The Oneness Circle Handbook: A Guide for Evolving Spiritual Growth in a Supportive and Structured Group Environment

The Oneness Circle Handbook: A Guide for Evolving Spiritual Growth in a Supportive and Structured Group Environment

by Carol B. Stanley, Stacie Will


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The Oneness Circle Handbook offers a life-transforming journey filled with heart-felt connections.

The Oneness Circle is a structured meeting of people who believe that all are part of the same energy called Oneness. Wanting to accept the highest and best in themselves and each other, members meet to share miracles, prompts and affirmations.

The detailed structure within The Oneness Circle Handbook provides the agenda, the timeline of sharing, and the ten steps of expressing affirmations. These steps honor and celebrate the great wisdom within each person as members affirm their trust, connection and co-creation with Oneness energy.

Sharing in the Oneness Circle with spiritual partners brings strength and confidence in the ability to hear the wisdom within and to follow its direction. Through the practice of listening to the inner voice and allowing it to blossom into expression, inner guidance flows creatively, lovingly, and powerfully. As members listen with open hearts to affirmations and then take turns echoing back the essence of each one, it is a moving experience for both the giver, the receiver, and all who are present.

"Empowering! Oneness Circle is an amazing practice for encouraging us to tune in and honor our acknowledge and appreciate miracles and manifestations that occur...all the while awakening to who we really are."

- Heather Popio, member of the Oneness Circle, pilot at a major airline.

"Study of Oneness principles opens minds. Living of Oneness principles opens hearts. Sharing of Oneness principles evolves the world."

- Vince Lisi, a Oneness participant, founder of Now Creations, MA in philosophy and theology, professor on faculties of philosophy and religious studies at Youngstown State University and Penn State University.

"Bravo for gifting us with a practical guide to co-creating spiritual community. Delivered with the open hearts of their own rich experience, this is a clear and concise template designed to deepen our spiritual connection to self and others."

- Jane Eckert, PHD. Counseling psychologist, life coach, energy practitioner.

"The Oneness Circle is a call to live our lives guided by our inner wisdom, and the practice of trusting its unique voice. An innovative group program designed to unfold our creative purpose."

- Maureen Sloan, CNP, RYT, Certified Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher

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ISBN-13: 9781504345415
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/13/2016
Pages: 94
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The Oneness Circle Handbook

A Guide for Evolving Spiritual Growth in a Supportive and Structured Group Environment

By Carol B. Stanley, Stacie Will

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Carol B. Stanley and Stacie Will
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4541-5



"We are Oneness ... We are as a drop of water is to the ocean – bonded in Oneness to it, being of it, and unto it, yet having identity and self-perception."


"The energetic exchange that occurs when two or more align at the essential level illuminates and activates human intelligence."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


Oneness: An awareness and knowing that we have the energy of the Source within us. This energy is our connection to each other, to all that is, and to the Source.

According to the teachings of enlightenment principles, there are two parts of me:

The part of me that is the Divine within, my true nature, we call my Higher Self or Big Me. It is the eternal, changeless, perfect part of myself connected to all that is and to the human part of me.

The part of me that includes my body as well as my mind, emotions, and life circumstances such as possessions, social status, and occupation, we call the human part of me or my little me.

As we align the human qualities of our little me with the power and direction of our Big Me/Higher Self, we can experience living life as an integrated being, co-creating with the guidance of Oneness energy within.

Higher Self communicates through Prompts and uses dynamic energy through the physical body, mind, and emotions to interact with the physical world.

Through the experience of the Oneness Circle, we make the commitment to our personal evolution and join with others who are dedicated to this process. Our experience of our connection to the Oneness energy expands and grows within each of us.

The Oneness Circle creates an environment of sharing and inspiration as we open to one another, listen with our whole being, and echo back from our hearts. It nurtures a community of support and encouragement to one another in listening to our Prompts and following their guidance.

