes possible and tangible, because your state of being dictates it.
Entertain the thought of being rather than getting, because Life works with you to give you everything you desire.  Your better state of being includes getting the things that make you happy and being able to do what suits you. You won’t have to wait until retirement to achieve it.
If you ultimately want to feel prosperous, choose that state now. Life’s natural creative process will infuse prosperity into every area of your life. It doesn’t happen by chance or luck. Life works for you, according to principles that are as reliable as gravity, as unquestionable as the presence of the sun in a cloudy sky, and as simple as 1+1=2.
Let me share my own experience. I started my first “business” when I was nine and got my first paying job when I was ten. I didn’t need to work, but the work ethic was strong in my family. My years of hard work contributed to groundbreaking research, award winning advertising campaigns, record-breaking video games, and numerous “firsts” in the corporate world. I helped companies grow, CEOs get rich, and I became an entrepreneur.
Working hard made me an expert in creativity and creating success. You could say that working hard worked for me (though we all know that hard work doesn’t guarantee success).
Then I discovered a different way—a way of thinking and creating that works with Life—a way that always starts with being my true self and always leads to something good. For many years, my focus was doing more and having more. I gained an extraordinary knowledge of how creativity works, and I can turn on a constant flow of creative ideas, for myself or my clients or audiences.
Shifting my focus to being instead of getting added a rich dimension to my life that was previously missing. Now, when I live first from the qualities I want in my life, I still experience doing and having what I choose, and my life is more creative and abundant than ever. The difference is that I live from the state I desire, and the doing and having generally fall into place. It feels as though I’ve shifted from swimming upstream, always fighting against the natural flow, to swimming, no actually being carried downstream. I use the principles and process of how Life works, and Life works for me. Now, my idea of a better life is helping you create something better, in a way that doesn’t have to be hard and doesn’t have to be work.
The Principle of the Thing
Life operates by principles. There are principles of physics, principles of chemistry, and principles of mathematics. We can use physical principles for positive outcomes or disastrous ones. For example, we can use the principle of electricity to provide warmth in our home or to burn the house down.
There are also principles that govern how everything is created. They dictate the way invisible possibilities become visible form and experience. And, we can also use these principles in many ways, with positive or negative results.
The principles of Life will create what we want—or what we don’t want—depending on our use, misuse, or just plain ignorance of them. It doesn’t matter whether we are aware of Life’s principles or not. We can work against them, creating resistance and making our life more difficult than it has to be. Or, we can learn how to use them to our benefit. Many people have experienced the benefits of working with Life, and you can, too.
Ageless Wisdom. Modern Results.
The quotes throughout this book will show you many of the diverse thinkers who have discovered and used Life’s principles that underlie the creation of everything. No one owns these ideas. Anyone can use them. The decision rests in your hands as to how much you are willing to believe, to become, to do, and to receive.
You may discover principles you never knew existed. You may learn things you have observed without realizing their significance or how to apply them. You’ll probably become more aware of other people who use these principles to achieve peace of mind, an easy abundant life, and even great fame and fortune.
You may recognize these principles as simple common sense. That’s because your inner being naturally resonates with their absolute truth. You know truth when you hear it. Your heart attunes to it. Your soul sways with it.
You may conceive ways to begin incorporating these new ideas into your daily life and toward your lifelong dreams. That’s good, because when you begin using these ideas, your life will get better. It is virtually unavoidable.
Better Is a Thought Away
Your thoughts are creative. Everything in your life, everything you touch, and every experience you have, all began with a thought. Thoughts are individual packets of creative energy, and a belief is a collection of your thoughts.
Thoughts become created in your life as forms and experience—the ones you like and the ones you don’t like. When you replace thoughts and beliefs that are creating what you don’t want with ones that correspond to what you do want, something better will be created. The beginning of your better life is only a thought away.
“Change your thinking, change your life.”
—Dr. Ernest Holmes
In my experience with my mother’s disease, I chose to think differently. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s triggers fear and dread in most people, including me. What will it be like as my loved one deteriorates mentally and physically? How will I handle her own fears of losing her memory and conscious thought process, much less my own? What happens at that moment when, after a lifetime together, I am a complete stranger to her?
I realized that all of these thoughts and fears were based on how this disease was experienced by many others before me. But what if principles were not bound by precedence? What if something else was possible? Here are my choices, which I offer to you to use for any condition or circumstance that you might want to experience in a new way:
    I can choose to allow something beyond average. I can choose to look beyond what my physical senses tell me. I can be receptive to the infinite potential that exists in everything.I can let this experience take me on a new path instead of a dead end.I can be open to learning something that transforms me and those around me.
In other words, I can change my thinking about this, and thus change my experience of this . . . and create a new and better future because of this.
The Five Step Treatment
One of the most powerful tools to shift into a new, creative, and more powerful way of thinking is the Five Step Treatment, the focus of Part III.
The Five Step Treatment is based on an affirmative form of prayer developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes, who studied truth common to world religions, philosophies, and ancient traditions. You can learn more about this method and the principles behind it in his book, The Science of Mind.
The Five Step Treatment is a technique to change your thoughts to realize that, as a vital part of Life, Life already offers everything to you. It’s a way to shift your thoughts to realize that whatever you require for your highest good and greatest joy corresponds to Life’s natural (and powerfully creative) tendency to give it to you. It will help you develop empowered, confident thoughts and beliefs.
It is called a “treatment” because in the same way you would visit a doctor for a treatment to restore your body’s well being, this is a treatment to restore your mental well-being. It’s about realigning thoughts with your true nature, because your true nature and your desires go hand in hand, and they are directly tied to your true happiness and fulfillment.
Treatment is used every day by thousands and thousands of people (referring to it simply as “treatment”). It helps them consciously direct their own lives instead of being at the whim of others. It conjures peace of mind within any situation. It creates instant access to love, compassion, and understanding. It builds fortress thinking to withstand anything the world puts in their path. It fosters a sense of flowing abundance and possibility, regardless of economic conditions.

