The Soul Workout: Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit

The Soul Workout: Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit

by Helen H. Moore


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A thoughtful and practical guide based on the author's experiences of building her spirituality by examining (and changing) her own motives and actions in daily life in order to get and stay spiritually fit in twelve-step recovery. Those interested in becoming more spiritually fit can utilize this book and the easy-to-perform actions it presents in their everyday lives.

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ISBN-13: 9780979986987
Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC
Publication date: 05/14/2010
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Helen H. Moore: Helen H. Moore has been a teacher, a poet, a journalist, a cartoonist, a lecturer, an editor, and always, a storyteller. She is the author of more than 17 titles, including A Poem a Day, Beavers, The Pigs' Picnic, The 100 Best Brain-Boosters, The Multilingual Translator, 25 Mother Goose Peek-a-Books, Pop-Up Parables and Other Bible Stories and Pyramids to Pueblos (with Carmen R. Sorvillo, illustrator), How to Write School Reports, What's a Girl to Do?, Wise Women Said These Things, and more, for such publishers as Scholastic, Mondo, Concordia, Publications International, and Peter Pauper Press.

She is the mother of three and grandmother of five, and, when not enjoying her family and friends, spends her time working, writing, and attending twelve-step recovery meetings.

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The Soul Workout

Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit
By Helen H. Moore

Central Recovery Press

Copyright © 2010 Helen H. Moore
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780979986987

Some Spiritual Principles

The principles discussed in this book are those embodied in the Twelve Steps of recovery. Those I write about are not the only ones there are; they're the ones I have recognized and attempted to develop within myself, or live in, since I re-entered recovery in the mid-2000s. No step calls on or builds only one spiritual quality; and each quality is colored with and by the others, but all are necessary to build character, to strengthen spirituality, and to help one grow as a spiritual being.

•         Honesty, including truthfulness, integrity, candor, and fidelity.

•         Hope, including optimism, trust, and faith.

•         Acceptance, including self-acceptance.

•         Faith, including trust, confidence, conviction, reliance, open-mindedness; also freedom, commitment.

•         Courage, including bravery, heroism, guts; also honesty and humility.

•         Integrity, including truthfulness, honor, reliability, acceptance, and self-acceptance.

•         Willingness, including readiness, enthusiasm, passion, and faith.

•         Humility, including surrender, acceptance, and unassuming nature.

•         Love, including concern and caring for another's well being; compassion, kindness, and tolerance.

•         Discipline, including to bring under control; to train or develop; also forgiveness, integrity, prudence, discretion, and faith.

•         Patience/Perseverance, including endurance, steadfastness in the face of adversity, hope, humility, and fidelity ('to thine own self be true').

•         Awareness, including consciousness, attentiveness, and discipline.

•         Service, including help, assistance, benefit; also compassion, tolerance, self-sacrifice, and equality.


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Table of Contents



1. Some Spiritual Principles

2. A God of My Own Understanding

3. Honesty

4. Hope

5. Faith

6. Awareness

7. Love

8. Powerlessness

9. Expectations Kill

10. Integrity

11. Resentments

12. Checking My Motives

13. Spirituality; Filling My God Hole

14. The Soul Workout

15. You’re Ready When You’re Ready

16. “The Common Courtesy Workout”

17. What I “Came to Believe.”

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