The Student Mindset

The Student Mindset

by Steve Oakes


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Successful students find a way to succeed. They get the results they want. And they achieve this not by superior ability, but by sticking to habits, routines and strategies that deliver those results. By cutting through the noise surrounding academic success and character development, Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin have identified the five key traits and behaviours that all students need in order to achieve their goals. Vision - Effort - Systems - Practice - Attitude These characteristics beat cognition hands down, and in The Student Mindset Steve and Martin provide a ready-made series of study strategies, approaches and tactics designed to nurture these qualities and transform your motivation, commitment and productivity. Clear, effective and engaging tools to help plan, organise and execute successful learning.

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ISBN-13: 9781785833083
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Publication date: 10/31/2018
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 671,944
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Steve Oakes is a researcher, an education trainer and an associate lecturer in psychology. Prior to assuming his current roles, he was the assistant director of sixth form at The Blue Coat School in Oldham, where he worked with his co-author, Martin Griffin, for eight years.

Martin Griffin has over two decades' experience teaching post-16 students, and has been a head of faculty, assistant head teacher and deputy head teacher. He was the director of sixth form at The Blue Coat School and now works with schools and colleges to design and implement character development and mindset programmes.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements v

Introduction 1


What's in a Mindset? 9

How This Book Works 12

Chapter 1 Preparation 15

1 Vision Activity: The Learner's Manifesto 18

2 Attitude Activity: The Five Glitches 23

3 Attitude Activity: The ABC of Fear 27

Chapter 2 Starting Study 31

4 Vision Activity: The Motivation Diamond 35

5 Vision Activity: The Five Roads 38

6 Vision Activity: The Interview 42

7 Vision Activity: The Roadmap 46

8 Vision Activity: Weekly Rule of Three 48

9 Attitude Activity: The Rocky Road 50

Chapter 3 Collecting and Shaping 53

10 Systems Activity: Mapping New Territory 56

11 Systems Activity: Fifteen Graphic Organisers 59

12 Systems Activity: The Bottom Left 63

13 Systems Activity: Three Types of Attention 66

14 Systems Activity: Battling Information Overwhelm 70

Chapter 4 Adapting, Testing and Performing 73

15 Effort Activity: The Three 'Hows' of Independent Work 77

16 Practice Activity: The Nine-Box Grid 80

17 Practice Activity: The Leitner Box 83

18 Attitude Activity: Failing Forwards 86

Chapter 5 Flow and Feedback 89

19 Practice Activity: Finding Flow 92

20 Practice Activity: K-SPA 97

21 Attitude Activity: The Problem Solving Cycle 100

22 Attitude Activity: Managing Reactions to Feedback 106

Chapter 6 Dealing with the Dip 111

23 Vision Activity: Dalio's Process 116

24 Effort Activity: The Four Disciplines of Execution 122

25 Attitude Activity: Beating Procrastination 126

26 Attitude Activity: Force Field Analysis 131

27 Effort Activity: Twenty-Five Minute Sprints 133

28 Effort Activity: The Five P's of Giving Up a Habit 136

29 Effort Activity: The Three R's of a New Habit 141

30 Attitude Activity: The First Aid Kit: Sleep, Diet and Exercise 143

Conclusion: Ten Final Thoughts 148

References 152

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