The inspiration and power that come with meeting and co-creating as a group are very meaningful. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, "Without community we cannot go very far." And as Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

"To reinforce the inner experience, it is highly desirable to seek out communion with two or more others to expand the Inner Sanctuary to include others."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


The Oneness Circle encourages evolving spiritual growth in a supportive and structured group environment.

Creating a Oneness Circle offers the opportunities to:

• Connect with like-minded individuals though creating and nurturing a community of support and sharing.

• Recognize Miracles and Manifestations that flow from inner guidance.

• Acknowledge inner guidance and wisdom as Prompts from Higher Self.

• Practice listening and responding to Prompts.

• Create Affirmations based on Prompts which energize co-creations.

• Express by sharing experiences of Miracles, Manifestations, Prompts, and Affirmations.

• Support and encourage members by listening and responding heartfully.

• Participate in and celebrate the Ten Steps of Expressing Affirmations.

• Experience spiritual intimacy in an environment of compassion and non-judgment.

• Develop confidence of the connection and expression of the Oneness energy within.

"We echo back to each other our essential selves. We fall in love with one another at the essence level. This experience vastly accelerates our own integration and emergence."

Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Do not hesitate to put out the call to others. Share your experience. See whose heart it touches. Others are waiting for you as you are waiting for them."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


The Oneness Circle is a group of 3 to 6 people on a spiritual journey who make a commitment to meet regularly to support one another. The creation of a Oneness Circle is for members who are dedicated to the continued evolving spiritual growth of themselves, while supporting others doing the same. The Oneness Circle provides the opportunity to create a supportive and structured group environment to encourage and facilitate this process of connection and growth.

Oneness Circle members ASPIRE to:

• A path of evolving spiritual growth.

• A daily spiritual practice that may include meditation, prayer, focused breathing, yoga, qigong, tai chi, service to others, being in nature, music, dance, chanting, etc.

• Guidance, direction, and power from the Higher Self.

• Frequent expressions of gratitude.

• Recognition of the flow and synchronicity of life.

• An openness to understanding that there is meaning behind every event.

• A trust that everything is unfolding according to Divine order and timing for the highest and best good.

• A knowing that the benevolent universe is supportive as we unfold and manifest/co-create our heart's desires.

• Deep down happiness, joy, peace, bliss, internal contentment.

• A felt knowingness that we are loving and magnificent, and so is everyone else.

"I know who I am. I know who you are. I know why we are here on earth."


Creation of The Oneness Circle

"When the energy of the soul is recognized, acknowledged, and valued, it begins to infuse the life of the personality."

Gary Zukav

"Share with one another exactly where you are in your own emergence, offering gentle encouragement to one another."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


This handbook has been created to provide a framework and structure of how to build and facilitate a Oneness Circle. Step by step guidance is given for each meeting. Suggestions of how to facilitate Oneness Circle sessions are included.

Typically, the Oneness Circle members meet monthly. Each meeting is based on a two-hour timeframe.

To get started, a minimum of three meetings is needed to learn the structure, develop core ideas, and implement the process. This handbook includes a combination of individual and group practices that develop the Oneness Circle process. Once established, the Oneness Circle is a reoccurring meeting.

There is no limit as to the number of meetings a group may have. At the time of publication, our Oneness Circle is in its fourth year together.

Each of the first three meetings is outlined in sequential order along with an estimated timeline. Suggestions for opening and closing the Oneness Circle meeting and detailed steps of how to prepare for the each session are included. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 contain this information on pages 15 to 52.

The appendix provides support in creating and participating in a Oneness Circle. It includes a letter of invitation, contact list, Oneness Circle Notes, sample Affirmations, examples of compiling Affirmations, glossary, resources, and wisdom and inspiration. The appendix can be found on pages 53 to 67.

Following the appendix is the section providing multiple copies of the Oneness Circle Notes form for use in future Oneness Circle meetings. These forms are located on pages 69 to 79.

For an overview of the first three Oneness Circle meetings and the appendix, please review the following pages 7 to 12.

To start preparing for the first Oneness Circle, please go to page 13.

"As you come to seek and see the virtues and strengths and nobilities of others, you begin to seek and see them in yourself also."

