The White Indian Boy

The White Indian Boy

Paperback(New Edition)

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This is the true story of "Uncle" Nick Wilson. He was a man who not only lived part of his life with the Shoshone Indians but rode for the Pony Express. Wilson, Wyoming is named after him. This book contains many photos and is illustrated with drawings by F.N. Wilson.

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ISBN-13: 9781589635838
Publisher: Press Holdings International
Publication date: 10/01/2001
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 633,806
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Pioneer Days1
A sketch of the pioneer days in the West
Indian troubles
Account of desert tribes and Shoshones
Chapter 2.My Little Indian Brother8
How Nick learns the Indian language
Chapter 3.Off with the Indians12
Nick joins Washakie's tribe as adopted son of the chief's mother
Experience in getting to the tribe
Chapter 4.The Great Encampment20
The gathering of the Shoshone nation in Deer Lodge Valley, Montana
Chapter 5.Breaking Camp28
Story of the Buffalo hunt
Preparing meat for winter
Chapter 6.Village Life33
Winter experiences in the Indian village in Idaho
Chapter 7.My Indian Mother39
An Indian mother's sorrow
How she came to want a white papoose
Love of the red mother for the white child
Chapter 8.The Crows44
Struggles of the Shoshones with their rival enemy
Scares and war preparation
Chapter 9.Papoose Troubles57
Breaking Indian poines
A fight with bears
Chapter 10.A Long Journey69
Wanderings of Washakie's tribe through the Idaho country on their trip to market their skins and robes
Chapter 11.The Snowy Moons79
Another winter with the Indians
Teaching the Indians the ways of the white man
Days of mourning
Chapter 12.The Fierce Battle89
Fight for the buffalo grounds
Description of the battle in which Washakie settled the question of boundary lines
Chapter 13.Lively Times98
An accident
Medicine man doctoring and other Indian practices in healing
Chapter 14.Old Morogonai106
The old Shoshone arrow maker and his stories of early times
Memories of Lewis and Clark
Chapter 15.The Big Council112
Indian chiefs confer as to what shall be done with the white boy
Chapter 16.Homeward Bound119
Nick, equipped with ponies and Indian trappings, returns to tell his own story of how he left home
Chapter 17.The Year of the Move128
The coming of Johnston's army to Utah and the leaving of their homes by the people
Nick shows his skill at riding wild horses
Chapter 18.The Pony Express139
Nick chosen as a rider
His experiences carrying the mail
Shot by an Indian
Chapter 19.Johnston Punishes the Indians157
Nick as a guide for the United States troops
The battle in the desert
Chapter 20.The Overland Stage167
Experiences of Nick as a driver of the Overland
Chapter 21.A Terrible Journey176
Establishing the mail route from Idaho to Montana
The struggle in the snow
Chapter 22.My Old Shoshone Friends192
After experiences with the Indians
Hunting for the Indian mother's grave
Chapter 23.Trapping with an Indian197
Nick spends a winter as a trapper
Description of the work
Chapter 24.Working on the Indian Reservation202
Nick in government employ
Troubles in getting the tribe to settle down
Chapter 25.Frontier Troubles207
Capturing a band of cattle thieves
A chase after Indian horse-thieves
The Jackson's Hole Indian trouble
Closing words

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