The Search for Self: Confessions of a Dying Man

The Search for Self: Confessions of a Dying Man

by Jindo Shokai


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Jindo Shokai has written a wonderful book. In this work we are taken on a journey through the course of his life, watching him grow in love and awareness. As we travel with him through time, through the grades of school, through relationships, work, loss, and change we watch a young man evolve into a generous and beloved Zen teacher.
This book is rich with reality of all kinds. It's refreshing to share his everyday life and moments, including marrying, raising wonderful sons and daughters and the work he did as a funeral director, among other things. The book and his life grapple again and again with loss and death in different forms. We also see how his growing awareness and ultimately, wonderful practice of zazen, balance and transform his experiences. Give him and us as we travel with him, new eyes to look at life with.
As his life progresses, we cannot help but see that each activity and person were all part of a wonderful preparation that led him to finding Soto Zen practice when he lived in Japan. And then to growing as a Buddhist, taking precepts, becoming ordained as a teacher and then sharing himself and practice full heartedly with the world. Both with those who live nearby, in person, and those in the global community, online.
The book includes the rich and varied tapestry of life, which allows Jindo Shokai to ripen and grow not only in awareness but in truly grasping the essence and meaning of love.
It has been a joy and inspiration to read this book and I recommend it highly to all.
Brenda Eshin Shoshanna

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ISBN-13: 9781985586574
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 212
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About the Author

Jindo Shokai, retired after 35 years in Telecommunications to go back to school and become a Licensed Funeral Director. Upon Graduation he contracted to work as an Embalmer in Japan. While living in Japan he learned Zazen by sitting meditation at several Buddhist Temples. On returning to Canada his studies led him to Treeleaf Zendo, an on-line Buddhist Community where he became a Novice Priest and is now a certified Dharma Teacher. Some where along that path he decided to write this book that tells the story of how this all came about.

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