The Rosie Result

The Rosie Result

by Graeme Simsion


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Don and Rosie are about to face their most important project.

Their son, Hudson, is having trouble at school: his teachers say he isn’t fitting in with the other kids, and they'd like Don and Rosie to think about getting an autism assessment. As his parents debate whether a diagnosis might help or hinder, Hudson has his own ideas. Meanwhile, Rosie is battling Judas at work, and Don is in hot water after the Genetics Lecture Outrage. The life-contentment graph, recently at its highest point, is curving downwards.

For Don Tillman, geneticist and World’s Best Problem-Solver, learning to be a good parent as well as a good partner will require the help of friends old and new. It will mean letting Hudson make his way in the world, and grappling with awkward truths about his own identity.

And opening a cocktail bar.

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ISBN-13: 9781925773828
Publisher: Text Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: Don Tillman Series , #3
Pages: 386
Sales rank: 34,762
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Graeme Simsion is an Australian novelist and screenwriter. His debut, The Rosie Project has sold over three million copies worldwide. The sequel, The Rosie Effect, is also a bestseller, with worldwide sales of more than a million copies. Graeme’s screenplay for The Rosie Project is in development with Sony Pictures and The Best of Adam Sharp is in development with Toni Collette’s Vocab Films. Graeme’s latest novel is Two Steps Forward, (Oct, 2017) co-written with his wife, Anne Buist.

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Endorsements for the Don Tillman Series

"A lovely, original, and very funny read.”—Jojo Moyes, author of Me Before You

"Graeme Simsion has created an unforgettable and charming character unique in fiction."—Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice

"Adorable and really funny and heart-warming, a gem."—Marian Keyes, bestselling author of This Charming Man

"Don Tillman is my favorite new protagonist in all of contemporary fiction. This man will exasperate, delight and immerse you."—Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of The Shoemaker's Wife

"Don Tillman helps us believe in possibility, makes us proud to be human beings, and the bonus is this: he keeps us laughing like hell."—Matthew Quick, bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook

"An extraordinarily clever, funny, and moving book about being comfortable with who you are and what you’re good at…This is one of the most profound novels I’ve read in a long time."—Bill Gates