Gary Zukav

The First Oneness Circle Meeting

The first meeting, as outlined in Chapter 3, serves as the orientation and introduction to the process of The Oneness Circle. It is a time for the group to connect with one another, build a foundation of community, and become familiar with the Oneness Circle philosophy.

Together the group will:

Pause to Meditate Using a Centering Technique.

The practice of quieting the mind and relaxing the body assists us with connecting to the present moment which in turn supports listening and responding heartfully and communicating through our Higher Self.

Establish Individual and Group Guidelines.

A community of trust and sharing is essential in facilitating meaningful Oneness Circle meetings. By establishing guidelines that are important to the group, sharing and growth are encouraged.

Discuss Responding to Life Circumstances.

As members engage in the Oneness Circle process, various situations of life may occur. A member may find his or her emotions to be reactive rather than responsive.

Or someone may receive news that may make them question his or her connection with the Source. While the Oneness Circle is not a therapy session, members can support one another.

Introduce the Oneness Circle Process and Oneness Circle Notes.

A specific format for meeting is introduced that includes using and sharing the Oneness Circle Notes – a form for recording Miracles, Manifestations, Prompts, and Affirmations used throughout each session.

Discuss Miracles and Manifestations.

Miracles and Manifestations are defined, and examples of each are given. Group members are encouraged to reflect upon a personal experience.

Prepare for the Second Oneness Circle Meeting.

Date, time, host, and location of the next Oneness Circle meeting are discussed.

Home practice and preparation as well as readings from The Oneness Circle Handbook are reviewed.

Close the Oneness Circle Session.

The meeting concludes with a closing ritual.

"... wise and compassionate guidance is always available to you."

Gary Zukav

The Second Oneness Circle Meeting

The second meeting, as outlined in Chapter 4, will continue the process of guiding the members in defining key concepts and terminology of the Oneness Circle process while putting it into practice. The group will become familiar with a method of journaling we call The Oneness Circle Notes. The Oneness Circle Notes form is used in preparation for subsequent Oneness Circle sessions.

Together the group will:

Pause to Meditate Using a Centering Technique.

Review Listening Heartfully.

As group members interact with one another, there are different forms of communicating. Listening and responding from the heart are powerful forms of communication.

Share a Personal Miracle or Manifestation.

Using the Oneness Circle Notes form, group members share a personal Miracle or Manifestation.

Discuss Prompts.

Prompts are defined and examples are given. Group members are encouraged to reflect upon a personal example.

Define and Create Affirmations.

Affirmations, those powerful tools that assist in manifesting the desires of our heart, are defined and created. The group assists in creating Affirmations together.

Discuss Extending Energy to Others.

Rather than creating Affirmations for others, a process of extending energy is included.

Prepare for the Third Oneness Circle Meeting.

Close the Oneness Circle Session.

Carol B. Stanley Stacie Will

"If you are aware of the guidance from your higher self, and are receptive to it, that receptivity allows guidance to flow instantly and immediately."

Gary Zukav

The Third and Subsequent Oneness Circle Meetings

The third meeting, as outlined in Chapter 5, will integrate the concepts and practices from the first two meetings and introduce the Ten Steps of Expressing Affirmations. This format will serve as the structure for future meetings.

Together the group will:

Pause to Meditate Using a Centering Technique.

Share Individual Miracles and Manifestations.

Using the Oneness Circle Notes members take turns sharing personal Miracles and Manifestations.

Share Individual Prompts and Affirmations.

Oneness Circle members take turns sharing Prompts followed by the corresponding Affirmation created to empower each Prompt.

Extend Energy to Others.

Energy is extended to others whose names are listed.

Participate in the Ten Steps of Expressing Affirmations.

The Ten Steps of Expressing Affirmations is an energizing and empowering ritual where each step is read aloud, Affirmations are shared, members listen and respond to each other heartfully, and gratitude is felt and expressed.

As the group participates in the Ten Steps of Expressing Affirmations, steps 9 and 10 serve as a closing to the Oneness Circle session.

