The Vanishing Man: A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series

The Vanishing Man: A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series

by Charles Finch


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ISBN-13: 9781250311368
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Series: Charles Lenox Series , #12
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 218
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

CHARLES FINCH is the USA Today bestselling author of the Charles Lenox mysteries, including The Woman in the Water (February 2018). His first contemporary novel, The Last Enchantments, is also available from St. Martin's Press. Finch received the 2017 Nona Balakian Citation Award, for excellence in reviewing, from the National Book Critics Circle. His reviews and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and elsewhere. He lives in Chicago with his family.

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The Vanishing Man: A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
auditor2 1 hours ago
Young Charles Lenox is called upon by the Duke of Dorset, one of England’s most revered noblemen, for help. A painting of the Duke’s great-grandfather has been stolen from his private study. But the Duke’s concern is not for his ancestor’s portrait; hiding in plain sight nearby is another painting of infinitely more value, one that holds the key to one of the country’s most famous and best-kept secrets. Sometimes prequels are not great, especially if you know what is going to happen to the characters later on in life. There was a bit of this with the interaction of Charles and Lady Jane. She is one of my favorite characters with her constant search for Charles a bride. And all along knowing that she will be his which did not spoil this story. And now I have another favorite character--Lancelot. Way to go young man. I was laughing at him so very hard. While Charles would say that Lancelot is not perfect. Far from it, in fact. Lancelot certainly had his way with the Duke. Until the last couple of years, I had no idea what young men could be like but like the cook, Lancelot can come an stay with me anytime. As far as the story, I was definitely surprised as to how it unfolded. I certainly had not guessed the perpetrator of the crime. A couple more clues or perhaps making the ones that were in there a little more obvious might have helped. But alas we must work with what is given. And was I satisfied with the conclusion? Not totally. Nor do I think Charles was either. A jolly good story and a prequel worth reading. I received a copy of the book for review. The comments are my very own.
DanieleK 1 hours ago
I am a big Charles Lenox fan and have really enjoyed getting to know a younger, less secure and experienced Lenox through these “Prequel” mysteries, though I do miss the older Lenox of the original series. THE VANISHING MAN is a well thought out, richly executed mystery including theft, murder, scandal, and secrets. It is somewhat convoluted but not too difficult to solve, interesting but not quite as engrossing as some of author Finch’s other efforts. The descriptions of London and the aristocracy are inspired, and the character interactions are my favorite aspect of the tale. Lenox and his valet Graham are my favorite characters, and their relationship is fabulous. There is a scene with the Duke of Dorset and Lenox’s 12 year old cousin Lancelot that is laugh-out-loud hilarious. These lighter moments help balance the darker elements of the mystery. THE VANISHING MAN is an excellent addition to the Charles Lenox canon, and I impatiently await the next installment. Recommended to any historical mystery fan. I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley and voluntarily shared my uninfluenced opinions here.
BeagleGirl123 2 hours ago
I had this book for two months before I was able to read it (too much happening during the holidays to give proper attention to a "new to me" author), but once I started yesterday morning I couldn't put it down. Nicely written with wonderful descriptions of Victorian England, Charles Finch's The Vanishing Man is the second of three prequels to his popular Charles Lenox series. It's the first book in this series, and by this author, that I've read, and it worked perfectly as a standalone. That being said, I'll certainly be delving further into this series, I just need to decide if I want to start with the first prequel (The Woman in the Water) or the first book in the series (A Beautiful Blue Death). The author does an admirable job of creating real characters, with real relationships, true to the period but still somehow not as strict as one would imagine in Victorian times. The mystery was very well told, and even to this first time reader of Mr. Finch's work it was obvious that this prequel sets the groundwork for the series. I'm so glad I read this book, and will definitely seek out the others. 5 stars!
Vesper1931 9 hours ago
June 1853 after some months without a case Charles Lenox is invited to call on the Duke of Dorset at his home. It seems that something of value has been stolen and the Duke wishes to know why. The Duke believes that the wrong painting was taken and is now concerned. Unfortunately the Duke has his secrets which will lead to murder. But Lenox needs help in unraveling the mystery. A very enjoyable and interesting mystery and I look forward to the next prequel before I start reading the series.