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The Rosie Result 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
cloggiedownunder More than 1 year ago
The Rosie Result is the third book in the Don Tillman trilogy by best-selling Australian author and playwright, Graeme Simsion. But for job applications and performance reviews, life is virtually perfect for Don, Rosie and young Hudson in New York. A mere eight months later, a job-related return to Melbourne has unsettled Hudson, now eleven, and Don rates this the most severe of the five problems that he has identified as affecting his overall contentment. It needs some drastic action, and Don has learned from experience to present the solution to Rosie before implementing it, but Rosie has always considered problem-solving as one of Don’s strengths. “I said when I married you that I was expecting constant craziness, so I'd be letting us both down if I said no. We're a professor of genetics and a mental health researcher and we're going to open a cocktail bar and fly in a refrigeration engineer from New York. Of course we are.” And surprisingly, this is a big stride towards the solution of all five problems but, of course, nothing is simple. As Don learns how to be the father of a very individual pre-teen boy, he soon realises that his own expertise in growing up different will not suffice, and he will have to outsource The Hudson Project: he calls on his friends (all six of them!) and they willingly contribute, proving the truth of the adage “it takes a village to raise a child”. Hudson learns that the world, unfortunately, requires those who are different to conform, but does it have to be that way? While Don provides the reader with plenty of humour, Simsion also uses events, and the family’s reaction to them, to explore the myriad of issues surrounding autism, many of which might be applicable to other conditions or life preferences. He has unqualified observers giving their “expert” opinion; an autism activist taking issue with accepted terminology; friends on the spectrum warning of the potential adverse effects of a diagnosis (for Hudson), even as Don is advised by neurotypical to himself get a diagnosis to use in his defence; the debate on treatment autonomy is also touched on. From page one, Don is in fine voice and the snickers, giggles and laugh-out-loud moments that his statements are likely to frequently cause will mean it would be prudent not to read this novel in the quiet carriage on public transport. Rosie, too, is in excellent form, proving herself a capable mother to a surprisingly mature son, and the sexism that she encounters daily from her boss is cleverly dealt with. While this third installment could stand alone, there are many references to characters and events from the first two novels, so readers new to Don and Rosie ought to begin their enjoyment with The Rosie Project. Hugely entertaining but also thought-provoking: a wonderful read.
Anonymous 3 months ago
It was wonderful to see where Don landed, and keeping tabs on the Don and Rosie crew.
Kristy_K 4 months ago
It was great to be back in the life of Don Tillman. He’s just as honest, literal, and funny as he was in previous books. This time he’s navigating life as a dad to an 11 year old. I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.
JillJemmett 6 months ago
This is the perfect final instalment in the Don Tillman trilogy. Don and Rosie move back to Australia with their son, Hudson. Don takes on the task of helping Hudson fit in at school. He worries that he is conforming to the behaviours associated with autism, so he tries to “fix” him. Don often reflects on his own childhood and the ways his father tried to make him fit in, but it didn’t always work. Along with addressing the complex issues around autism, this story also discusses vaccinations. One of Hudson’s friends is not vaccinated because her father is a homeopath and doesn’t believe in vaccinations. However, once the girl learns more about science, she decides that she doesn’t have the same values as her father. Don gets a little too involved, which adds some tension to the story. I really enjoyed reading about Don. He’s a fun character. He misunderstood a lot of things in the world in the previous books. In this book, he made more jokes and understood the sarcasm much better, and he was still very funny. I really enjoyed this story! Thank you Text Publishing for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 6 months ago
It was lovely to revisit Rosie and Don and meet their son, but this wasn't my favorite book of the Rosie series. However, it was funny and thought-provoking, and I think it was an appropriate end to the series.
Twink 6 months ago
I adored Graeme Simsion's novel The Rosie Project, the first book that introduced us to Don Tillman. (my review) The Rosie Result is the third book chronicling Don's life. And life has moved on. He and Rosie have moved back to Australia - along with their eleven year old son Hudson. And you know that old saying - like father, like son? Well, Don and Hudson fit that description. Hudson really autistic? Rosie and Don debate over having a formal diagnosis done. In the meantime, Don's latest project is to help Hudson fit into his new school and environment. I truly like Don and his take on life. This latest book only cements that opinion. Hudson is just well drawn. I enjoyed seeing life from Hudson's viewpoint as he attempts to circumnavigate friendship, bullying, sports, academics, social norms and all the other things that go with with making your way through life. I did find the behaviour of the school towards Hudson to be upsetting. But I applaud Don and Rosie's advocating on his behalf. Don and Rosie are also having difficulties - especially with work. Don of course comes up with a brilliant idea - opening a bar to take advantage of their cocktail making talents. His problem solving skills are always ingenious and for the most part effective. Although there are a few that don't go quite as planned - the video clips of animals mating for sex-ed purposes is one example. Supporting cast members from previous books also end up in Australia. Dave is a perennial favourite of mine. I must admit, I didn't really like Rosie in the second book. I'm happy to say that she has redeemed herself in this latest and is much kinder. The Rosie Result is by turns humorous, eye-opening and heart warming. Those who have have enjoyed the previous two books will enjoy catching up with Rosie and Don and meeting Hudson. I did. I wonder if there will be another book in the future for Don as Hudson grows up. I think the book could have been shortened up a bit. It comes in at 386 pages and I did find that some situations were re-hashed and began to feel repetitive.
