The Satanic Bible Anton Szandor LaVey

The Satanic Bible Anton Szandor LaVey

Paperback(Large Print)

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Called "The Black Pope" by many of his followers, Anton La Vey began the road to High Priesthood of the Church of Satan when he was only 16 years old and an organ player in a carnival:

"On Saturday night I would see men lusting after halfnaked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for tent-show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they'd be back at The carnival or some other place of indulgence.

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ISBN-13: 9784871872713
Publisher: Ishi Press
Publication date: 02/09/2017
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 170
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Table of Contents

PREFACE 16 PROLOGUE 18 THE NINE SATANIC STATEMENTS 19 (FIRE) 20 –BOOK OF SATAN– 22 The Infernal Diatribe (AIR) 29 –BOOK OF LUCIFER– The Enlightenment I Wanted!: God - Dead or Alive 31 II The God You SAVE May Be Yourself 36 III Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age 38 IV Hell, the Devil, and How to Sell Your Soul 48 V Love and Hate 58 VI Satanic Sex 60 VII Not all Vampires Suck Blood 70 VIII Indulgence... NOT Compulsion 76 IX On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice 83 X Life After Death Through Fulfillment of the Ego 88 XI Religious Holidays 93 XII The Black Mass 96 (EARTH) 103 –BOOK OF BELIAL– The Mastery of the Earth 103 I Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic: (Definition and Purpose of Lesser and Greater Magic) 104 II The Three Types of Satanic Ritual 109 III The Ritual, or “Intellectual Decompression,” Chamber 114 IV The Ingredients Used in the Performance of Satanic Magic: 116 A. Desire 117 B. Timing 119 C. Imagery 119 D. Direction 121 E. The Balance Factor 123 V The Satanic Ritual: 125 A. Some Notes Which are to be Observed Before Beginning Ritual 125 B. The Thirteen Steps 126 C. Devices Used in Satanic Ritual 130 (WATER) 136 –BOOK OF LEVIATHAN– The Raging Sea 136 I Invocation to Satan 137 II The Infernal Names 138 III Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Lust 140 IV Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction 142 V Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Compassion 144 VI The Enochian Keys and The Enochian Language (The nineteen Keys will be listed here in chronological order) 146

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