Think Better Analytically: Ways to Build Up Everyday Analytical Thinking

Think Better Analytically: Ways to Build Up Everyday Analytical Thinking

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An Analysis of Your Own Thinking

Over the past few years, there have been many different types of thinking that have emerged, promoted as the best one: positive thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, critical thinking, and so on.

How does one obtain these magical thought processes? Really, all these varieties of thinking are related to analytical thinking. But isn’t analytical thinking just like regular thinking?

It may seem that way when one thinks unconsciously all the time. It may feel as though it comes as natural as breathing. However, thinking of ideas and managing your thoughts are not the same thing. Managing your train of thought takes technique and discipline.

Analytical thinking is no exception. It is the breaking down of large chunks of information into small, manageable pieces, sorting and organizing these pieces, and studying the parts to see the big picture.

This can be helpful in a multitude of situations. Whether at work, listening to friends, or at home, analytical thinking and reasoning can be a helpful tool to manage everyday stresses and problems.

Let's dive into your mind to examine...

* The stages of analytical thinking: confront, conform, construct, and conclude.

* The different brain games and activities to play to expand mental horizon.

* The application of analysis to improving social and situational awareness.

* The practice of analytic skills for better career and work-place performance.

* The prevention of over-analyzing, creating the all too-common analysis paralysis.

...and all this and more is included in “Think Better Analytically.”

If you are tired of always feeling like you are missing details or you fail to put details in to a large picture, then build up better analytical abilities today.

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Think Better Analytically: Ways to Build Up Everyday Analytical Thinking 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Japanesesakura85 More than 1 year ago
This text has grabbed my attention to the words on the page like no other books I have read when it comes to working on my analytical thinking. For me, analysis, paraphrasing, and thought processes are challenging. This text, is useful when writing term papers and prepping for presentations, all the reasons I wish I would have read this sooner. This text does a good job expressing Meredih’s experience of deeply thinking about how human beings reason and think. Her views are clearly influenced by various authors, and emphasizing her vast unarticulated competence with concepts and with extremely complex degree to which this competence factors into reasoning skills. To bring all these insights in this connection and turn it into a textbook about how to better reason and think in an analytical matter, is a huge accomplishment. The explanations were clear and detailed. I’ve used this text in one of my courses and responded more positively than any other analytical textbook I’ve used. I highly recommend this book.