The Power of the Heart: Finding Your True Purpose in Life

The Power of the Heart: Finding Your True Purpose in Life

by Baptist de Pape


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With its unprecedented convocation of eighteen of the world’s greatest spiritual thinkers, writers, and scientists, including Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, and Eckhart Tolle, this beautifully designed full-color spiritual guide—which ties into a film of the same name—reveals how you can overcome limitations and fulfill your highest potential.

Baptist de Pape, a young lawyer, was mired in anxiety and fears about his future when he felt the call to investigate the incredible power of the heart and how it can lead us to our true purpose in life. On a quest that took him around the world, de Pape interviewed eighteen living icons—all on cameraincluding Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, Marci Shimoff, Marianne Williamson, and Gary Zukav. Generously sharing their touching personal stories as well as profound guidance, these leaders co-created with de Pape a multidimensional, illuminating portrait of the heart as an inexhaustible source of love and wisdom that far surpasses that of the mind.

With exciting spiritual and scientific insights, The Power of the Heart presents fascinating evidence that the heart is more than a physical organ. It possesses its own intelligence, capable of transforming your views of money, health, relationships, and success. Mindfulness exercises and contemplations guide you to activate the heart’s special powers—including intuition, intention, gratitude, forgiveness, and love.

These unforgettable lessons from the world’s greatest teachers will inspire you to find your hidden talents, hear your inner voice, and fulfill your highest purpose in life.

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ISBN-13: 9781476771618
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 609,700
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Baptist de Pape is a lawyer turned author and filmmaker who traveled around the globe to interview the world’s greatest teachers in the film and book, The Power of the Heart.

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The Power of the Heart

  • Baptist de Pape

  • Table of Contents

    Preface: My Own Path 1

    Part 1 Paths to the Heart

    1 Your Inner Power 9

    2 Heart and Soul 15

    The Language of the Heart 17

    Contemplation: Hearing Your Heart's Voice 21

    3 Opening to the Heart's Wisdom 23

    Contemplation: Walking in Silence 31

    4 The Heart's Intelligence 33

    Contemplation: Sit and Listen 42

    5 Coherence: Living in the Now 45

    The Inner-ease Exercise or Love Response 47

    Contemplation: Present Awareness 56

    Part 2 The Inner Powers

    6 The Power of Gratitude 59

    Contemplation: Three Blessings 64

    7 Becoming a Person of the Heart 67

    Contemplation: A Sense of Soul on Earth 76

    8 Creating Authentic Power 79

    Contemplation: Calm by Looking Deeply 91

    9 The Powers of Intention and Intuition 93

    Your Intuition's Language 99

    Contemplation: Following Your Intuition 107

    10 Synchronicity: The Hidden Order Behind Everything 109

    Tapping into Synchronicity 116

    Contemplation: Everything That Happens Is a Lesson 124

    Part 3 Heart in the World

    11 Money and Career 127

    An Economy of the Heart 135

    Contemplation: Your Calling 141

    12 The Heart of Health 143

    Contemplation: Heart of Love 153

    13 Love and Relationships 155

    Spiritual Partnership 168

    Creating Love 171

    Contemplation: Loving-kindness or Compassion Practice 174

    14 Resilience, Fear, and Setbacks 177

    The Heart Carries You Through Fear 186

    Contemplation: Living Fearlessly 192

    15 Forgiveness 195

    Contemplation: To Make Right 205

    16 A Civilization with Heart 207

    The Co-creators: Biographies 221

    Acknowledgments 231

    Photo Credits 232

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