Prepare for the Next Oneness Circle Meeting.

The Oneness Circle Handbook

"You receive loving guidance and assistance at each moment."

Gary Zukav

The Appendix

The Appendix offers the Oneness Circle members support which includes:

Oneness Circle Invitation Letter.

A sample letter to invite others to become a member of the Oneness Circle. This letter may be photocopied.

Oneness Circle Contact List.

A form to gather and distribute contact information for the group members. This form may be photocopied.

Oneness Circle Notes.

A form used for journaling Miracles, Manifestations, Prompts, and Affirmations.

This form may be photocopied.

Sample Affirmations.

A selection of Affirmations to help inspire members in the creation of Affirmations.

Examples of Compiling Affirmations.

Two examples of how to compile the individual Affirmations that will be sent to the group.


A list of definitions of the terminology used throughout the book.


A list of spiritual teachers who have inspired this work and who continue to provide guidance.

Wisdom and Inspiration.

A list of references from which the quotes used throughout the handbook were obtained.

Oneness Circle Notes

Additional copies of the Oneness Circle Notes follow the Appendix.

The Oneness Circle Handbook

"You are invited to enter a new arena of creativity and enjoyment that holds the promise of assisting the transformation of ourselves and our world."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


Ready to create a Oneness Circle? The following steps will guide this process.

1. Invite 2 to 5 people to participate in creating a Oneness Circle.

• For a list of suggested shared aspirations, see page 4.

• A sample Letter of Invitation can be found on page 54.

2. Schedule a date and time for the first meeting.

• Our group currently meets once a month for two hours around a breakfast table.

3. Select a quiet and private location to meet.

• Decide if rotating the location of the meeting month to month allowing each member to share in the hosting responsibility is best for the group, or if renting or using a room at a local facility such as a church or library is best.

• To facilitate confidentially and encourage a community of trust and sharing, include only those who are invited members of the Oneness Circle and recommend that spouses, partners, children, and additional friends or family members not be in attendance.

4. Communicate the date, time, and location to those invited.

5. Gather contact information of each member.

• Collect names, home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

• See the Oneness Circle Contact List form on page 55.

6. Order a copy of the The Oneness Circle Handbook for each participant.

"... you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will be."

Deepak Chopra


It is recommended that a group facilitator be established to guide the group through the Oneness Circle process for the first three meetings.

The role of the facilitator includes:

• Organizing the group meeting details including inviting group members, scheduling the date, time, and location of each meeting, and organizing materials for the group as discussed in the previous section Preparing for the First Oneness Circle.

• Communicating any information needed such as meeting date, time, and location to group members via email or phone.

• Guiding and directing Oneness Circle members throughout each meeting, and maintaining the structure as outlined at the beginning of each chapter.

• Keeping time by using a timer such as a meditation timer app offered on smartphones to assist the group in following the schedule.

Once the group has completed the first three meetings and has become more familiar with the Oneness Circle process, group members may want to rotate leading and keeping time for the group.



"Allow your deepest heart's desire for more life, for higher consciousness, and greater freedom to express itself fully."

Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Each time you share your own experience it deepens in you. The word becomes flesh when spoken."

Barbara Marx Hubbard


The first Oneness Circle meeting introduces the members to the philosophy, practices, and process of the Oneness Circle.

Begin the meeting by giving each member a copy of The Oneness Circle Handbook.

Below is a schedule for the first Oneness Circle meeting based upon a two hour morning session.


Excerpted from The Oneness Circle Handbook by Carol B. Stanley, Stacie Will. Copyright © 2016 Carol B. Stanley and Stacie Will. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, ix,
Introduction, xi,
Chapter 1 — The Oneness Circle, 1,
Chapter 2 — Creation of The Oneness Circle, 5,
Chapter 3 — The First Oneness Circle Meeting, 15,
Chapter 4 — The Second Oneness Circle Meeting, 29,
Chapter 5 — The Third and Subsequent Oneness Circle Meetings, 43,
Appendix — Support for Oneness Circle Members, 53,
Oneness Circle Notes, 69,

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