The Sound of Emeralds

The Sound of Emeralds

by Rachelle Rea


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Can Love remain steadfast when the future threatens to crumble?

What once was blazing hatred has turned to lasting love, but could the union of a wild heart with that of a lady ever result in more than heartache?

With the help of an old friend with uncertain loyalties, Dirk inches ever closer to clearing his name. Gwyneth throws her faith into good tidings and the promise of a future as a family. But an old evil comes to call, just as tragedy rips apart a fledgling truce. Enemies from the past and grief for the future threaten to tear asunder what God had brought together...

As the date of Dirk's trial approaches, his fate and his family hang in the balance. Will he be proven innocent of Gwyneth's parents' murders or separated from her forever? How much pain does it take to erode a love steadfast?

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ISBN-13: 9781939023636
Publisher: WhiteFire Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2016
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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The Sound of Emeralds 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
SavannaKaiser More than 1 year ago
The Sound of Emeralds was a beautiful conclusion to a series I won’t easily forget. I’ve loved both Gwyn and Dirk from the start and watching their relationship with each other – and with the Lord – unfold was inspiring and lovely. I felt as if I had traveled their journey with them. And I’m a little sad to say goodbye. Once again, the setting is very strong and unique. At first, I struggled a bit getting into the book. I wondered what could be left of their story to tell, but as the pages turned, the story drew me in more and more. The tension was great and the romance easily melted my heart. There is some heartbreaking events that occur, which made portions of the book heavy-hearted, but the author did a wonderful job of bringing healing and hope back to the characters and the readers as well. I do recommend starting with book 1 in the series – The Sound of Diamonds – in order to fully appreciate the entire tale. This is one very memorable series. I’m glad to have read it and I will be anxiously watching for more from this author. Don’t miss this series, my friends. This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author for my copy.
aaslaug More than 1 year ago
First off, I should probably say that this series of books are very high on my list of favorites, right up there with “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. I am absolutely thrilled that Ms Rea chose to continue Dirk & Gwyn’s struggle to trust eachother and God after their wedding. So many stories end when the vows are said, when that is merely the beginning. And this third book and conclusion to the Steadfast Love series, starts sometime in the night following their wedding day. Just like the former books, action propels us through the story. And like the two previous ones, this volume is also full of truths that transcend times and circumstances. It’s a story full of raw emotion; both Gwyn and Dirk experience the shattering of their hearts in this book. I love that Ms Rea’s books always leaves me with a deeper appreciation of God’s Steadfast Love. I love that Dirk is not a perfect hero, and Gwyn not a flawless heroine. I love that their love story does NOT make everything all right in the end. Upon finishing this book, I sit back, not with the assurance that “love conquers all”, which is rather common in both books and movies, even Christian ones. Dirk&Gwyn’s love does not conquer all. Because, in the end, Dirk’s love, though steadfast, is not enough to save his wife from her nightmares. He is not insignificant, but he is also not enough. And though Gwyn loves her husband, and her love, his loving her, brings out good in him, she is not enough to obliterate the sentence hanging over his head. She cannot absolve him of his sins. In the end, God is the one both Gwyn and Dirk need to find their Hope in, their Truth, their Faith. And God’s love proves to be as Steadfast as his Word declares. — I shook my head. “No man can love like that.” Not after what I have done. A small smile tipped Cade’s mouth. “That one does.” I refused to believe it. “How?” The single word I spat at him did not dim his smile. “The God who found him taught him how.” — More things I loved: *Cade and Margried’s love story in the background. *That I didn’t want the story to end. *The thorough research that goes into Ms Rea’s books. As an eager student of history, I am often disappointed with the glaring historical flaws and lack of thought/speech/behavior authentic to the time period in fiction books. Not so with the Steadfast Love series. *Excellent job, Rachelle!! Read more about Rachelle on her blog, Inspiring Daring at Disclaimer: I received a complementary ARC from the author, in exchange for my honest review.
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