Alfoster 7 months ago
I was delighted to have my wish granted for this one as I absolutely love the Rosie series! And of course this one was just as hilarious and poignant as the others. Don and Rosie have encountered and dealt with many difficulties in their relationship and now with son, Hudson exhibiting autistic tendencies much like Don's, there are even more challenges ahead. Trying to dodge labels in this PC world is difficult to say the least, and when Hudson's school administrators attempt to force the family into a diagnosis, Rosie and Don are conflicted and unsure of how to handle the situation, Added to the mix is Rosie's battle with her new boss and Don's attempt to open a trendy new bar. It's an absorbing and heartwarming storyline mixed in with Simsion's trademark laugh-out-loud humor and pathos that result in a novel that will stay with me for a long time. And although I'm not listening to the audio version, I still hear Sheldon's voice in my head narrating this incredible book! Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!
Nycol 7 months ago
The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion is the last book in the Don Tillman trilogy. I jumped on the opportunity to request an advanced reader copy of this book. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of reading both The Rosie Project (book one) and The Rosie Effect (book two) and this latest installment did not disappoint. The Rosie Result has gone full circle and brings the trilogy to a nice, neat, hilarious close. Don and Rosie have had challenges in their relationship and marriage but now, they are facing how to support their son Hudson, who is struggling at school as well as in other social situations. Don understands Hudson because he’s faced a lifetime of socially awkward moments and both Rosie and Don want to ensure that Hudson is properly represented in school and life. What does life look like for someone, according to Don, with “no filter”? This book is well-written with witty prose and an uplifting spirit. I actually laughed out loud while reading it. The characters are loveable and you want the best for them at every turn. The Rosie Result provides responsible representation with a splash of mirth and pure love. The Don Tillman trilogy is officially among my favorite trilogies and I plan to revisit these books again in the future. I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
MaryND 7 months ago
“I was standing on one leg shucking oysters when the problems began.” And with that opening line, we’re back in geneticist Don Tillman’s zany world for the latest installment of Graeme Simsion’s “Rosie” series. I’ve read the first two books (“The Rosie Project” and “The Rosie Effect”) and am happy to report that “The Rosie Result” is just as charming as the previous installments. Don Tillman, his wife Rosie Jarman and their now eleven-year-old son Hudson are moving home to Australia after years spent living in New York City so that Rosie can accept her dream job. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, of course—but especially new school adjustment issues for Hudson. And so “The Hudson Project,” a plan to “normalize” Hudson so that he fits in better at school, is born. Along the way, Don unwittingly sets off a race relations firestorm at his university and tries to navigate thorny questions surrounding autism diagnosis and social acceptance. Plot is not the important thing in the Rosie books—it’s Don’s narrative voice and the fresh perspective that his non-neurotypical outlook brings to everyday situations—but the introduction of these contemporary issues brings a sensitivity and depth to this book that compensates for the fact that it’s not as laugh-out-loud funny as the previous ones. “The Rosie Result” could be read as a stand alone, but if you haven’t read the earlier Rosie books, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. Don’s world—with its straightforward sincerity and total absence of the snark and mean-spiritedness that has come to characterize ours—is a delight to inhabit. Thank you to NetGalley and Text Publishing for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. It was a pleasure to read and review.
jdowell 7 months ago
This is the third book of the Don Tillman series and I have enjoyed them all - but the first and the third are the best. In this one Don and Rosie are living in Australia with their son, Hudson. Hudson is having some trouble at school and the school is pushing Don and Rosie to be have him tested for autism. Also Don had some trouble at work - referred to as "the Genetics Lecture Outrage" - so he opens a bar. Rosie is embroiled in her own problems at work There were many times the book made me laugh, but it also made me think about how people are treated when they are different and don't fit the perceived social norm. There were some hot-topic subjects brought up in the book that Graeme Simsion dealt with very masterfully - well done! Don and Rosie are charming, quirky, lovable characters and I enjoyed spending time in their world.
CapriciousNiteOwl 7 months ago
“The Rosie Result” is a third and last book in the Don Tillman series and it is as enjoyable as two previous books. I love Tillman family and I will miss them dearly. This was, as expected, a fun, quirky, and laugh-out-loud read and I am truly sad that there will be no more. I found this book not only funny and charming, but also very insightful. The author digs deep into what it means to live with autism and how others in our society view autism, while still keeping this story light and witty. I got an opportunity to see autism from the perspective of everyone involved, including the autistic person, his family, friends, and even the professionals involved. I will definitely re-read this series one day. This is a feel-good trilogy that will always put a smile on my face. Thank you Netgalley, Text Publishing, and the author, Graeme Simsion for giving me an opportunity to read an early copy of this delightful book in exchange for my honest opinion.
AmyD09 9 months ago
The Don Tillman story continues! I was thrilled to hear that there would be a third book! Simsion does it again. Don and Rosie are as sweet, quirky, and fun as ever before. The trials and tribulations of raising Hudson prove to be a worthwhile new project for Don. Loved the book! Maybe a fourth book?! Thank you to NetGalley for an advance reader's copy in exchange for an honest review. #TheRosieResult #NetGalley