The Power of the Persona: Do you know who you really are?

The Power of the Persona: Do you know who you really are?

by Roy Taylor


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An insightful approach to determining some of life's most basic impacts on everyday living. How people respond to who we are and never realizing that it is us who creates our own destiny by the energy we give off through our "PERSONA". The book helps us all to better understand our inner energy!The aura "PERSONA" we emit is how people perceive us and it is the driving force of success and failure in our personal relationships and careers! What is it that attracts people to us or repels them from us? The author in his captivating book delves into the concept of the " PERSONA " and how it affects one's relationships with family, friends, co-workers and people in general. He maintains that we all have the potential to control our " PERSONA " for a better life !Some Quotes from the book!LOVE.The amount of LOVE that you have or are prepared to share really determines how strong you glow and I think it covers many areas of your life also.SELFISHNESSI have mentioned SELFISHNESS on numerous occasions in this book and I want to reiterate how powerful this is in a relationship and how strongly it can take hold of both people's "PERSONA" and drive them to the depths of "COOL" quite rapidly and unless checked, can destroy the relationship entirely.MOTHER AND CHILD RELATIONSHIP.My reason for describing a perfect relationship between a Mother and her children is to set a benchmark for all Mothers to work from, or should I say, be aware of what the benchmark is! Remember it is how you play the game of life that counts in other words aspire to be the very best you can be always and that includes bringing children up!This book is challenging in a down to earth and logical way, you will never look at people the same again!

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Publication date: 11/21/2005
Pages: 142
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