Weddings do not guarantee a happily ever after. Gwyn and Dirk are married but continue to struggle through their relationship. Dirk has hidden things from his bride and Gwyn has much grief to overcome. Hanging over it all is mission to clear Dirk’s name – and the severe consequences of failure. Will Dirk and Gwyn ever find the peace and love they seek? The Sound of Emeralds is the third and final book in The Steadfast Love Series by Rachelle Rea. It is definitely not a standalone novel but details the continued struggle and romance of the characters from the first two novels in the series. Emeralds is well-written and beautiful, presenting the hope and peace of God even through pain paired with a sweet romance. The first word that comes to mind when I think back on Emeralds is “frustrating.” A book is sometimes said to be great if it evokes emotion in the reader. This one certainly did – sadness, anger, and frustration. I thought, “The characters have already gone through so much. And now you had to add This!?!” But as frustrating as it was at times, I still consider Emeralds a really good book due to its presentation and ultimately joyous ending. The characters were deep, defined, and dynamic and the setting was extremely well-researched. Part of the ending seemed a little far-fetched, but it fit with the time-period and setting and was crucial to the happily-ever-after. Perhaps it was the extremely-low odds of success that made the joy of the conclusion all the more joyous. The Sound of Emeralds was lovely and I would recommend it to those who enjoy a clean, Christian, historical romance. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
CameraCourt More than 1 year ago
This was everything a final book should be: riveting and resolved by the end, but in no way predictable. If you're a fan of historical fiction, romance, adventure, or the Reformation Era, I highly recommend this series! Rachelle's writing in one word: LYRICAL. From the setting to the characters' descriptions, to conversations and thoughts, her writing once again pulled me in from the beginning. The theme of each book is incorporated in the title in a manner I have not quite come across before (and which I thought was really neat). The references to a gem or metal in the title (diamond, silver, emerald) and meaning behind each reference are revealed through reading the story. In other words, each title is not just a pleasant name, but carries deep significance to the story within the pages. Surprising things unfolded in this one! I knew it would be the fight to clear Dirk once and for all, but I did not anticipate the emotional journey and unexpected way it would all play out - or how anxious I would be for these characters who've worked their way into my heart. And, something happened at the end that totally caught me off guard and surprised me. In a good way. :) Again, Rachelle explores emotions through the relationships in this story. It's a story of friendship and its strength. It's a story of grief and its lasting ripple effects in the present. It's a story of romantic love and its trust and commitment. Ultimately, it's a story of the pure love of God and HIS role as sustainer and source of strength. A sincere thanks to Rachelle and WhiteFire Publishing for a complimentary review copy in exchange for my honest review.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
The Sound of Emeralds is an excellent conclusion to the Steadfast Love series. The author packed so much emotion into this book! I have enjoyed the whole series, and the roller coaster ride that The Sound of Emeralds took me on made for thoroughly enjoyable reading. Dirk and Gwyn are characters I grew to love in books one and two, so I found myself fully invested in their victories, excitement, and especially their heartache. While I found myself frustrated with Gwyn in certain parts of the book and wanting to tell her to just communicate what was in her heart with her husband, I also realized that these two newlyweds still had a lot of growing to do in their marriage, which was only a few months old. It was painful to see them at times struggle to relate to one another. There is a lot packed into The Sound of Emeralds: the blush of new love and the happiness of these newlyweds, the threat of danger that only Dirk knows is coming, sadness that is all-encompassing, and a name that still needs clearing for a murder that Dirk did not commit. I really enjoyed this story from start to finish and recommend the entire series. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Writingsof_Rosie More than 1 year ago
A lovely, emotional conclusion to a beautiful series! Ever since I finished The Sound of Silver I have eagerly anticipated The Sound of Emeralds. And I was not disappointed! The end of Silver left us with glad tidings, yet a shadow to be resolved. Namely, proving Dirk's innocence. I just LOVED how this book touched on real life feelings and struggles. Emeralds rounds out the stories of the characters we've come to love so dearly. This book deals with a lot of emotion, both the good and what could be classified as "bad." I loved how Ms. Rea handled the "bad" emotions, such as the sadness and the depression, the grief and the anxiety. It made the characters raw, vulnerable, and realistic. But I also particularly appreciated how she handled the healing that came after; both the joy and the peace. Over the course of these three novels, Ms. Rea tells a beautiful story. I loved watching Gwyn, Dirk, and even the minor characters grow through these novels. This book had me gripping my e-reader, desperately needing to know how things would be resolved. So while Diamonds (I think. It's hard to choose!) remains my favorite of the series, Emeralds definitely gave it a run for its money! If you like historical novels, you must not miss this one!! I received a e-ARC of this novel from the author in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks, Rachelle!!
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
The Sound of Emeralds ( Steadfast Love Book #3 ) By: Rachelle Rea The Sound of Emeralds is the third book and the conclusion of Steadfast Love series. I really enjoyed this one and I found that it was my favorite. The story picks up where book two left off. You will read about the characters from the other two books . There is a lot of good and bad emotions in The Sound Of Emeralds. Will Dirk ever prove his innocents? What will happen to Gwyneth and Dirk? Will they ever get to be together or will they be separated forever? The author has did a fantastic job on this series . I have loved them all. I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author for my honest review.