Excerpted from Think Better. Live Better. by Francine Huss. Copyright © 2014 Francine Huss. Excerpted by permission of Ingram Publisher Services.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Better Than This            
It’s About Being Instead Of Getting • The Principle Of The Thing • Ageless Wisdom.  Modern Results. •  Better Is A Thought Away  • The Five Step Treatment  • Create Your Experiment • Exercise: Personal Life Inventory • Personal Life Inventory Tips
Chapter 2. Welcome Change
Four Kinds Of Change  • Changeable vs. Changeless  • Fear Creates Resistance  • Allowing vs. Resisting • Vision Creates Flow
Chapter 3. Your Life Until Now
Beliefs About Life (In General) • Beliefs About Your Life (In Particular) • Belief Becomes Experience • Shared Beliefs • Assumption & Expectations •
Chapter 4. Creating What You Desire
Believe It’s Possible • You Deserve What You Desire • How Much Can You Receive? • You Matter. Your Dream Matters • Being Leads To Doing & Having   • Summary Of Part I • What’s Next
Chapter 5. The Nature Of Life
Life. That Greater, All-Encompassing Something • What’s In A Name? • Life Is As Life Works
Chapter 6. What Life Is
Life Is More Than You See • Life Is Everywhere • Life Is Infinite • Life Is Abundant • Life Is Intelligent
Chapter 7. How Life Works
More Life To Experience • Life Is Dynamic • Life Is Expressive • Life Is Responsive • Life Is Giving, Flowing, Circulating.  Life Is Good. • Principles & Laws • Everything According To Law • Personal Law
Chapter 8. Life Is For You (Because It Needs You)
The Creative Process • Creativity Is Now • Creativity is Your Ally • Ideas, Imagination, & Intuition • Thoughts & Beliefs Are Creative • Create A New Mold • Belief Determines Experience • Beliefs In The Key Of Life • A Foundation That Withstands Change
Chapter 9. New Thoughts For Your New Life
A Better Formula • Be. Do. Have. • Partner With Life • Be More Now • Are You Ready? •  Summary Of Part II • What’s Next
Chapter 10. The Five Steps
Let Your Dream Be Your Guide • Create Expectation • A Higher Vibration • The Science Of Treatment • The Mechanics Of Treatment • Treating For Better Conditions • Be Aware.  Be Willing • Pay Attention To Feelings

Chapter 11. Step One                                         
Recognize Only One Life • Describe The Indescribable • Expand Your Idea Of Life • Yeah, But… • Affirm What Life Is & How Life Works • Feel Awe & Wonder • Sample Wording Of Step One
Chapter 12. Step Two                                                                                              
In The Flow • Participate With Life • Life Leaves Out No One • Expand Your Idea Of You • Feel Exalted • Yeah, But… • Sample Wording Of Step Two
Chapter 13. Step Three                                                                        
Pull Weeds.  Plant Seeds. • Out With The Old.  In With The New. • From Wanting To Receiving • The Benefits Partnership • The Power Of Now • Feel Fulfilled • Yeah, But… • Sample Wording Of Step Three
Chapter 14. Step Four                                                                                         
Be There Now • Gratitude Lifts You • Better Equation = Better Results • Gratitude Multiplies Good • Yeah, But… • Feel A Sense Of Completion • Sample Wording Of Step Four
Chapter 15. Step Five                                                                                            
Everything Returns To The Source • What’s Yours. What’s Life’s. • Get out Of The Way • Life Knows What It Is Doing • Turn It Over (To Life) & Turn It Up (To A Higher Frequency) • Faith And Certainty Breeds Confidence • Life Spirals Upward And Outward • Yeah, But… • Sample Wording Of Step Five
Chapter 16. More About Treatment       
Let’s Get Started • Every Treatment A Success • Treatments Are Unique And Cumulative  • When Treatment Doesn’t (Seem To) Work • What Treatment Is Not •  What Treatment Is •  Summary Of Part III • What’s Next
Chapter 17. Treatments For Your Better Life

Treat Yourself To Embrace Change • Treat Yourself To More Good • Treat Yourself To New Possibilities • Treat Yourself To Loving Yourself • Treat Yourself To Letting Go • Treat Yourself To Wisdom • Treat Yourself To Creativity • Treat Yourself To Perfect Work • Treat Yourself To Better Health • Treat Yourself To Wealth • Treat Yourself To Love • Treat Yourself To Peace & Happiness • Treat Yourself To Success • Treat Yourself To Being Generous
Chapter 18 . What Matters Next  

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