The Possession

The Possession

by Michael Rutger


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From the author of The Anomaly comes the second installment in The Anomaly Files, a series in the tradition of James Rollins of a team investigating American myths and legends.

Still recovering from the shocking revelations they uncovered deep in uncharted territory in the Grand Canyon, American myth and legend investigator Nolan Moore and his team take on a new mission, investigating a rumored case of witchcraft and possession.

Nolan hopes their new case, in a quaint village in the middle of the woods, will prove much more like those he and his team investigated prior to their trip to Kincaid's cavern.

But as the residents accounts of strange phenomena add up, Nolan and company begin to suspect something all too real and dangerous may be at play. A force that may not be willing to let them escape the village unscathed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781538761878
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 07/23/2019
Series: Anomaly Files Series , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 84,744
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Michael Rutger is an acclaimed short story writer whose work has been optioned by major Hollywood studios. He lives in California with his wife, son and two cats.

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The Possession 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
My new favorite author. The Anomoly Files is an exceptional series. If you love David Golemon, this is for you!
Twink 14 days ago
3.5/5 The Possession is the second book in Michael Rutger's The Anomaly Files series. I quite enjoyed the first one - The Anomaly. (my review) This description had me pick up that first book...."If Indiana Jones lived in the X-Files era, he might bear at least a passing resemblance to Nolan Moore - a rogue archaeologist hosting a documentary series derisively dismissed by the "real" experts, but beloved of conspiracy theorists." And it was catching up with the characters and seeing what new 'unknowns' Nolan and company would discover that had me happily picking up this next book. Sidekick Ken is back as well as other supporting players from the first book. Hunting for a story (okay, really Nolan knows his ex-wife is on a story there herself and wants to see her) the crew find themselves in Birchlake, California. The story? Walls - stone walls seemingly randomly built. They start and stop at odd spots, the height on most of them won't keep anything in or out and many of them are in the forest. Rutger references many sites that had me firing up a browser to check them out. And yes, this is a real thing - the Nazca Lines, the Sajama Lines and Gungywamp are just a few examples of this phenomenon. But there is much more going on in Birchlake - add in a missing girl and some unusual townsfolk - and you've got yourself a multilayered story. What's not to like? A mystery, the unknown, snappy (and humorous) dialogue and lots of action. The setting is really well done - I could absolutely imagine being caught up in the fog, the odd buildings and the dark forest. There are some creepy moments when I wanted to shout - No, don't go there to our intrepid crew! I must admit, I had to do some mental gymnastics to keep up with the last few chapters. The story flips back and forth between two groups. And up and down as the 'anomaly' and the present collide. Although this is part of a series, The Possession can absolutely be read as a stand alone. . I did like the first book a bit better, but this reader is looking forward to the third entry in this series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book suffered from the dreaded "sophomore slump." It's such a shame to me because I loved the first book in this series, The Anomaly, so much. I'm not quite sure what happened with this book, but the plot and execution were flat-out boring. I could barely finish the book. I'm so disappointed in it because this author is clearly a great writer. All the greatness from The Anomaly is absent here.
Valerian70 5 months ago
Nolan Moore and his team of Ken, Molly and Pierre are very definitely back and still looking for general weirdness to feature in their You Tube series, The Anomaly Files. Although a sequel, of sorts, this is really a separate novel with a recurring cast of characters so not having read the first one isn't a bar to reading this one. The adventures of the first novel are alluded to but form no real part of this story so the only thing you have missed if you haven't read The Anomaly is some of the characterisation build up for the team - and, if you haven't read The Anomaly why not? get it NOW! This time the team rock up in New England to investigate a series of bizarre dry stone walls that are an accepted part of the landscape but seem to have had no real practical purpose. Scattered throughout the landscape they scale mountains and stop and start at random. Yes, there could be a reasonable explanation for them but that isn't what Nolan does, he looks for the most outlandish reason possible. Basing themselves in the small town of Birchlake matters are complicated by the presence of Nolan's separated wife, Kristy, and the disappearance of a 14 year old girl, Alaina Hixon. Throw in bizarre weather conditions, things that move in the mist, strange noises and what seem to be apparitions and things go to the odd side very quickly. The link of the story to the walls is tenuous initially but the author manages to retrieve it and make a solid connection both metaphorically and in the reality of his fiction (if that makes sense). In fact, there is a quite good pyschological cautionary tale about the mental walls we build muddled in with the scares, the demons and the witches. Somehow there is a lot happening but the action feels muted and the read is quite restrained rather than the breathless page turning I was expecting. There are issues with the story that then get explained away by "the walls made us do it" or as almost out of body experiences but I can let that slide as the author does, on the whole, dig himself out of continuity holes effectively with these devices. The plot does take quite a while to get going and for the first hundred or so pages I was dubious about this one but once it all settles down it is quite a decent romp. Narrated by Nolan characterisation of the other protagonists is weak but forgiveable as for all his open-mindedness about "weird stuff" he really doesn't seem to understand people. He is also quite the snark and there are some good dashes of sarcastic humour tossed in. I was eagerly looking forward to Michael Rutger's second book after loving The Anomaly. I did enjoy The Possession but it really isn't a patch on his first for suspense, action and just general all-out weirdness. Overall I was just a little tiny bit disappointed in the book when compared to his first novel, still 4 Stars isn't a bad review by anyone's reckoning. THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW OF A FREE COPY OF THE BOOK RECEIVED FROM READERS FIRST.
Steve Aberle 5 months ago
The Possession is a scary and enthralling adventure into a creepy world that will frighten even the most stout-hearted. I played music and turned on the lights while reading and finishing the book, all in one day. The terror is real and visible, requiring you to turn the pages as quickly as you can. Why - to see what happens to these unfortunate characters and to end your terrifying experience. Read with the lights on and preferable with somebody in the house. A terrific read.