The Sopwith Camel [Bonus Tracks]

The Sopwith Camel [Bonus Tracks]

by The Sopwith Camel


The Sopwith Camel's eponymous debut is a tepid, under-produced effort that alternates between strained pastiches of pre-World War II pop and lukewarm San Francisco folk-rock/psychedelia. "You Always Tell Me Baby" is an affecting folk-rock number, but played and produced as though it's a rehearsal demo; "Maybe in a Dream" and "Cellophane Woman" have some psychedelic guitar riffs that sound more gratuitous than inspired; and the hit "Hello, Hello" is here, although it's not really any better than most of the rest of the album. The One Way reissue adds a bonus cut with a Byrds-like guitar on "Treadin'," that counts as one of their better tracks. [This edition contains bonus tracks.]

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