The Ultimate Book On Songwriting

The Ultimate Book On Songwriting

by Al Kasha


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This book is the Ultimate Guide to learning how to write your own songs through the use of multiple genre's and styles.

Written By Al Kasha a Two Time Academy Award Winning Songwriter/Composer ("The Morning after" from the Poseidon Adventure [#1 Record throughout the world] and "We May Never Love Like This Again" from The Towering Inferno"). He has received 4 nominations in all(also Walt Disney's "Pete's Dragon," for "Candle On The Water" and for the song score) along with Four Tony Songwriting Nominations, and has sold over 73 million records world-wide as both a writer and a record producer.

There is no one more qualified to put out an informational/instructional book like Al Kasha who has worked with pretty much every face in the Industry from Aretha Franklin to Neil Diamond to Jackie Wilson to Donna Summer.

In this book Al will take the reader through the songwriting process, learning the concepts of writing, to marketing, and promoting your music to publishers and other artists.

There have been books out there that have been written on how to write a hit song or how to become a songwriter. This book is coming right from someone who has been there, and from someone who understands the questions that songwriters will encounter on their journey to success. With the range and scope of this book, there is not a chapter that you can't find that will steer you in the right direction that relates to you having a successful Music career, as Mr. Kasha has.

This book is Al's Legacy for every student, Professional and Amateur to right a hit song.

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Pages: 326
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