The New Silk Road: Challenge and Response

The New Silk Road: Challenge and Response

by Richard T. Griffiths


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In 2013 China?s Belt and Road initiative reawakened public attention to the issue of trade and transport. At the same time it stoked fears about China?s true intentions. It was easy for critics to conjure images of a tide of Chinese steel and cement spilling over the Eurasian continent. But what if China were not alone in funding new infrastructure and in facilitating trade, nor the first? Richard T. Griffiths explores the construction of new trading networks along the route of the ancient Silk Road between Europe and China. His book answers the question: who has been building the new Silk Road?

?This important book contributes to a more informed and better grounded distinction between what is ?real? and what is ?dream? in the Chinese BRI rhetoric, and provides us with an excellent platform to a deeper understanding of current and future Silk Road narratives.?Claes G. Alvstam, Professor Emeritus Economic Geography, University of Gothenburg.

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Publication date: 05/13/2019
Pages: 184
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