The Unforgettable Voice Of...

The Unforgettable Voice Of...

by Nat King Cole



Nat King Cole's voice is indeed unforgettable, but the compilers at England's Hallmark label are undoubtedly hoping listeners have forgotten the most popular renditions of Cole's hits. The Unforgettable Voice of... does include several of his classics -- "Mona Lisa," "It's Only a Paper Moon," "Unforgettable," "Route 66" -- though none of these are studio versions: they're either transcriptions from his television shows or tracks from live appearances. The song quality isn't terrible, but it's much worse than the official Capitol versions, and several tracks cut off right in the middle of the audience's applause. For those who want the versions they're most familiar with, there are at least a dozen better Nat King Cole collections out there. Unfortunately, there's little in the way of liner notes or historical biography.

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